Apr 14, 2017

Your Corporate Account In A Long Standing Boutique Investment Bank In Switzerland With Asset Safeguarding and Enhancement Through Investment Expertise.

Trying to open a new non-resident corporate account with this boutique Swiss investment bank would be quite a challenge, but with the professional assistance of the Offshore Pro Group your account will be opened. This is an excellent choice of bank for your corporate account because:

  • This bank has been established for more than 50 years
  • Excellent investment advisory service from experts
  • Exclusive investment possibilities
  • Asset management their speciality
  • Multiple currency accounts can be opened
  • The bank is financially strong and stable
  • A highly personal service provided
  • Access to accounts through secure online banking service

We can help you with the set up of your new foreign corporate account with this bank in Switzerland so send an email to us now [email protected] so that we can start working on this for you and provide all of the step by step guidance that you need. We would appreciate it if you can provide information to us in strictest confidence by answering the questions that can be found on this page. This will enable us to assist you more The Best Advice On Opening A Non Resident Corporate Bank Account.

Why Switzerland Is A Good Choice Of Jurisdiction For Your Assets

Switzerland is a small country situated to the West of Central Europe. The country is a directorial federal republic, and the number of citizens living there is now in excess of 8 million. The nation uses the Swiss Franc (CHF) as its official currency and several languages are spoken including French, German and Italian. Switzerland is a very well developed nation and it ranks number 9 in the world for its GDP per capita of around $78,179. It has the highest nominal wealth for each adult in the world.

The Swiss Franc is a very stable currency and has been for many years. Switzerland’s economy is also strong, and the financial sector contributes around 12% to the country’s GDP and employs over 200,000 workers. Because of Switzerland’s neutrality and national heritage the banking sector has been successful in the country over the years.

It is estimated that one third of the total wealth that exists is invested in banks in Switzerland. It has a well earned reputation as a very safe jurisdiction for the safeguarding of capital as well as growth and diversification. If you invest your assets in Switzerland you can be sure that they will be safe and that there will be a number of opportunities for growth. The Swiss have been forced to comply with international banking regulations and banking secrecy is a thing of the past. Concealment of your capital in Swiss banks is no longer a possibility.

Tax transparency laws and the laws concerning Know Your Customer (KYC) have been tightened considerably. Switzerland has a lot of experience to offer you when it comes to making the right investments, and there are more asset management experts in the country than in any other country in the world.

Financial institutions and banks in Switzerland are strongly regulated by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). FINMA has a strict monitoring policy that makes certain that banks there do not get involved in any monetary activities that are illegal such as the financing of terrorists and money laundering. They also ensure that the banks make the right disclosures in line with international standards.

Switzerland has a strong and growing economy and is very stable both socially and politically. You will not find investment expertise on the same scale anywhere else, and all of this means that Switzerland is a first class choice of jurisdiction for the protection of your capital and for its growth and diversification.

This Investment Bank In Switzerland For Your Corporate Account

The bank was first opened in 1965 and has been serving clients for more than 50 years. The management of wealth is the priority of the bank, and it has provided its efficient services in asset management to individuals and entrepreneurs of high net worth from its headquarters in Zurich since day one.

When your corporate account has been set up you can take advantage of the wealth of experience and competence in investments that this bank can provide, and there will be exclusive opportunities to invest in emerging markets. This bank is very strong financially and is also extremely stable. One of its major shareholders is the government of Switzerland.

The bank has a vision to be the lead international bank in the country, and to offer clients of the bank the very best investment competence and access to emerging markets for sound investments. Supporting this vision is a total focus on its clients, and the establishment of long lasting relationships which will develop the appreciation and trust from clients that the bank craves.

Asset Protection And Growth Services That This Bank In Switzerland Provides

In order for you to open a non resident corporate bank account you will have to meet with a representative of this Swiss bank in Switzerland or in one of its other offices in Abu Dhabi or Singapore. This bank will not open your international corporate account remotely. Once the meeting has taken place and your corporate account has been confirmed, you will have access to the very best investment counselling services and asset management services.

Immediately after your corporate account has been set up, an investment advisor will be allocated to you. This individual will want to have a lengthy discussion with you about your current business and financial aims for the long and short term. These advisors have a great deal of experience and when they have a thorough knowledge of your goals they will recommend investment solutions to you that are in line with them.

At all times you will receive unbiased and independent investment advice. You will always be the final decision maker and will be in total control. Should you decide to delegate your asset management to the bank, the professionals there will set up and manage your investment portfolio on your behalf.

The bank has access to a comprehensive range of funds. The bank owns a fund business, and this is situated in Luxembourg because it is the world’s leading country for fund management. Core market managed funds that are Swiss based are available and these include emerging market bonds and securities. The bank can also provide access to managed funds that are external and these are available in different niches that all have experienced fund managers.

This bank has developed an extensive network of investment experts across the world in different niches and sectors and it can source investment opportunities for you. Any external investment opportunities that the bank recommends will be first analyzed by experts at the bank and due diligence performed on them.

There are self directed services available from this bank if you want to conduct your own trades on the financial markets. A number of traders with a great deal of experience are employed by the bank, and they are accessible 6 days a week for 22 hours each day (trading in UAE market on Sundays). These traders can take your instructions over the telephone and make trades immediately for you. They can also provide up to the minute advice which includes market insight and momentum and recommended volumes.

Structured solutions are also available for entrepreneurs who are looking for structuring that is highly customized and corporate finance solutions. The bank has an experienced team of structured financing specialists that can provide expert advice in corporate finance, lending and other services.

You will be provided with a checking account for your corporate account and this will be a multi currency account where you can hold major world currencies. So that you can manage your corporate account remotely, the bank will provide a secure Internet banking service for your convenience. You can use this service from any location to access your account.

The target market of this bank is high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. As a result of this you must be prepared to make a minimum deposit into your non resident corporate account of  two million (2,000,000) Swiss Francs (CHF). The bank does not insist on a minimum balance being upheld in your corporate account.

When you make transactions and use your account the bank will charge you for this service and their charges can change sometimes. It is advisable that you request the latest bank charges be supplied to you by your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group. We can also help you to negotiate with this bank to be sure of receiving the most favorable bank charges.

You Will Need To Take These Actions So That Your Swiss Corporate Account Can Be Opened

Please follow the instructions in the list below in the correct order so that the set up of your new non resident corporate account in Switzerland can be a success:

  1. Please take the first action which is to connect with us through the use of email [email protected] so that your Offshore Pro Group consultant can start to offer you the correct advice for applying to open a foreign corporate account with this Swiss bank. In order to help you in the best possible way we will need you to supply us with as much information as possible. Please answer all of the questions on this page fully Opening The Right International Corporate Account That Will Meet Your Needs – Free Advice From The Experts.

Just maintaining one international corporate account can mean that you will be exposed to certain risks. By opening a second foreign corporate account these risks will be mitigated. Please read this information You need a second international account to mitigate risk and here is why.

  1. Opening a non resident corporate account in Switzerland is no easy task, but with our expert assistance your application will be right. These expert services will be supplied to you for a one off fee of 3999 EUR. Western Union, Bitcoin, bank transfer, credit cards, Money Gram and Web Money can all be used to make the payment to us.
  1. Any authorized persons, account signatories and the beneficial owner(s) will have to supply comprehensive documentation in English (or a translation that has been notarized) for your corporate account to be established. Please provide the following documents:
  • The fully completed bank account opening form that has been signed
  • Copy that has been notarized of the relevant passport page or other identification document. This must include a photo of the holder as well as their signature
  • Evidence of the residential address of the individual through certified copies of a utlility bill or a bank or credit card statement (originals can be provided). If these documents are more than 3 months old they will not be accepted
  • A personal history summary for the beneficial owner
  • A document that proves the legal source of the funds which will be used

A number of corporate documents must also be provided:

  • Registration certificate (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Charter and Memorandum of Association for the company (Articles and Memorandum of Association)
  • Document that details the appointment of the manager of the company (power of attorney, director’s appointments etc)
  • A certificate of welfare (good standing) if the company has been in existence for longer than 12 months
  • Register of shareholders or another document that confirms the owner (shareholder) and legal entity (Declaration of Trust, Nominee Agreement etc)
  • Passport copies of officials and / or shareholders with a 10% or more holding

Once all of this documentation has been organized it will need to be sent over to the Offshore Pro Group, where our expert team will examine it to be sure that it complies with the requirements of the bank. Once the documentation is finalized it will be sent rapidly to the bank in Switzerland. You have to set up a meeting in Switzerland with a bank official to confirm your new corporate bank account. Once the documentation is correct and the meeting has taken place you will need to give the bank approximately 15 working days to set up your international corporate account so that it is ready for your use.

All you need to do to begin the application for your international corporate account in Switzerland is to send us over an email at [email protected]