A group of British and Canadian offshore service providers with offices in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia met in London and decided to combine resources to introduce to the market a new concept in delivery of offshore incorporation and banking services, under the title Offshore Pro Group. The internet was allowing clients for the first time to save money by buying offshore financial services directly over the internet. Consumers had already become comfortable buying travel over the internet instead of using a travel agency, or carrying out banking transactions over the net instead of visiting the bank. However, the offshore business was still segregated into bloated corporate service providers and law firms with fancy offices in big onshore cities; or small one and two man operations in remote offshore centres. Clients were also becoming aware that keeping records of their offshore businesses in their home jurisdictions was just not a smart thing to do.

Offshore Pro Group brought a breath of fresh air: an internet-based corporate service provider passing on the cost savings of going direct, the efficiency and speed of dealing over the net using tools such as Skype, and the professionalism of an experienced multi-national and multi-lingual team.


The first Offshore Pro Group website, “version 1.0”, www.offshore-pro.info, was launched (now replaced with this website)

Conscious of the need to protect confidential data online, and years ahead of the revelations of Edward Snowden, the owners of Offshore Pro Group also launched a new website dedicated to computer and data security where clients can obtain custom built secure laptops and communications solutions:  www.securelaptop.org


Launch of OffshoreWealth.info – the first and still the biggest offshore news blog in the Russian language that firmly established Offshore Pro Group as the leaders in internet marketing of offshore services into the burgeoning Russia/CIS market.


Commencement of operations aimed at the Latin American market, with the launch of the informational website MundoOffshore.net and opening of the Offshore Pro representative office in Panama City. This rep office serves English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking clients visiting from all over the Americas. It allows clients who would like to meet face-to-face to do business with us at the same competitive internet-based fees. Our office is located in the prestigious Omega Building in the heart of the financial district, surrounded by banks, law firms and embassies.


Launch of a specialist division dedicated to offshore e-commerce, WorldMerchant.

Relaunch of the Offshore Pro website, “version 2.0” to include addition of a secure client portal.