Apr 18, 2017

Corporate Account In A United States Bank Which Has Banking Secrecy, Certificate Of Deposits And Business Payment Cards.

You will have the opportunity to open an international corporate account remotely in a United States bank when you enlist the support of the professionals in international banking at the Offshore Pro Group. There are a number of good reasons to choose this American international bank for your new corporate account:

  • Jurisdiction is very secure
  • Money market account that earns interest
  • Certificate of deposit accounts for guaranteed income
  • Banking secrecy is offered to non resident account holders
  • Travelling to America is not needed as your corporate account will be remotely opened
  • Business credit cards and debit cards are available
  • Internet banking service for all types of devices

We have international banking experts standing by to help you open your non-resident corporate account with this USA bank, so get in touch with us now by sending an email to [email protected] so that we can immediately begin working with you and assist in the opening of your new account. In order to provide the very best service to you we will need to fully comprehend your business and financial position so please take the time to answer our confidential questionnaire here This Is All That You Need To Know About Opening The Right Type Of International Corporate Account For The Needs Of Your Business.

The Jurisdiction Of The United States Of America For Your International Corporate Account

Often called the United States or just America, the United States of America is the official name of the country. It is definitely one of the most well known countries in the world and it still maintains the largest economy of all countries. The GDP per capita of the United States is $57,220 which is the 10th highest in the world. Political and social stability exists in the country.

The United States has a population which is currently above 323 million people. It is the world’s best known democracy and the oldest federation in the world. After suffering badly during the financial crisis of 2008/9 the American economy has recovered and is now showing new signs of growth. The United States is the second largest exporter of goods in the world and internally the dominant economic sector is services and this provides 68% of the nation’s GDP.

English is the official language of the United States of America but you will find that Spanish is widely spoken in States that have a Latin American influence. For its official currency the USA uses the very famous US Dollar (USD) which is the most traded currency in the world. There are many foreign currencies that are pegged to the US Dollar (USD).

Some banks in the United States will permit foreigners to open accounts, and when they do they can be sure that their account details will be kept secret. This can be difficult for US citizens to accept as they are hounded by their government wherever they are in the world to pay their tax bills. There is no agreement in place between the United States and the European Union (EU) or the CIS to disclose details of their citizen’s bank accounts.

The banks that provide non resident accounts for foreigners are not acting illegally. As long as the foreign account holder has no intention of misleading their own government and deliberately avoid paying taxes, then their account information will be secret. The USA has not made agreements with other countries to provide details of accounts so no international banking laws are being violated. The United States has refused to participate in the OECD’s Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) program despite being pressured to do so.

There are very stringent laws in the USA to ensure that illegal monetary practices such as the funding of terrorists and money laundering never take place in the banks there. To open an international corporate account you must be able to prove where your capital came from and if you cannot do this properly then an account will not be opened. None of the United States banks will ever open an account for you to conceal your assets.

If you want to fully protect your assets and then diversify and grow them the United States is a fine choice of jurisdiction. The economy is bouncing back and there is stability politically, socially and the country has the world’s most stable currency.

Why This International Bank In The United States Should Be Considered For Your Corporate Account

Back in 1982 this international bank in America opened its doors. This is a state chartered, FDIC insured financial institution which is community based. This bank is renowned for being one of the most secure in America, and with its foundation of banking principles it is able to deliver a high quality service to its many customers. Convenient and flexible financial solutions will be provided to you by a fully committed team of professionals at this bank.

Although the bank started as a community bank, they have developed a range of international financial affiliations so that it well positioned to meet the needs of its international clients. The target clients of this bank are entrepreneurs, company owners and high net worth individuals. You will receive a service from this bank which is very personalized and it will be delivered in a friendly and efficient manner. You will be provided with financial solutions that will meet the needs of your business.

The bank has committed itself to 4 core values which are closeness, soundness, exemplariness and decisiveness. The bank operates with these values as its foundation from day to day. The personnel at the bank are trained to have the values uppermost in their minds at all times. This is demonstrated in their dealings with customers and their colleagues, and they are encouraged to add value for the bank’s stakeholders.

The bank uses the closeness value to cultivate a professional environment which is based on trust to enable communications to be open and honest, so that adaptation can be dynamic and diversity respected. The value of soundness is all about sharing a common vision that includes long and short term goals, and the commitment on behalf of all employees to provide a legacy which will make certain that the bank prospers into the future.

Exemplariness defines the consistency that is required when employees are interacting with their customers, their community, other stakeholders of the bank and all of their colleagues. The decisiveness value demands that people act in a quality way when there is uncertainty in situations and changes in the environment. All employees are required to indentify alternative solutions and then decide on the best option. This value encourages self criticism and learning from all mistakes. It also underpins the continuous improvement initiative that the bank has deployed for further development of all personnel.

You Will Find That This United States International Bank Can Offer You A Comprehensive Range Of Financial Services

Opening your non resident corporate account remotely with this United States bank will be possible and straight forward when you enlist the professional services of the Offshore Pro Group. You will not have to visit the bank in America to hold a meeting with bank employees prior to the opening of your account which is a huge advantage. After your corporate account is opened you can use the many financial services that this bank can provide for your business.

You will be able to open a business checking account, and to do this a minimum opening deposit of 25,000 US Dollars (USD) must be made. If you want to avoid paying a monthly account maintenance fee then there must be a minimum daily account balance maintained of at least 50,000 US Dollars (USD). You can apply for a debit card to be issued with this account.

There is also a Money Market Account available where you can maximize your cash flow and earn interest on your account balances. This requires a larger opening deposit of 50,000 US Dollars (USD) to be made, and in order to earn interest a minimum balance of 50,000 US Dollars has to be maintained. Monthly upkeep charges will be avoided if your minimum daily balance exceeds 50,000 US Dollars (USD).

You can open a certificate of deposit (CD) account with a minimum of 2,500 US Dollars (USD) and you can choose terms from one month up to five years. This is a guaranteed way to grow your capital and the interest rates are competitive.

Cash management services are available so that you can improve cash control and analyse all of your transactions. Together with the online banking service (see below) there is a positive pay account reconciliation service which will help you to safeguard against forgery and check fraud. The bank can also provide merchant services to you so that your clients can pay you faster and more easily.

If you are looking to grow and expand your business then the bank can provide a number of business lending services. There are a professional team of business lending officers that will work alongside you to determine the best lending option. There are business lines of credit for short term funding and cash flow requirements. There are commercial loans to purchase assets and vehicles. Commercial real estate loans are also available as are construction loans and certificate of deposit secured loans.

You can apply for business credit and debit cards to assist in the running of your business. It makes sense to separate your business transactions from your personal purchases and this can be easily achieved with either a Visa branded credit card or a MasterCard branded debit card. With these cards monitoring spending is easy and you will be able to keep a track of all of your expenses.

A secure and convenient Internet banking service is provided by the bank so that you can access and manage your non resident corporate account remotely 24/7. Instantly check your account balances and the transactions that you have recently made. You can view full statements of your account and search for specific transactions.

You must be prepared to make an initial deposit of a minimum of 25,000 US Dollars (USD) to open your new international corporate account with this bank in the United States. A minimum daily balance of 50,000 US Dollars (USD) must also be maintained to avoid being charged monthly by the bank for your account upkeep.

For each transaction that you make and for the overall maintenance of your corporate account the bank will charge fees and these can change at any time. Your international banking consultant at the Offshore Pro Group can let you have a copy of the latest fee schedule from this American bank. If you would like our help in securing favorable bank charges for your corporate account then please inform us about this.

Important Note: A corporate account for a foreign company can be opened if you are a private account holder or already have a corporate account for a local company with this bank.

Here Is The Step By Step Action List That Must Be Followed For Your New Non Resident Corporate Account With This USA Bank To Be Opened Successfully

It is very important that you follow these actions, which have been tried and tested, step by step so you will definitely open your new non resident corporate account:

  1. Please make the first thing that you do to contact us using email [email protected] so that we can start to work on your application straight away and guide you right through to account opening. The second thing that you must do is to make us fully aware of your business intentions and your financial circumstances. There is a confidential questionnaire on this page so please make sure that you answer all of the questions fully Making The Right Selection Of International Corporate Account Will Be Easy If You Follow This Advice From The International Banking Experts.

It is strongly recommended that you consider the opening of a second non resident corporate bank account in another jurisdiction as just holding a single account can be risky. This page will explain why understand why having a single non resident corporate account is risky and why opening a second account is a smart decision.

  1. The experts in international banking at the Offshore Pro Group will provide their professional guidance to you all the way through to account opening. Our professional services will be provided to you for a one-time payment of 6000 USD. Western Union, Money Gram, Bitcoin, a bank transfer, Web Money or a credit card can be used to make this payment to us.
  1. Documentation in English (or a translation into English) must be supplied by the account holder as well as authorized persons and signatories. They must all provide the following documents:
  • A valid Passport page copy that has the signature and the photograph of the holder (this must be certified by a notary)
  • A recent utility bill that provides evidence of your residential address. This can be a gas or electric bill or even a recent statement from your bank. If copies are sent then they have to be certified. No documents will be accepted if they are older than 90 days
  • You must prove that the funds that will be used in your new account have been obtained legally. A document such as a tax return which explains the source of your capital will be accepted

You will also need to supply the following corporate documents:

  • The certificate of registration (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Charter and Memorandum of Association of the company (Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • A document on the appointment of the company manager (appointment of directors, the power of attorney or other document)
  • Copies of declarations of income for the last two years
  • Welfare certificate (Certificate of Good Standing) if the company has been registered for over a year
  • A full description of the intended business

All of the above required documents are to be sent to us, and our experts will examine them carefully to see if they meet the full requirements of this American bank. After successful document verification the documents will be sent speedily to the bank in the USA. This bank will require a further 10 business days to set up your new international corporate account.

Take action right now and send an email to the Offshore Pro Group at [email protected] so that we can begin working on your application for a United States non resident corporate account.