Trustee Managed Banking Structure

Offshore Pro Group, via a licensed trust company in the Caribbean, is pleased to offer a package offer of a Trading Company owned by a Trust.

Main points of this structure:

  • Can be used as an active business account, no restrictions on transactions provided they are properly documented. Multiple currencies available.
  • Employees or associates of the company may be issued with USD gold credit cards with an established monthly limit chosen by the client.
  • Employees or associates of the Company will have view-only online banking access to check balance and transactions at any time.
  • Employees or associates can have Power of Attorney on a brokerage account to trade all kinds of financial instruments worldwide.
  • The client will NOT have signatory rights on the bank account. It will be managed by a licensed trust company. Instructions for wire transfers etc must be sent via the trustee. 

Thereby, an active trading business can be run for the benefit of third party beneficiaries. These might be, for example, children, grandchildren, other family members or even a charitable foundation. They will be the ultimate beneficial owners of the entire structure.

Meanwhile, a person other than the beneficiary can manage the business and assets on a day-to-day basis under a limited Power of Attorney. As part of this arrangement can also have access to a credit card with a fixed monthly limit to pay business and travel expenses.

By carefully selecting beneficiaries, clients using this structure might have very significant advantages in terms of:

  • Legally avoiding requirements to report ownership of companies
  • Maintaining privacy and legally avoiding reporting under Tax Information Exchange Agreements
  • Avoidance of gift or inheritance taxes 

Of course, individual tax advice tailored to your circumstances should be taken.


  • Nevis Exempt Trust
  • Belize IBC
  • Management Contract with a licensed trust company
  • Bank account in Nevis


If you were to buy the trust and company yourself, it would be very difficult to open the bank and brokerage accounts and obtain the credit card, due to the bank’s perception that it is a complicated account with many different parties involved (beneficiaries, settler, trustee signatory etc) However, we have specially pre-approved this expert-recommended structure in advance with the bank involved so the whole structure can typically be set up in under one week.


To discuss how this structure can be specially tailored for you please contact our Offshore Pro experts.