Prepaid Cash/ATM Cards

Offshore Pro Group offers prepaid debit card services from various offshore banks and by the China UnionPay system that works in around 150 countries worldwide. These cards function as stand-alone products, so you do not need to open a bank account to obtain one of these cards. They are also an ideal way to access funds held any other offshore bank, since you can top them up by wire transfer.

How are the card issued?

These are instant issue cards held in stock in our offices. For this reason, there is normally a generic description on the card where the cardholder’s name would normally appear, such as “Travel Card”. Whoever has the card and the PIN number is able to use it.

How to use Prepaid Debit Cards

This product is principally designed for cash withdrawals and depending on the card association network chosen these cards work in almost every ATM machine anywhere in their world for instant cash withdrawals.

It can also be used for purchases in millions of merchant locations around the world that are equipped with electronic terminals to accept debit cards.

You can check your balance and transaction history via the special login code provided with the card. These cards are usually not accepted for internet purchases. If you want to make purchases over the internet, you should consider a Prepaid Credit Card or a Secured Credit Card.


Cards are available in USD, EUR and HKD as primary billing currencies. We can also arrange prepaid cash cards through other partner banks that work in GBP and CHF and other currencies.


The normal way to top up your pre-paid balance is by international bank wire transfer. Exact instructions are shipped with each card. Third party providers may also offer funding by other means, ie e-wallets, Western Union, Paypal etc.

Resale of Prepaid Debit Cards

These cards are easy to issue and are very versatile. They are ideal for making payments or transferring expenses to employees in different parts of the world or for paying out affiliates, members, e-wallet customers etc. We can offer special pricing on orders of just 10 cards and upwards. For larger quantities (approximately 1000 upwards, but they do not all need to be ordered at once) you can select a co-branding option. With co-branded offshore debit cards, your company logo can appear on the cards themselves and/or on the web portal used by cardholders to check their balances.

Fees and Daily Limits

Please contact us for further information on the fees and daily limits applicable to these cards.

ID Requirements

For each card we need on file a copy of an ID document (passport, national ID, drivers licence etc) and a proof of address (utility bill, local ID etc)


For any enquiry or to order your pre-paid debit card please contact us.


Cryptocurrency rechargeable anonymous plastic cards – 495 EUR

Apply for e-Payments Anonymous Prepaid Mastercard® and protect your privacy 100% at POS and ATM – withdrawals.

No name Union Pay EUR debit card – EUR 459