Jul 20, 2013

Bank Introduction Services

Our international or offshore bank introduction services are mainly designed for clients who are setting up companies, trusts etc through Offshore Pro. However, we do also offer assistance opening personal accounts, or accounts for clients who already have their company set up.

Our basic bank introduction service consists of the following steps:

  1. ANALYZING and understanding the client’s offshore banking needs;
  2. RECOMMENDING the offshore bank or banks that best matches the client’s needs;
  3. CONSULTING with client all the questions he/she may have on the particular banks recommended, available banking services and bank account opening procedures;
  4. PROVIDING the client with all the necessary documents, application forms, contracts etc and helping the client to fill them out correctly;
  5. CHECKING whether the client has completed all the due diligence correctly to the satisfaction of banks’ compliance officers, and advising on anything else that may be necessary for the application to proceed smoothly;
  6. ARRANGING the client’s visit to the bank (if bank account is opened in person) or arranging the delivery of paperwork to the bank, assistance with application acceptance and arranging the delivery of banking documents, digital tokens etc back to the customer (usually they are sent direct by the bank to the client).

At this point, the first part of our job is finished. The client has the offshore bank account opened. From then on, the client can deal directly with the bank on all day-to-day matters. Sometimes clients seek our assistance with arranging additional services, or asking general questions on the bank’s services or policies – for example, our opinion how to better settle one or another question with the bank. We gladly provide such additional service to our clients at no extra charge. We are always happy if clients return to us.

Offshore Pro Group has the status of professional introducer with banks, thus providing our customers with up-to-date information directly from the source as well as freedom of choice. We can offer our objective professional opinion when comparing services of several offshore banks. Offshore Pro Group team members always try to find the best match between the client and the offshore bank. The client is better satisfied when he/she is provided not only with the offshore service he/she needs, but also when he/she is serviced by a bank that also feels comfortable about the relationship.

Besides introducing the client offshore company or onshore company to the bank which we believe to be most suited to its needs, Offshore Pro Group prepares the necessary minutes, resolutions which appoints the signatories to the offshore bank account; we provide the signature cards and application forms, in many cases, already partially filled. We advise on how to complete the application forms to the satisfaction of the bank.

Most importantly, we know the offshore bank requirements and know how to open the bank account fast and without serious delays.

Note: all the banks we work with offer internet banking (including the ability to send international wire transfers), accounts in all major currencies, and credit or debit card facilities.

We invite you to explore our site and then Contact Us to move forward with your specific needs. As we place a strong emphasis on personal service, so please do not hesitate to e-mail us or pick up the phone if you have a question, or require a service that you don’t see listed here.

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