How To Order

Thank you for your business!

Our ordering procedure is as follows, subject to any changes agreed in advance depending on the services you are ordering:

1.  Contact Offshore Pro Group and explain your requirements to our consultant.

2.  Your consultant will send you the necessary documents for you to sign and explain the KYC requirements as they apply to your individual circumstances. You upload the necessary documents via your secure client portal.

3.  We will do a preliminary check of your documents and let you know if everything is OK. We will then issue an invoice for the agreed amount, and at the same time we will ask you to mail or courier any hard copies of documents required. Documents should be sent to our Central Data service in Zurich, Switzerland.

4.  You should settle the invoice using on of our accepted payment methods.  To speed up the process, please inform your consultant of the details once the payment is made (Copy or screenshot of receipt, confirmation etc) We normally get started with the work immediately, even if we haven’t yet actually received the payment or the hard copy documents, provided you send us confirmation.

5.  Once your company is ready, scans will be available for download in your secure client portal, and will be sent direct to the chosen bank if we are also opening a bank account for you.

6.  The original hard copy documents will be sent to you by courier. The tracking number will be available in your secure client portal. (Note: We will not be able to send out hard copies until we have received any necessary hard copies from you in Switzerland and the payment has cleared)

7.  The bank will contact you directly with your account details.


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