Aug 28, 2019

3 steps to set up an Offshore company

The steps of setting up an offshore company

  1. Chose the desired type of company you wish to establish

The client, first of all, needs to provide us with all information and details related to his future business in general and business activities.  It is also very important that he tells us the desired location of the opening of the offshore company.  In the first place, it is also important that the client provides us information about tax expectations, expresses the desire through which bank he would like to establish a company so that his business can go in the right direction.  Our task is to develop all this information, and thus give advice and suggestions where it would be possible to open a company.  We always take everything into account and in that way, we find the best and most efficient way for the client and the establishment of the company.  It all depends on which jurisdiction fits the needs of the client.  There are a number of jurisdictions that offer different options and benefits, and that is why it is very important to choose the ideal one when you enter the process of establishing an offshore company.  Initially, it is also important to choose the name of the future company, and the client’s professional introducer from Offshore Pro Group will check if the name is already used to register a company in the chosen jurisdiction.  We must take into consideration, that some jurisdictions require certain suffixes at the end of the name, meaning that the suffix would be the last word of the company’s name.

  1. Collect and provide Due Diligence documents

Due diligence is used for all types of in-depth analysis. Currently, it is mostly used for a comprehensive analysis of the company that is the subject of a particular transaction. According to one business survey, professionals who conduct due diligence in detail have a 28% higher chance of successfully concluding a deal. So, before going any further, the client is obligated to provide certain due diligence documents that are mainly related to his identity and previous business activities.  The most common due diligence documents are: passport copy, national ID, bank statements, some sort of a reference from a lawyer, CV, etc.  It is possible that additional documents will be requested by some jurisdictions.  Once all of the documents have been collected, checked and approved, the client will need to fill out an online form from Offshore Pro Group so that we could actually place the order and start with the formation of the company.

  1. Submission of the order form and payment 

 The last step is that the client needs to fill out the form with his personal information and relevant business information about his future company. The form must be signed and this kind of form is a form that will be used by the registry agent of the chosen jurisdiction in order to get things done. When it comes to making a payment, if due diligence goes well, the client is obligated to make a payment in order for us to proceed with his company formation. Each jurisdiction has its own price list, but Offshore Pro Group will do its best to help you find the best jurisdiction for your needs and most cost efficient one.

Who can benefit from opening of an offshore company?

Offshore companies typically help clients legally optimize taxes, so in some way help you save money which you would not be able to save in your home country. Also, one of the biggest advantages is that most offshore companies are protected, and owners/shareholder are not open to the public.

How can you apply?

The whole process of setting up/creating an offshore company can be done remotely, this means no trips out of the country you live in, visiting banks and offices. We are here to help you in every step of the way, guide you through the process of gathering files and documents and make this as quick and as easy as it can possibly be.

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