Apr 13, 2017

Non Resident Corporate Account With A Strongly Regulated Andorran Bank, Where Accounts Are In Multiple Currencies And Many Investment Opportunities Exist.

The Offshore Pro Group will provide the expert guidance that you will need to set up your international corporate account with this Andorran bank. We recommend this bank because it has specific benefits:

  • Bank is in Europe and under constant supervision
  • Long established bank in Andorra
  • Jurisdiction has tax advantages
  • Handle multi currencies in your account
  • Asset management through numerous investment options
  • Debit and credit cards with significant benefits
  • Sophisticated Internet banking service for remote account access

Connect with us now using the following email address [email protected] so that we can start the preparations required to advise you on the opening of your new international corporate account with this bank in Andorra. After you have sent the email please provide the answers to the questions on this page (in confidence) in order that we can advise you in the very best way Get Free Advice From The Professionals On Choosing The Right International Corporate Bank Account.

Andorra As A Private Banking Jurisdiction

The Principality of Andorra, or the more commonly known Andorra, is a small landlocked nation that lies between Spain and France in the Southwest of Europe. It is the sixth tiniest nation in Europe and recent statistics suggest that just over 85,000 people reside in the country. The country uses the Euro (EUR) for its official currency by special agreement, even though it does not have a European Union (EU) membership.

A unitary parliamentary semi elective diarchy is the system of government in Andorra. The economy of Andorra is growing and its GDP per capita is now up at $53,383. Tourism is the main economic sector and it delivers around 80% of the nation’s GDP. The financial sector is growing fast and this sector contributes around 18% of GDP. Political and social stability also exist in Andorra.

In previous years it was possible to enter an international bank in the country and with  a valid passport you could open a secret numbered bank account. The government of Andorra now insists on 100% transparency so this is not possible any longer. Andorra has come under a lot of pressure from the European Union, the United States and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to be a financially transparent nation.

Banking secrecy laws are still strong in Andorra despite the international pressure and account details will only be disclosed if a judge orders the bank to do this. The jurisdiction is renowned for its tax advantages and at present there is no corporate income tax or personal income tax. Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced in 2013, but this is low at around 4.5%. Other countries in Europe have VAT rates exceeding 20%.

The Institut Nacional Andorra de Finances (INAF) is the strict regulator of banks and financial institutions in Andorra. The government has passed a lot of power to INAF and it uses this power to make certain that all financial institutions and banks in the country are fully compliant with the laws that are in force. The main objective of INAF is financial stability, and to this end there are tough adequacy and liquidity ratios imposed upon the banks that are in excess of those recommended by international banking regulations.

With a stable political system and social stability, coupled with a growing economy, Andorra is well positioned to take good care of your assets. Andorra has a number of the most solvent banks in Europe and the strong regulations will ensure this into the future. Andorra is no longer a place to conceal your capital but it is a smart choice of jurisdiction for asset protection, enhancement and diversification.

Your International Corporate Account With This Andorran International Andorran Bank

This is a long established Andorran international bank which opened its doors back in 1949. The Fitch rating agency awarded the bank a very good rating for its high capitalization levels and its impressive liquidity ratio. This bank has been recognized by other global ratings agencies for its sound operations, regulatory and general financial operations and for its environmental and social activities.

The experienced and knowledgeable staff at the bank work tirelessly to provide a reliable and professional service as the bank strongly believes that their clients are their most important asset. This bank also has a policy of “maximum availability” of their professional staff and enables this using various communication mediums in order that the needs of their clients can be met all of the time. These channels of communication are easy to use, quick and highly secure.

The bank is an innovator and committed to research and development. It believes in the development of new financial products and the constant review and refinement of existing products so that all of the requirements of their clients can be met. This bank has developed a professional network of expert partners who have a great deal of expertise in financial markets, and using their knowhow they can add even more value to the services provided to clients.

This bank leads the way when it comes to banking technology in the country. It has consistently been the first to implement electronic services and automated banking and it has recently developed a mobile app for managing accounts. The banking group is building an impressive reputation internationally and it has strong growth plans for the future.

The bank will encourage you to become a client and have the experience of working with a network of companies and professionals so that strong business connections can be established. When your corporate account has been opened, the banking professionals will want to fully discuss your business objectives and financial plans with you. They will then recommend a range of financial products and services that will help you to achieve your plans.

This Bank In Andorra Has A Number Of Services To Offer Including Asset management

We will work alongside you at the Offshore Pro Group so that your new international corporate account can be opened successfully. Before your new corporate account can be confirmed, you will be required to visit Andorra and meet with officials from this bank. You cannot open a non resident corporate account remotely with this bank.

If you are an independent investor with an existing profile, the investment experts at the bank will provide a range of fund opportunities for you to invest in, and with this service it will not be required for you to monitor and manage your investments day to day. This will all be taken care of by the professional investment team at the bank. You will have a choice of equity funds, money market funds, mixed income funds and fixed income funds.

If you want to actively participate in your investments then take advantage of the expert selection fund portfolio service that is available. Some of the very best funds on the market will be made available to you and the fund selections will be made in conjunction with your investment profile. With this service you can make rapid adjustments against any movements in the market so that the right diversification of your assets is ensured.

You can also decide to leave the management of your portfolio to the professional investment team at the bank if you want to. A personal manager and a team of investment experts will be allocated to you and they will provide full assistance. Initially your investment portfolio will be agreed with your personal manager and then you will benefit from the flexibility of investment decisions being made on your behalf when opportunities present themselves on the markets.

When you open a non resident corporate account you will be provided with a current account for all of your banking transactions. You can hold multiple currencies in your account and this will certainly include US Dollars (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euros (EUR), Swiss Francs (CHF) and British Pounds Sterling (GBP) as well as quite a few other world currencies. If you want to avoid account maintenance charges and management fees then there will be an opportunity to upgrade your current account.

There are a number of savings account options which are designed to take care of your short, medium and long term savings requirements. These accounts are easy to open and provide a convenient way to save for the future. Experts in savings accounts will gladly assist you in choosing the right accounts for your circumstances.

Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro branded debit cards are available from this bank. The use of these debit cards is directly linked to your current account, so that immediate debits occur when payments are made with the cards. MasterCard and Visa branded credit cards can also be applied for, and when these cards are used for purchases there will be a debit made from your account at the month end. These credit cards have a lot of spending power and each has different benefits including discounts and travel insurance coverage.

For 24/7 remote access to your non resident corporate account the bank provides a highly secure Internet banking service. This advance online banking service can be used on a PC or laptop or a smart phone or tablet device. Graphical representations of your finances are used here which makes it a lot easier for you to manage them.

This bank in Andorra will insist that you make a minimum opening deposit of at least 1,000,000 (one million) Euros (EUR) to open an international corporate account (the bank will work with clients starting at 300,000 Euros growing to 1,000,000 Euros). 500,000 Euros (EUR) will be required as a minimum balance in your account at all times.

When you make transactions in your account you will have to pay the bank commissions and these commissions are subject to change. If you want the very latest statement on the commissions charged by this bank then please ask your Offshore Pro Group professional to provide them to you. We can also assist in the negotiation with the bank for the best possible commission charges so please let us know if you want us to do this.

In Order To Successfully Open Your New International Corporate Account In Andorra Please Follow These Directions

It is very important that you follow these directions step by step so that your non resident corporate account can be opened without any problems:

  1. The first step is to make contact with the Offshore Pro Group by using this email [email protected] so that we can initiate the process of expertly guiding you to open your corporate account successfully. Please help us as much as you can by providing the information that we need from you. Answer this confidential questionnaire in full here The Best Way To Open The Right International Corporate Bank Account For Your Needs.

Having just a single non resident corporate account can mean that you face the possibility of risk. The risk can be reduced significantly if an additional corporate account is opened. Please read why an additional corporate account will significantly reduce your risks.

  1. We will provide you with the expert help that you will require to successfully open your international corporate account with this bank in Andorra. We will gladly supply our expertise to you in exchange for a payment of 3999 Euros (EUR). Bitcoin, bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Web Money and credit cards are all ways that you can send the payment to us.
  1. Opening a non resident corporate account will need the furnishing of the following documentation:
  • Beneficial owner must provide copy of valid passport
  • Evidence of current residential address through the supply of a telephone bill, gas bill, electricity bill and so on
  • A document that provides evidence of the origin of the funds to be used for the account
  • Two banking reference letters for the shareholders and beneficial owners
  • Legal documentation of the company or the legal structure the client is using (must be certified by an Apostille)
  • Certificate of incumbency for companies older than one year

In order to confirm your corporate account you will need to arrange a meeting with representatives of the bank in Andorra. Once the meeting has concluded you will need to allow this Andorran bank up to 15 working days to set up your international corporate account ready for use.

To start the application for your new non resident corporate account with this Andorran bank, take action right now and contact us at [email protected]