Partner Programmes

Professional Clients Team

Offshore Pro Group is delighted to work with professional clients such as lawyers, accountants and company formation agents. We can offer everything from one company through to a complete outsourcing solution for incorporations and bank account opening. We have dedicated consultants who understand the special needs of our professional clients and who can advise you on special pricing and discounts, as well as our terms of business and applicable due diligence procedures. Please contact us today to discuss details.

Professional Consultants Training Programme

We also offer a Professional Consultants Training Programme carried out in person 3-4 times per year in different offshore jurisdictions, in association with IBC Training Inc. This programme, that includes a professional diploma certifying participation, is mainly aimed at international business people who are interested in and attracted to the opportunities in the offshore field, but who would prefer to work under the auspices of an established organisation. These courses, which we also use as part of our internal training program, include an opportunity to meet members of staff from our different offices as well as external experts in fields such as law, tax planning, asset protection and security. For further details please contact us.

Other Partnerships

We are always pleased to receive offers of other strategic partnerships that may be beneficial. We would ask that you submit a detailed proposal in writing that will be reviewed by our management.