Apr 19, 2017

International Corporate Account In A Classic Liechtenstein Investment Bank With Multi Currency Account And EU Secured Deposit Scheme Protection.

With the help of our experts at the Offshore Pro Group you will be able to open a new international corporate account with this investment bank in Liechtenstein. This bank has been selected as it has several benefits and some of these are:

  • An investment bank in Europe that can be considered classic
  • Multi currency corporate accounts
  • Fiduciary and time deposit accounts
  • Bank is strictly regulated
  • Protection for accounts with the EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • Expert advice on investments
  • Easy to use online banking that is very secure

Please connect with us with an email to [email protected] so that we can begin to offer you the professional assistance that you will definitely require to get your international corporate account set up with this Liechtenstein bank. You can read more about international banking on this page, and please take the time to respond to the questionnaire on the page so that we can provide the best service to you How To Select The Right Foreign Corporate Account From Expert International Bankers.

Your Corporate Account In The Jurisdiction Of Liechtenstein

Located in Central Europe and bordered by Switzerland and Austria, the Principality of Liechtenstein, or just Liechtenstein, is a highly developed nation. The country’s population is approximately 35,000 citizens and the nation’s economy is strong and growing. When other banks in Europe were asking their governments for bail outs after the financial crisis, none of the banks in Liechtenstein required assistance. Liechtenstein has the second lowest unemployment numbers across the world, its external debt is the lowest on the planet and their GDP per capita is the second highest.

Liechtenstein has a special relationship with Switzerland and it has been agreed that they will use the Swiss Franc (CHF) as their official currency. German is the official language but English is often spoken especially in business situations. Liechtenstein is also politically and socially stable and your assets will be very secure in this jurisdiction.

The government of Liechtenstein has an aim to make the nation internationally respected as a world financial center. For the last few years the government has made a lot of changes to the regulations on financial institutions and getting the country into good financial shape. In recent years Liechtenstein has agreed with the United States that it will comply with the terms of FATCA and they have also made an agreement with the OECD to meet their disclosure requirements.

For a number of years European citizens used Liechtenstein as a place to conceal their capital but this stopped in 2015. Liechtenstein has agreed with the European Union (EU) that it will make information available to member state tax officials who are tracking their citizens for tax evasion. This started in earnest in January 2016 and now Liechtenstein is a lot more transparent. There is no chance of you hiding your assets in Liechtenstein but you can protect your capital there and grow it and diversify it.

From 2017, Liechtenstein will be complying with the requirements of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) in an agreement made in 2014. The country will need to provide reports on their financial institutions and also reportable income and accounts and the due diligence processes that they have in place.

As Liechtenstein is a member state of the EU it will provide protection for your corporate account under the EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme. The scheme has been created to provide protection for investor deposits made in banks. The chances of a bank in Liechtenstein not being able to make payments to clients are very slim, but if the worst were to happen and a bank went into default then account holders would be protected up to 100,000 CHF. If you want more details on the EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme please request this from your Offshore Pro Group international banking expert.

Your Bank In Liechtenstein For Your Corporate Account

When this investment bank opened in 1992, it became the fourth bank of its kind in Liechtenstein. From the very start the bank has been managed under the strong belief that dedication and entrepreneurial thinking would enable it to deliver the highest level of service to clients, and provide well for the future development of the bank.

This bank is modern in its thinking and is always looking to the future. They are always open to new ideas. Clients from all over the world are provided with a service that is modern and high quality. The bank always puts its clients first and you can expect to receive a totally customized service to meet your requirements.

Since its opening day this bank has specialized in investment counselling and managing the assets of its clients, and they have gained a great deal of experience form this. You will find that their investment advice is truly impartial because they do not sell investment products of their own. Instead they will search high and wide for the best investment opportunities outside that will meet your needs. This bank believes in adopting a safe approach to client asset management.

The investment advisors at the bank will want to have a full discussion with you over your financial and business goals and then they will use their experience to recommend portfolio options to you. The final decision will always be yours, and once it has been made the bank will implement the portfolio and monitor it. Even though you will make the important investment decisions, your investment advisor will always be on hand to provide assistance.

It is not easy to open an international corporate account with this Liechtenstein bank but with the support of the Offshore Pro Group your account will be opened. After this has happened the bank will allocate its expert investment advisors for the safe management of your assets.

The Corporate Banking Services That This Liechtenstein Bank Provides And Asset Management Services

The bank requires that all applicants for an international corporate account go to Austria and hold a meeting with representatives of the bank before accounts can be established. You will not be able to open a foreign corporate account remotely at this Liechtenstein bank. When your account is operational you will have the benefit of years of investment experience to help you achieve your financial aims.

The bank offers 3 different types of asset management service. There is a traditional service which looks back at past portfolio successes and makes investments against this. The use of traditional and modern instruments helps to mitigate risk and a broad diversification is achieved. Investments can be in US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) or Swiss Francs (CHF).

Next is a socially responsible approach to asset management where the environment is strongly considered as well as social concerns. The investments made are always sustainable and they will help with economic, ecological and social development.

A passive stance for investing is taken with the last asset management service. A passive structured portfolio is created for efficient asset allocation. Cost effective index products are used to invest capital. All positions are frequently monitored and they can be adjusted to take account of financial market under and over evaluations.

The bank can offer you the benefit of its trading abilities through their trading team which is large. Any financial market trades that you want to execute will be performed by the bank for you. Over the years the bank has established a network of key partnerships which means that off market trades of bonds in foreign currencies can be quickly made.

When it comes to general banking services, this bank will provide your corporate current account in a multi currency format. With this account you will be able to hold US Dollars (USD), Swiss Francs (CHF), Euros (EUR) and other major currencies of the world. Payments can be made as usual with your current account and you can make securities and precious metal transactions too.

If you want a deposit account this can be provided and there are other accounts are for more private transactions such as fiduciary investments, precious metal transactions, time deposits from 30 days to one year, and call deposit accounts. A selection of credit cards is also on offer so that you can make payments almost anywhere in the world.

As soon as your new non resident corporate account in Liechtenstein is operational you will have the use of the bank’s secure and convenient Internet banking service. This will provide you with access to your corporate account 24/7 and you can manage it remotely.

When your new international corporate account is being set up with this Liechtenstein bank they will demand that you make a minimum opening deposit of 100,000 Swiss Francs. The bank usually likes to work with clients that can invest between 500,000 and 1,000,000 US Dollars, but if you have 200,000 Swiss Francs and want to invest they will be happy to work with you.

This Liechtenstein bank will charge you for the transactions that you make and quite often these charges change, the current charge schedule in operation at this bank in Liechtenstein can be supplied to you by your Offshore Pro Group foreign banking professional. As you are filling out your international bank selection form please tell us if you would like our help in negotiating the very best rates on bank charges.

Important Note: this bank will open corporate accounts for offshore companies registered in places such as Nevis, Panama, Dominica, Seychelles and Belize. They will not open accounts for residents of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.

For The Successful Opening Of Your International Corporate Account Please Follow These Instructions

The instructions that you will see below have proven to be successful for all clients that we have assisted in opening a foreign corporate account in this Liechtenstein bank. Please take the actions that are required in order:

  1. The first step is to make contact with us by sending over an email to [email protected] so that we can provide our expert guidance in the establishment of a new corporate account for you. This page has a lot of useful information and we would request that you answer all of the questions fully so that we can advise you properly Take This Advice From The Professionals When It Comes To Opening A Non Resident Corporate Bank Account.

When you have just one international corporate account you could face a number of risks. When a second account is opened these risks are greatly reduced. See more at avoiding the risks of a single non resident corporate account.

  1. We will provide the expert guidance that is required so that you can open your corporate account. To take advantage of our professional services please pay us a once only fee of 2999 EUR. Money Gram, Western Union, credit cards, Web Money, Bitcoin and bank transfers are all acceptable forms of payment.
  1. Certain certified documentation in English (or translations that are certified) have to be provided to open a corporate account. Authorized persons, account signatories and the ultimate beneficial owner(s) will have to provide:
  • A fully completed application form for an account that has been signed
  • Copy of the passport page which is signed and contains a photograph of the passport holder
  • A copy (certified) or an original utliity bill for proof of residential address (must not be over 90 days old)
  • Recommendation letter
  • A document that provides evidence of the funds origin such as a taxation declaration

A full compliment of corporate documents must also be supplied:

  • Certificate of registration (e.g. Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Charter and Memorandum of Association for the company (Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • A document describing the appointment of the company manager (appointment of directors, the power of attorney or similar document)
  • A welfare certificate such as a Certificate of Good Standing if the company has been in existence over one year
  • Other documents may be required

After you have organized all of this documentation then please send it to the Offshore Pro Group and we will examine it carefully. Once confirmed, the documentation will be dispatched to the Liechtenstein bank rapidly. You will need to make arrangements with the bank to meet with them in Liechtenstein before your corporate account can be confirmed. The bank will then take up to 10 working days to make your account live.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we can get started to advise you on successfully opening your foreign corporate account. Send an email to us now using [email protected]