Apr 19, 2017

The Opportunity To Establish A New Non Resident Corporate Account With A Boutique Bank In the Cayman Islands That Provides Wealth And Portfolio Management And Savings Accounts In Multiple Currencies.

At the Offshore Pro Group we have the necessary professional know how to help you to open a new foreign corporate account with this Cayman Islands boutique bank. Opening a corporate account with this bank on your own would be almost impossible. You should consider your corporate account with this bank for the following reasons:

  • You will enjoy the benefits of a jurisdiction that is free of tax
  • No travelling to the Cayman islands as your corporate account will be remotely created
  • Very personal service as this is a boutique bank where the number of clients are limited
  • The bank will create an investment portfolio for you and manage it
  • A number of high quality services for the management of your wealth
  • You can have savings accounts in major world currencies
  • A secure and convenient online banking service

To benefit from the years of international banking experience that the Offshore Pro Group can offer you simply send us an email to [email protected] so that we can start working on your application for an international corporate bank account in the Cayman Islands. After making the initial contact with us we will need to know more about your business and your aspirations, so please complete the questionnaire that is on this page To Be Certain Of Selecting The Correct Non Resident Corporate Account For Your Business Be Sure To Read This Advice From The Experts.

The Reasons That The Jurisdiction Of The Cayman Islands Is Perfect For Your International Corporate Account

Situated in the West Caribbean Sea, you will find the Cayman Islands lying South of Cuba and to the North of Panama. The country is a British Territory Overseas which means that is in the unique position of being one of the few nations in the world which is not self governing. The Cayman Islands uses the Cayman Islands Dollar, which is pegged to the US Dollar (USD), as its official currency. English is the official language and there are approximately 60,000 residents of the Cayman Islands at this time.

Being an overseas British territory means that the government of the Cayman Islands is very stable. The CIA Factbook quotes that residents of the Cayman Islands have the highest living standards anywhere in the Caribbean. This is evidenced by their high GDP per capita which is 14th in the world and approximately $43,800. The economy is also sound and the economic policies in place have resulted in the Cayman Islands receiving an AAA sovereign risk rating.

The Cayman Islands is recognized as a leading offshore jurisdiction across the world. The nation is experienced in transactions for equity and debt as well as joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. They also have experience of insurance capital market transactions. Hedge fund and equity fund creation and development are other areas where the Cayman Islands have an international reputation.

The Cayman Islands is a tax free jurisdiction so you will not have to pay corporation tax or taxes on profits for your business. Other tax advantages include no capital gains, withholding taxes or income taxes. All financial institutions and banks in the country are closely monitored and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

The government has instructed CIMA to ensure that the financial system of the Cayman Islands is always of high quality and will remain so. CIMA monitors the activities of all banks and financial institutions closely to be certain that international banking standards are being upheld. CIMA uses rules to employ the right levels of supervision and regulation, and it has been heavily involved with stamping out money laundering activities in the past. The financial system in the Cayman Islands is fully compliant with the terms of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as well as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in the region.

Overall the Cayman Islands is an economically and socially stable nation and an ideal jurisdiction for your corporate account and the safeguarding of your capital. Growth and diversification opportunities also exist and there is the added safeguard of the rigorous regulation by CIMA.

The Reasons That You Should Choose This Boutique Cayman Islands Bank For Your Corporate Account

The bank has been established in the Cayman Islands for 25 years and is a reputable international bank that can provide a range of services to help your business. Since opening, the senior management team at the bank has guided it successfully, and it has experienced excellent growth over its years of operation. This bank has a number of corporate clients and will provide a full range of investment, wealth management and other professional banking services to you.

This is a boutique bank, and they have intentionally limited the number of corporate clients that they serve so that they can offer a personalized service to you which is of the highest calibre. The banking personnel will want to get to know you well and understand the aims of your business and discuss your financial aspirations.

The banking professionals at this Cayman Islands bank are experts in the protection of capital as well as its diversification and enhancement. Their aim will be to develop a financial strategy for you that will enable you to achieve your financial goals. The wealth management services offered will help you to protect your assets and provide for future generations.

If you are interested in making investments then the investment experts at the bank will develop a first class portfolio for you. A full discussion will need to take place before your portfolio is created, as the experts will need to understand your desired returns and your risk tolerance for investments.

Wealth management is something that this bank takes very seriously and they will never propose a standard wealth management offering. All proposals for the management of your wealth will be completely tailored to your specific requirements. They will only be satisfied when their wealth management proposals are approved by you.

This Cayman Islands bank is a subsidiary of the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited, and this is the largest commercial bank in Jamaica. The bank has close ties with CIMA and works hard to ensure that it is in compliance with all national laws and international banking standards. The bank is also a member of the Bankers Association of the Cayman Islands.

The High Quality Services That Are Offered By This Boutique International Bank In The Cayman Islands

Your new non resident corporate account in the Cayman Islands can be remotely opened with the expert guidance of the international banking professionals at the Offshore Pro Group. You will not be required to visit the Cayman Islands and meet with any banking staff to have your corporate account opened. You will enjoy the fine range of banking services on offer from this bank after your corporate account has been approved and is operational.

For the management of your wealth the bank will appoint an experienced professional who will need to talk about your wealth management requirements in full. This discussion will cover your business circumstances as well as your personal situation. A comprehensive strategy for the management of your wealth will then be created for you.

Different wealth management services can be provided by this bank and this will include director services, nominee services, the formation and administration of companies, trust formation and administration, secretarial services and the provision of a certified accountant.

There are various portfolio management services that can be provided by this bank in the Cayman Islands. After you have discussed your investment requirements with an investments expert, an investment portfolio will be developed on your behalf and the bank will also manage this for you. You will receive reports on a regular basis about how well your portfolio is performing. Adjustments to your portfolio will be made by the investment experts if you experience a change in your circumstances.

There are other investment services on offer as well as bespoke investment portfolio creation and management. If you want to make your own investments then the bank can execute transactions for you. Also they can provide the settlement of securities, nominee holding services, custody services, multiple currency investments and the offshore management of your assets.

You can open savings accounts with this bank in different major currencies. The currencies available will certainly include Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD), Canadian Dollars (CAD) and British Pounds Sterling (GBP). Flexible term deposit accounts are also available with competitive interest rates. If you require internationally accepted credit cards then these can also be provided by the bank.

A free to use online banking service will be available to you once your corporate account is up and running. The service can be accessed from any location worldwide with an Internet connection and you will have full account access so that you can send payments and view your recent transactions as well as the balance of your account.

The online banking service is highly secure and will require the use of an RSA secure ID token which will be provided by the bank. Once you are logged in you can make requests for bank drafts, view account statements and download them, transfer monies to other accounts that you have with the bank and execute international wire transfers to other banks worldwide.

To successfully establish a new international corporate account with this Cayman Islands bank you will need to make a minimum opening deposit of 100,000 US Dollars (USD). There is also a requirement that your account is maintained at all times with a balance of at least 100,000 US Dollars (USD). If you want the bank to create a bespoke investment portfolio for you then you will need to make a minimum investment of 500,000 US Dollars (USD).

For each transaction that you make in your corporate account the bank will charge you a fee. There will also be fees for the maintenance of your corporate account. The very latest fees for this Cayman Islands bank can be made available to you by your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group, so please ask for this. Negotiating the most preferential fees for your account is another service that your consultant can provide you with.

If You Want To Be Sure Of Successfully Creating A New Non Resident Corporate Account With This Bank In The Cayman Islands You Must Follow These Steps

We want you to be successful in opening your new international corporate account in the Cayman Islands so please follow this proven set of instructions exactly as they are presented:

  1. Your first action is to contact the Offshore Pro Group using this email address [email protected] and upon receipt of your message we will start to offer you the expert international banking advice that will be required to open your corporate account. Please provide us with full details of your business goals and personal financial aspirations by fully answering the set of questions here Choosing The Right Non Resident Corporate Account For Your Business Is Not Easy So Read This Sound Advice From The International Banking Professionals.

You may be subjected to a number of risks if you only open and maintain a single international corporate account. Reducing the risks will be achieved if you were to open a second international corporate account. It is all explained here this is the risk information that you need to know and why a second non resident corporate account is necessary.

  1. We will be delighted to work with you to successfully open your non resident corporate account with this bank in the Cayman Islands, and for this there will be a single charge of 3999 EUR. Western Union, Money Gram, a bank transfer, Bitcoin, Web Money or a credit card are all payment methods that can be used.
  1. Beneficial owners of the business that hold 10% or more as well as directors and authorized signatories will need to provide documentation in English (or an English translation that has been certified by a notary). Please provide the documents listed below:
  • Corporate account opening forms provide by the bank must be completed in full and they must be signed (all signatures must be notary certified)
  • The page of a valid passport which contains the signature of the holder and a photograph. All copies of these passport pages must be notary certified
  • You must provide proof of address and this can be achieved by providing either an original utility bill or a notary certified copy. Please ensure that the bills provided are not more than 3 months old
  • A financial institution reference letter that is on original letterhead and addressed to the bank in the Cayman Islands must be provided. A relationship with the financial institution of over three years is required
  • Professional reference letter from a lawyer, accountant or a religion minister who have known you for at least two years provided on original letterhead addressed to the Cayman Islands bank
  • The source of the funds to be used in the corporate account must be proven by means of a recent bank statement of no older than three months or through current pay slips etc

These corporate documents are also required:

  • A notarized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • A notarized copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, By Laws or Operating Agreement
  • A notarized copy of a Certificate of Good Standing or a notarized copy of the most recent annual return filing
  • A notarized copy of the Register of Shareholders
  • A notarized copy of the Register of Directors
  • An audited financial statement if this is applicable

Please be sure to send all of your documentation to your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group where they will be checked for compliance with the bank’s requirements. All documents will be promptly dispatched when correct to the bank in the Cayman Islands, and your new international corporate account will be operational approximately 10 business days after the documents have been received.

Get your new Cayman Islands bank international corporate account up and running fast by sending an email to [email protected]  right away.