Apr 30, 2020

Turnkey business in Turkey: furnished apart-hotel in Antalya starting from 1,850,000 EUR

Buying a ready-made business in Turkey is more than an excellent instrument for protecting your personal savings; it is also a highly profitable investment in the long term. When it comes to guesthouses and hotels of a high level, the perspective of Turkish market are increasingly impressive: here the flow of tourists is growing at an incredible speed. For example, in 2019, 51 million 700 thousand people visited Turkey, compared to 2017 when the number of foreign travelers and tourists was about 37 million. Therefore, buying a turnkey business in Turkey in the form of an apart-hotel or a boutique hotel is definitely a profitable investment. 

We offer to consider the option with a great location in Antalya – a furnished, operating apart-hotel 150 meters from the Konyaaltı beach in Antalya. The cost of business in Turkey starts from 1,850,000 EUR. Below we will provide an overview of the key advantages of a decision to purchase a hotel business in Turkey, as well as  describe the characteristics of the property offered.

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Turnkey business in Turkey by an example of an existing premium apart-hotel: investment benefits

The tourist flow in Turkey does not dry out, on the contrary, it is evolving increasingly, even in the view of the current situation: once the restrictions are alleviated, the country expects a large influx of foreign citizens. At the same time, Antalya is the most advantageous location – the third city in the world as a tourist destination (after London and Paris), ahead of Rome, Moscow, Singapore.

Another extremely important advantage of Turkey for travelers is the perfect cleanliness of the streets and premises, where great efforts of the government are made to create maximum comfort (in the country, all waste is recycled to secondary raw materials, and sewage is never dumped into the sea). Therefore, the Turkish state is unofficially acknowledged as best place for families with children. Often, foreign investors and businessmen prefer to retire here – no wonder, given the luxurious climate, the absence of cold winters and high social security.

Why is buying a ready-made business in the form of an apart-hotel in Turkey so attractive in terms of profitability? There are several reasons for this:

  • due to the high tourist interest, the Turkish hotel industry experiences increasing demand (additional infrastructure must be created);
  • Turkey has developed special tax incentives and government privileges;
  • Apart-hotels are especially popular in the last few years, as they allow long-term stays with a full range of services;
  • location in Antalya – guaranteed occupancy and high levels of income during all 4 seasons of the year (Konyaaltı is the most popular region of Antalya and Turkey);
  • Antalya is the fourth largest Turkish city with several millions of population, with a sufficiently large domestic demand market;
  • Konyaaltı is a favorite destination of ​​Russian and European emigrants, which explains the high interest and tourist flow.

Foreign investors and businesspeople who are looking to buy a turnkey business in Turkey in the form of an apart-hotel which is conveniently located at 150 meters from the sandy beach, will get a profitable asset that can be a brilliant decision for saving capital at the times of economic fluctuations. Additionally, it is worth highlighting very high stability of Turkish economy, which means that even in the worst-case scenario you will be able to sell your asset at no less than the acquisition price.

Looking for a turnkey business in Turkey? We recommend you to have a look at the furnished apart-hotel with a favorable location in Konyaalti

The offer includes acquisition of an existing business in Turkey at a cost of EUR 1,850,000. At a close proximity to the sea- merely 150 meters from the sandy Konyaalti beach, this apart- hotel is a four-story modern building with authentic Turkish architecture. The key features of commercial real estate are described below:

  • real estate market – secondary;
  • status – existing business;
  • type of property – apart- hotels;
  • Land plot – ownership
  • Commissioning year – 2015;
  • elevators – yes;
  • sea view-  yes;
  • walking distance from the sea – yes
  • balconies and terraces – yes;
  • number of apartments – 9;
  • pool – open type ;
  • the area of ​​apartments – from 60 to 160 sq.m.

Foreign investors wishing to buy a turnkey business in Turkey, are completely relieved from the need to go through all stages of company registration. \

This 4-storey aparthotel in the immediate vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea offers the following types of accommodation:

  • 1 + 1 area of 60 sq.m. – 1;
  • 2 + 1 area of 90 to 120 m . – 6;
  • 3 + 1 area of 160 sq . – 2;

In total, the building has 9 premium class apartments with separate, isolated toilets, bathrooms, furniture and built-in appliances. Commercial real estate is fully ready to receive guests.

Turnkey business of Turkey, more specifically – in the form of apart-hotels, deserves special attention. This type of accommodation has proven to be a success in the USA and the countries of Europe, as it allows guests to enjoy unlimited period of stay, while unlike apartments, where usually no additional services are offered, such hotels constantly provide standard package of services as well as exclusive, high-level set of benefits for its tenants. By the way, the founder of the first such hotel was the American Jack de Boer, whose efforts helped to materialize this concept back in 1975.

Now apartment hotels in Turkey and other countries are especially popular as they offer a combination of comfortable, cozy housing with all varieties of services. They do not belong to a certain category, apartments are equally in demand among young people, family people and senior citizens.

Turnkey business in Turkey: infrastructure of a furnished hotel in the Konyaaltı region of Antalya

The construction of commercial and residential real estate in Turkey involves the use of modern technologies and materials. To buy a ready-made business in Turkey in the form of a furnished apart-hotel with a cost of EUR 1,850,000 – you become the owner of a premium real estate with complete infrastructure.

The hotel complex in Konyaaltı in Antalya includes:

  1. State-of the-art materials used for the façade finishing (silicone paint with high resistance to external influences);
  2. granite of the highest grade for facing floors and stairs;
  3. 2-layer roof cladding system;
  4. aluminum profile with tempered glass in the fencing of balconies and terraces;
  5. satellite system from the central receiver (2 antennas);
  6. smart electricity meters;
  7. premium pipes for sewage and rainwater drainage;
  8. sound and heat insulation brick used on the external facade;
  9. automatic doors at the entrance with a communication system;
  10. central heating in all apartments;
  11. led lighting on staircases with sensor control.

If the foreign investor plans to buy a turnkey business in Turkey, and more specifically in hotel industry, this offer is very attractive, and the location is highly profitable due to the modern layout and arrangement of apartments. All apartments (9 in total) are characterized by the following features:

  • European layout;
  • Air conditioners, Internet, satellite TV and telephone outlets in all rooms;
  • steel entrance doors, aluminum stair railing;
  • separate mailboxes for each apartment;
  • high-quality ceramic tiles in rooms with higher humidity;
  • tempered clear glass in the shower cubicles of bathrooms;
  • reinforced mixers, luxury plumbing;
  • chrome accessories in bathrooms;
  • parquet flooring, functional arrangement of kitchens;
  • fully furnished rooms.

Buying a ready-made business in Turkey in the form of a furnished apart-hotel in Antalya is also advantageous in view of the luxurious infrastructure that is completely ready to receive guests. There is an automatic lawn irrigation system, pedestrian paths are laid, a territory lighting system and automatic inclusion are provided. Additionally, on the territory there is a spacious terrace with a highest class of coating for sunbathing, as well as a swimming pool with a relaxation zone and sunbathing area (deck chairs are available). The aparthotel is 150 meters from the sandy Konyaaltı Beach and has a well-kept green garden.

Why is buying a turnkey business in Turkey especially important in current conditions? Advantages of hotel location in Antalya

At the times of the pandemic, foreign investors and businesses are actively seeking new and effective ways to diversify assets. Some individuals prefer to invest in real estate in order to save capital and protect it from depreciation, while others decide to start a new business or acquire an existing company. An apartment hotel in Turkey with a price of EUR 1,850,000 perfectly fits within both options.

If a non-resident acquires a business in Antalya looking to have a safe harbor for capital, it is possible to resell the commercial property profitably after a short period of time. Over the past 15 years, Turkish real estate has experienced over a 100-fold increases in price, and even higher in Turkish lira. For an investor who is considering to have a profitable business in Turkey and generate regular income, a fully equipped, modern building with 9 premium apartments can bring up to 317 thousand EUR per year, subject to an average annual occupancy of 85%.

With proper professional management, the full occupancy of the aparthotel in Konyaaltı will not be an issue, especially given the advantageous location of the property:

  • distance to Antalya International Airport – 17 km;
  • distance to the sandy beach of Konyaaltı  – 150 meters;
  • distance to city center 4 km;
  • distance to the shopping and entertainment center Migros with a dolphinarium, amusement park, water park – 3 km.

It is also worth noting that the cities of Kemer and Belek, popular for their attractions, are 40 and 50 km from here, respectively. In the tourist center of Belek, there are 18 international golf courses hosting World Golf Championships. Another equally popular Saklıkent ski resort is 38 km away.

Next, let us consider the estimated profitability of the apart-hotel depending on the seasonality (estimates are made based on the assumption of an average of 85% occupancy):

  • January-March – from 85 to 120 EUR per day from each apartment (a total of 25,000-27 ,00 EUR per month);
  • April-May – from 85 to 150 EUR (a total of 30,500-31,900 EUR per month);
  • the highest season, i.e. considered to fall in June-August – from 110 to 170 EUR per day for each apartment (from 33,000 to 36,000 EUR per month);
  • September-December – from 95 to 150 EUR (29,100 – 31,000 EUR monthly).

That is, the estimated income per year at 85% average annual occupancy is about 317,000 EUR. Such a settlement of apartments can be achieved using the services of a professional management company.

Buying a turnkey business in Turkey: apart-hotel within walking distance to the beach. What documents are required?

 Non-residents planning to buy a ready-made business in Turkey and choosing activities in the hotel business should have the following set of documents:

  • Turkish tax identification number;
  • certificate of company registration (requires translation into Turkish and legalization);
  • a letter from a Turkish financial institution confirming the buyer’s solvency;
  • a written statement indicating the intention to buy an apartment hotel in Antalya;
  • information about the owners of the acquiring company.

If all of the above documents are available and in order, the transaction is executed within shortest possible time – 2-3 days. The most important point is that in Turkey you can buy property remotely, using a power of attorney for a representation of your interests. You do not need to visit the country to become a full owner of commercial real estate and for obtaining a TAPU (Turkish Certificate of Ownership).

If you have made up your mind to buy a ready-made business in Turkey in the form of a modern furnished apart-hotel in Antalya, sign up for a consultation with us via e-mail info@offshore-pro.info. The cost of a commercial property is from 1,850,000 EUR . The property is fully furnished and ready to receive guests, no additional investments are required. If necessary, we will help you select the option of real estate in Turkey, taking into account your preferences.

What standards and requirements does the aparthotel in Antalya meet?  

All materials used in construction, including high-quality concrete of class C25, comply with CE and TSE certificates. The quality of the iron used is validated by the expert analysis report, static designs are developed in accordance with the requirements for the construction of buildings in seismic zones. Before laying the foundation, engineering and geological work was carried out (bulk construction). The design of the building was carried out in accordance with all the standards and requirements of the Turkish Control System Manual.  

Do I have to visit Turkey to purchase a turnkey business in the form of a hotel in Konyaaltı?

No, you can get familiarized with the property by remotely using the virtual tour. To become the owner of a turnkey business in Turkey – namely, an apartment hotel in Antalya, you can act remotely, on the basis of a power of attorney in the name of your legal representative in Turkey. If necessary, you may as well wish to visit the country and personally take a closer look at the commercial property. Our company provides comprehensive support to the client, as we accompany the client at all stages of the purchase and sale transaction and registration of ownership (title). Registration in the ownership of the company, sole or joint ownership is allowed.

What is the expected level of profit from the apartment hotel, given the full occupancy of the hotel?

With proper, professional management, it is easy to achieve 85% average annual occupancy. 9 modern, fully equipped apartments with all necessary appliances, systems, furniture and sanitary ware installed, can generate approximately 317 thousand euros per year. The daily rental price of elite apartments ranges from 85-150 EUR, depending on the area and time of the year. The convenient location near the sandy beach of Konyaaltı and direct access to the center of Antalya provokes a high interest in such housing among foreigners who increasingly prefer higher level of comfort and good infrastructure.