Jan 23, 2020

Incorporating a company in Malta for developers of mobile applications and games – from 2591 EUR

Register your company in Malta remotely, if you wish to establish a mobile app and game development business in this country. Owing to its favorable taxation system among other benefits, Malta is extremely popular among various IT businesses. We will help you through the entire procedure of company registration with fast and predictable outcomes.

Malta – hub for IT projects

In recent years, Malta has experienced a significant rise in the field of IT technologies. Top gaming at online betting companies, online casinos and businesses dealing in cryptocurrency are based here for business.

In this article we will guide you through the process of registering a company for developers of applications and games, since this does not require additional licensing. However, if you additionally plan to operate in the field of betting, casino, cryptocurrencies, you will need to contact us, and we will help you obtain a license which is required to conduct these activities.

Malta is attractive for business from various perspectives, in particular:

  • Taxes: although officially the tax rate is 35%, there are various legal models allowing you to drastically reduce the effective rate – up to 5%;
  • The effective tax rate on dividends is 0%;
  • Convenient framework for the operation of IT businesses and a general benevolent attitude on the part of local authorities;
  • A simplified procedure for obtaining work permits for IT professionals who work in local companies;
  • Sustainable economy;
  • Eurozone;
  • On average – a comfortable climate for life;
  • High degree of personal security;
  • Convenient communication with other countries, especially with Europe;
  • The opportunity to obtain a second citizenship through various programs.

The most popular form of company registration in Malta is a limited liability company. The liability of shareholders is limited to their contributions to the authorized capital of the company.

The authorized capital of a company can start from 1250 EUR and a minimum of 20% is required to be paid. A registration fee is also payable upon opening the company. Its value depends on the size of the authorized capital.

The director of the company is an individual or legal entity. The secretary position can only be filled by an individual. Citizenship of the director and secretary is not limited.

A company in Malta should have a registered business address.

Company registration is possible to accomplish remotely and usually takes several business days.

Documents required to register a company in Malta for developers of mobile applications and games

In order to open a company in Malta, you will need to provide a set of documents from the beneficiaries. They will be required both for opening a company, and for undergoing due diligence process.

  • A certified copy of the passport;
  • Personal statement;
  • A recommendation from the bank (we will advise on the required format during our consultations);
  • A certified copy of proof of address of residence (utility bill dated back to not more than 3 months);
  • Your CV;
  • Proof of source of income for political figures;
  • Declaration of ownership for those who have more than 25% ownership in the company.

The cost of establishing a company in Malta for developers of mobile applications and games

For your convenience, we combined all the numbers in a single table:

Euro (€)   
  1st year Starting from 2nd year
Company registration  1482
Provision of a legal address (according to Maltese law, all original documents should be stored directly in the company’s office of incorporation) 741 741
Contribution to the Registry (minimal amount, depends on the amount of authorized capital for issue) 368 150
TOTAL from 2591 EUR 891
  Euro (€)
COMPANY ANNUAL SERVICES Holding company Trade company
Director’s services (minimum, depends on the degree of involvement) 1555 3588
Secretary Services 963 963
Nominee shareholder’s services 1690 1690
Accounting/bookkeeping (minimum)   803 1927
Preparation and submission of tax reports 466 621
Preparation and submission of annual financial report 234 234
The following services are paid as needed.    
Opening a bank account Upon request Upon request
Registration of VAT number   N / a 120
VAT declaration N / a 186
Registration and receipt of income taxpayer number (for each shareholder) 180 180
Tax refund (on behalf of shareholders)   359 359

Sequence of steps for registering a company in Malta for mobile app and game developers

  1. Form your intention to register a company in Malta. If you have made up your mind, please contact [email protected]  and communicate your intention to set up a business in Malta.  
  2. Describe the essence of your business to a consultant, provide information about yourself: this will help to establish your eligibility. In any case, we will offer alternative options , which will best suit your business needs.
  3. Pay for the company registration service. Cost starts from 2591 EUR .

We accept payment using Bitcoin, MoneyGram, WebMoney, Western Union, as well as by ordinary bank transfer and card.

  1. Provide a complete set of documents in the form specified in the article and which the consultant will recall. Part of the documents will need to be sent to our back office.
  2. After registration, you can start a business of app and games development, as well as proceed to opening an account with our help. 

Use only reliable tools in your business and work with professionals:  [email protected]