Problem Solver

Do you have problems with your existing offshore company? Talk to Offshore Pro Group and we can help!

Here are some of the situations where our corporate services experts can help:


  • Frozen Bank Accounts due to Striking Off:   Banks are legally obliged to freeze funds if they discover that a company is not in good standing. Whether your company is in penalty phase or has been struck off the register, we can usually help with the restoration process.
  • Missing Registered Agent or Intermediary:  It often happens that clients buy a company, then some time later the person they bought it from goes out of business, dies, or simply disappears. Annual fees then do not get paid and it can be a major paper trail to restore the company to good standing. Don’t worry – we can help!
  • Nominees not co-operating:  Unscrupulous corporate agents often use unprofessional nominee directors who cannot be located in the future when they are required to sign new documents. It is necessary for the shareholders to pass resolutions to fire the nominees and change the registered agent to a more reputable company.
  • Missing Documents to Open Bank Accounts:  We hear from clients almost daily who want to open bank accounts but have not been given the necessary documents by their former registered agent. We can update the registered agent to Offshore Pro Group or its associates so that we can quickly and efficiently arrange all the required documents.
  • Redomiciliation out of BVI:  British territories such as BVI and Cayman will soon be removing confidentiality for beneficial owners. Before it is too late, we can help you redomicile your company to another jurisdiction and avoid having your personal details revealed.
  • Undeclared Bank Accounts: Many people have old, undeclared bank accounts from many years ago when this was common practice – then one day, out of the blue, the bank asks them to close the account on short notice. We can help in such situations.


Whatever your offshore problem, we can solve it! Talk to the Offshore Pro Group experts today!