Mar 6, 2020

Relocating to Armenia for permanent residence – information about the country for immigrants (part 2)

Armenia, a magnificent mountainous country in the South Caucasus is famous for its hospitality and generosity of the local population. This is one of the most important factors due to which the majority of foreign emigrants prefer Armenia as their next destination for relocating for a permanent […]

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Mar 4, 2020

Relocating to Armenia for permanent residence – rent a comfortable villa in the elite village of Vahakni – from 2,940 USD per month

Relocation to Armenia for permanent residence is recommended for those foreigners who are accustomed to the four seasons of the year: when cold, snowy winters are followed by hot summers. Located in the South Caucasus, this country is an exceptional place for permanent residence due to its […]

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Mar 2, 2020

Relocating to Armenia for permanent residence – entertainment and lifestyle: know-how for foreigners (part 1)

When you decide to move to permanent residence in Armenia, you should bear in mind that it involves more than full social and political support which you will receive, but also it is the opportunity to become part of a unique Armenian culture with distinctive traditions and incredibly […]

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Feb 24, 2020

Incorporate your business in Armenia – TOP 5 sectors for investments

Today will discuss in which areas it is recommended to register a company in Armenia, and which sectors of the Armenian economy are most attractive to foreign investors in terms of fast return on investment, maximum profitability and taxation optimization capacities.
After the Velvet Revolution, Armenia experienced overwhelming […]

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Feb 14, 2020

Incorporating a company in Armenia in the form of LLC – from 3800 EUR

Armenia is a developing country located in the neighborhood of Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia. A small state with a unique culture, tremendous history and well-preserved traditions, Armenia is increasingly gaining popularity among foreigners, in particular due to the simplified procedure for incorporating new companies and […]

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Feb 10, 2020

FEZ in Armenia: by 2022 a new logistics park will be operating in Gyumri

In August 2019, the Armenian government gave a green light to the establishment of a logistic and industrial free trade zone in the city of Gyumri. The initiative aims to serve the e-commerce logistics warehouses and export-oriented manufacturing processes. Creation of the free economic zone is […]

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Feb 10, 2020

Armenia: new outlook, new perspectives in 2020 and beyond

For many people around the world, Armenia is known as an ancient country with predominantly Christian churches; for others – it is a “museum under the open air” and an affordable tourism destination for magnificent climate, and picturesque nature. Yet, not so many people have recognized Armenia as a […]

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Feb 7, 2020

How to get a Special Passport in Armenia – from 1200 EUR

Foreigners who consider Armenia as their destination for permanent residence or as another backup plan in case they might face economic, political pressures in their country, may need more information about the options of obtaining a special residence status in Armenia. When applying for this document, a foreign […]

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Feb 4, 2020

Armenia’s position as a new innovation center

When it comes to international centers of technology and innovation, the first that come to the mind are cities like San Francisco, London or Tokyo. And how about […]

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Feb 3, 2020

Citizenship by investments in Armenia: instructions for a foreign investor

In this article we will present South Caucasian country, Armenia in terms of the possibility of obtaining Armenian citizenship by investment. In 2019, the state was included in the list of top countries that provide beneficial, quick, and which is most important – completely legal citizenship by investment […]

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