May 22, 2020

The rumors were misleading: the Maltese citizenship-by-investment program continues

The current citizenship-by-investment program in Malta is coming to an end as the set limit of 1,800 applications has been almost reached. However, by the end of 2020, the Government is planning to relaunch the program under new conditions.

The popularity of the Maltese […]

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Jan 24, 2020

Incorporate a holding company in Malta – from 2591 EUR

If you are looking into options of how to incorporate a holding company in Malta, we can help you accomplish this remotely. The holding will allow you to own corporate assets, as well as personal property and other assets. One of the most remarkable advantages of […]

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Jan 23, 2020

Incorporating a company in Malta for developers of mobile applications and games – from 2591 EUR

Register your company in Malta remotely, if you wish to establish a mobile app and game development business in this country. Owing to its favorable taxation system among other benefits, Malta is extremely popular among various IT businesses. We will help you through […]

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Jan 22, 2020

Malta model for individuals to minimize VAT on the purchase (lease) and use of yachts

Are you in lookout for a reliable solution that will help you save on VAT when buying and using a yacht in the territorial waters of the EU? Malta is one of the top options for this purpose.

The model will be implemented within 4 […]

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