What does Vanuatu citizenship bring?

Passports for the entire family
within 2 months

You can acquire a Vanuatu passport within six to eight weeks without the trouble of visiting the country.

You can apply for citizenship for the whole family including your spouse, children, and parents.

The simplicity of
the procedure

The procedure of obtaining a Vanuatu passport is currently the simplest one in the world.

The ease of

The Vanuatu passport provides for the opportunity to travel visa-free to nearly 130 countries including all Schengen countries, all EU countries, Great Britain, and Russia. The holders of Vanuatu passport are also eligible to apply for an Australian visa (600 subclass) and a tourist visa to the USA.

Low taxes and
banking privacy

There is no wealth tax nor inheritance tax in the country.

Tax residents of Vanuatu are income tax exempt. The local financial institutions follow strict standards of banking privacy.

payment possible

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, for example, can be used to cover the immigration costs and state dues.

The Government of Vanuatu accepts dollar payments exclusively but a licensed immigration agent may accept cryptocurrencies converting the payment to US dollars.

  • Visa-free
  • Visa on arrival
  • Electronic visa
  • Standard visa
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How much does citizenship of Vanuatu cost
and who can obtain it?

In order to obtain Vanuatu citizenship the applicant has to make a non-returnable donation to the state fund of the following amounts:

  • A sole applicant – from US$ 145,000;
  • The main applicant + the spouse – from US$ 155,000;
  • The main applicant + the spouse + one more family member/ dependent – from US$ 165,000;
  • The main applicant + the spouse + two more family members/ dependents – from US$ 175,000;
Additional requirements to the applicant

The main applicant shall have a clean criminal record and possess an amount of capital sufficient for meeting his or her financial obligations. The applicant shall supply documents confirming the possession of assets that are worth more than US$ 500,000.

Requirements to the dependents

The main applicant’s spouse, his or her parents over 50 years of age, minor children, and children between 18 and 25 years of age if they are university students can be included in the application for citizenship. All family members shall have clean criminal records. All of them shall be the main applicant’s dependents.


What procedures have to be followed in order
to obtain Vanuatu citizenship in for money?


WEEKS 1 to 3

The Choice of the right licensed immigration agent. Discussion of the details. Preliminary inspection by the agent of the applicant’s standings. Signing the agreement with the agent. Collection of the required application documents.


WEEKS 3 to 6

Filing of the application for Vanuatu citizenship for money and the required documents such as passport copies, police reports, and so on by the licensed agent for state inspection. Strengthened background check. Payment of the donation after the application has been approved.


WEEKS 6- to 8

Issuance of Vanuatu passports and citizenship certificates.

What else do you have to know when applying for Vanuatu citizenship?

Where is Vanuatu located and what is the country famous for?
Vanuatu is found between New Zealand and Australia. It has been declared the happiest place on earth several times. There is no military on the tropical island chain of Vanuatu. It is a peaceful country even though it has remarkable cultural diversity (its people speak over a hundred different languages).
How can you acquire Vanuatu citizenship free of charge?
You can acquire Vanuatu citizenship for free via naturalization. However, you have to obtain legal residency in the country and live on the islands for ten years to eventually become its citizen.
Is a visit to Vanuatu necessary in order to obtain the passport?
When applying for Vanuatu citizenship, you can visit the country personally to make an oath of allegiance and to collect your passport and citizenship certificate. You can also make the oath at a Vanuatu diplomatic mission or at a random place if you cover the cost of the trip to this place of two Vanuatu immigration officials.
How often does the Vanuatu passport have to be renewed?
The citizenship of Vanuatu is granted for life. However, the passport has to be renewed every ten years. The cost of the corresponding service is about US$ 160.
What document are required to obtain Vanuatu citizenship for money?
  • A completed application form.
  • A legalized applicant’s passport copy (if the application includes dependents, their legalized passport copies are required as well).
  • Legalized copies of the documents that certify kin relations between the family member and their dependability on the main applicant.
  • Clean criminal records.
  • Copies of school and university diplomas.
  • Health certificates.
  • Documents certifying the possession of assets worth over US$ 500,000 by the main applicant.
  • Passport size photographs
Can you file an application for Vanuatu citizenship by yourself?
Only the immigration agents who hold Vanuatu Government licenses are entitled to file applications for citizenship on behalf of their clients.

Individual offer to those who would like to apply for Vanuatu citizenship

Place a request for a free consultation on acquiring Vanuatu citizenship for money within the shortest possible timeframe and WITHOUT THE USE OF INTERMEDIARIES!

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