Belize is a premier offshore jurisdiction for incorporation for IBC incorporation. IBCs are formed under Belize’s International Business Companies Act.

This framework is based on the old BVI laws. It is considered as one of the most friendly business legislation in the offshore-financial sector.

Advantages of the Belize IBC

Total exemption from all local taxes

Fast formation – typically 1-2 Business Days

Low operating costs

No requirement for paid up capital

Information about corporate directors, officers, shareholders and beneficial owners is not filed with the Belize Registry and not available to the public

Any individual and legal entity may act as shareholder, director and officer

Corporate Name

The word “Limited”, “Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Society Anonyme” or “Sociedad Anonima” or “Aktiengesellschaft” or the abbreviation “Ltd”, “Corp”, “Inc” or “S.A.” or “A.S.” or “A.G.” must be part of the name of every Belize International Business Corporation.

The following limitations apply. A name will be rejected by the registry.

Confusingly similar to a name of the already existing Belize company (including local companies)

Contains restricted words “Building Society”, “Chamber of Commerce”, “Chartered”, “Cooperative”, “Imperial”, “Municipal”, “Royal”, “Assurance”, “Bank”, “Insurance” or “Trust”

Suggests a patronage of the Queen or a member of the Royal Family

Is indecent, offensive or objectionable.

Belize Registered Office Address and Local Registered Agent

Registered office address must be located in Belize. Principal office address (business address) may be in any country.

Each company is required to have a local registered agent, authorized by the Belize International Financial Services Commission to carry on that business, and must have a registered address within Belize. Offshore Pro Group provides these services automatically as part of our incorporation process.

Renewal fees are due each calendar year and consist of a government tax, the registered agent fee and the registered office fee.


A minimum of one shareholder is required. This may be any individual or corporate entity anywhere in the world. Just one share for US$1.00 could be issued to that shareholder.

If you need a nominee shareholder, Offshore Pro Group provides this service.

Directors and Officers

Any individual or legal entity  may be appointed as a director and officer of Belize IBC.

The minimum requirement is one director, although of course you may appoint more. There is no requirement to appoint officers in specific roles.

If you need a nominee director, Offshore Pro Group is able to provide this service.

Standard Authorized Capital

The standard authorized capital included in our Basic Incorporation Package is USD 50,000 divided into 50,000 registered shares of USD 1.00 each.  This fits the needs of most clients.

There is no requirement to issue shares. The share capital is simply the maximum allowed without making changes to the Memorandum of Association.

Data Protection

The Belize IBC Registry is completely private. The only documents filed with the Registrar are the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Registry do not have access to information about the directors, shareholders etc unless there is a formal investigation.

Accounting and Audit Requirements

There is no audit requirement. IBCs are required to keep accounts on behalf of their management and shareholders but there is no requirement to file this information anywhere.

Speed of Incorporation

Belize IBCs are routinely incorporated within a maximum of 2 business days, and often the same day. This means you can obtain a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation typically the next day. However, please allow a couple of extra days for preparation of resolutions, appointments, share certificates, powers of attorney etc. Apostilles take an additional one business day.


Basic incorporation package including all fees for first calendar year and worldwide courier delivery: LLC-USD 935, IBC-USD 1385

Annual Domiciliary Fee due from beginning of second calendar year including Tax, Registered Agent and Registered Office: LLC- USD 650, IBC- USD 600

To request a detailed quote for other services please contact one of our consultants.