Apr 13, 2017

Corporate Account In A Financially Stable And Established Bank In Switzerland With Trading Facilities And Investment Options.

It is difficult to open a non-resident corporate account with this Swiss bank on your own. Use the professional services of the Offshore Pro Group and our international banking experts will advise you on all aspects of account opening. This Swiss bank has a lot of positive benefits and some of the top ones are:

  • This bank in Switzerland has been operating for more than 60 years
  • You will receive investment advice
  • Investment and trading opportunities
  • This bank is very financially stable
  • Clients are the bank’s primary focus

With the assistance of the international banking experts at the Offshore Pro Group you will be able to open your new international corporate account. Please send us an email now [email protected] and we will take the necessary steps to advise you on all aspects of setting up your corporate account. Please make sure that you tell us all about your business and financial goals so that we can help you in the most professional manner. Fully complete our confidential questionnaire which is on this page Selecting The Very Best Non Resident Corporate Account To Meet Your Requirements Is Not Easy So Let The International Banking Professionals Guide You.

Why You Should Strongly Consider The International Banking Jurisdiction Of Switzerland

A directional federal republic, Switzerland can be found just to the West of Central Europe. The official currency of the country is the Swiss Franc (CHF) and today there are over 8 million residents in Switzerland. It is a highly developed country and its nominal wealth per adult is the world’s highest. The current GDP per capita is at $78,179 and this is the ninth highest of all the countries of the world.

For many years now the Swiss Franc (CHF) has been a very stable currency. The country’s economy is very strong and stable and the services sector is prominent with more than 200,000 employees and a contribution to GDP of around 12%. The banking sector in Switzerland has been successful for a number of years due to the nation’s neutrality and sovereignty.

When it comes to the expert management and the growth of assets for institutions and high net worth individuals, Switzerland has a first class reputation throughout the world. It is claimed by many that over a third of the world’s wealth is stored in banks in Switzerland. Investment and asset growth opportunities are plenty in Switzerland and it is a very safe jurisdiction for your assets. The country has been forced to comply with the rules and regulations laid down by international organizations, and this has meant that its reputation for bank secrecy has been eradicated. Switzerland is no longer a jurisdiction for asset concealment.

Switzerland has also had to get its act together when it comes to financial transparency and many new and existing laws have been responsible for this change. As an example of this it has reformed its laws on the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. All of these changes have not diminished Switzerland’s ability to safeguard and enhance the assets of companies and individuals. The protection, diversification and growth of your assets is in very good hands in Switzerland, as they have more experts in the country than anywhere else.

Financial institutions and banks in Switzerland are heavily regulated by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). FINMA closely monitors the banks to make certain that they fully comply with international financial transparency agreements, as well as ensuring that illegal monetary practices such as the funding of terrorism and money laundering do not take place.

Switzerland is socially and politically stable and its economy is robust and stable as well. There are many experts to provide expertise on the protection of your assets and their growth, and the regulator makes certain that all banks are stable financially. These factors make Switzerland an excellent jurisdiction for the management of your assets.

This International Bank In Switzerland Has A Number Of Benefits

Founded in 1952, this international Swiss bank is a part of a private banking group that is totally independent. Private banking is a speciality of this bank and it does not offer traditional banking services to corporate clients. The bank has a vast amount of experience due to the 60 years and more that it has been taking care of the assets of institutions and wealthy private individuals.

The bank offers a range of private banking services that meet the requirements of their corporate clients. A professional investment consulting service is available and asset management services are also provided. The bank leads its competitors in the provision of investment management due to its many years of experience in this field.

Servicing the needs of its corporate clients is the bank’s mission and it achieves this through its highly skilled employees, the immense attention to detail that it provides and a completely personalized service.

It is very important to this bank that the requirements of their clients are fully understand and then the requirements are delivered via the bank’s culture. This bank believes in core values which are the striving for excellence, discretion, professionalism, prudence and transparency. The professionals at this bank will want to discuss with you your business aims and financial goals and then they will suggest the best products to achieve these goals.

The Investment And Other Corporate Services That This International Bank In Switzerland Can Provide To You

You will be able to open your international corporate account with this bank in Switzerland with the professional support of the Offshore Pro Group’s international banking experts. There is no remote opening of accounts with this Swiss bank. You must attend a meeting in Switzerland with a bank representative before your new non-resident corporate account can be established. After the successful opening of your account you will be able to take advantage of the full range of investment services on offer.

The bank has a dedicated area of professionals that deal in financial instruments. They are responsible for managing all of the bank’s capital flows and they have an active and high quality presence in the Swiss markets and international markets. The team also has developed good relationships with other banks in Switzerland as well as international banks. The bank has established Swiss funds and is a depositary bank for a number of investment funds of various types including offshore funds, equities, hedge funds and bonds.

The bank is a direct member of the Swiss Electronic Stock Market, and this enables the bank to link with other international markets electronically and enhance the benefits that they can provide to corporate clients. They are also members of Eurex.

A dedicated treasury desk exists at the bank and its aim is to assist clients to manage their own activities, and they have the additional support of more than 400 partners on the top international markets. There are fixed deposits available as well fiduciary products, interest rate derivatives such as IRS and FRA’s, structured products and money market products.

Structured products are available from the dealing room for clients to grow their assets. The bank will provide an analysis of existing products and can arrange private placements and issues and they will manage risks in the market. The bank can offer guaranteed capital structures, grips, synthetic constructions and reverse convertibles.

If you want to trade on the stock market then the bank can assist as they work with 100 partners on the major stock markets. This means that the bank has a presence on all of the major world financial markets. There is a customer service desk and a trading desk that are dedicated to supporting corporate and private clients. You will be able to trade investment funds, warrants, bonds, short term loans and equities.

There is also a listed derivatives and commodities service. This service is provided via Eurex and the relationships that have been established with leading financial institutions in the market. There are commodities, futures and options and a selection of collateral debt obligations (CDO).

Before your international corporate account can be opened in this Swiss bank you will be required to make a minimum deposit of at least five hundred thousand (500,000) US Dollars (US Dollars). You will also maintain a minimum balance in your account of at least two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) US Dollars.

Please Follow The List Of Instructions Below So That You Can Be Sure Of Opening Your New Non Resident Corporate Account

This list of actions has been tried and tested when it comes to opening international corporate bank accounts. The instructions need to be followed precisely and executed in the right order:

  1. The very first thing that you need to do is to establish contact with us at the Offshore Pro Group by sending us over an email at [email protected] and we will start making arrangements for you to receive the right guidance from the international banking experts in order that you can open your international corporate account in this bank in Switzerland. It is vital that we fully understand your financial position and the aims of your business so that we can provide the best professional assistance to you. Please take the time to respond in full to the confidential questionnaire that you can see on this page Take This Free Advice From International Banking Professionals So That You Can Select The Very Best Non Resident Corporate Account For Your Business.

If you only open a single non resident corporate account then you will face the possibility of certain risks. These risks can be greatly reduced if you were to open a second non resident corporate account. This page explains the reasons behind this why openening a second non resident corporate bank account in another jurisdiction will greatly reduce your risks.

  1. You will need the professional services of our international banking experts at the Offshore Pro Group to ensure that your new international corporate account will be successfully opened. We will be delighted to provide our expert assistance to you for a single fee of 3999 EUR. Money Gram, credit cards, Web Money, bank transfer, Western Union and Bitcoin are all acceptable payment methods to send us the fee.
  1. So that your non resident corporate bank account can be opened you will need to supply certain documents that are in English (it is acceptable to provide tranlations that have been notary certified). The beneficial owner(s) and authorized persons must provide:
  • The forms required to open a corporate account that have been fully completed, signed and printed off
  • A copy of the valid travel passport (must include signature and photograph) or a state issued national ID card
  • Evidence of your full address through the provision of an original utility bill such as a gas bill, telephone bill, electric bill, water bill or cable television bill
  • A fully detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Any other documents that are relevant and required by the bank

All directors must provide:

  • A copy of the valid travel passport (must include signature and photograph) or a state issued national ID card – must be certified by a notary

The following corporate documents must also be supplied:

  • Notarized copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Notarized Certificate of Good Standing (if company is older than 1 year)
  • Notarized Certificate of Incumbency – which specifies that the company is active, with the names of current directors, issued by the Trade registry or Registrar (not an agent)
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association or other legal document establishing the legal entity
  • A notarized Power of attorney for opening and managing an account, if the person’s rights to open/disposal account are not clear from the constituent documents of the company
  • Minutes of the meeting of the appointment of the first directors and persons authorized to manage the company
  • Registers of Directors/Shareholders

Once you have collected all of the above documents please send them over to us and we will check them diligently to ensure that they meet with the requirements of this Swiss bank. Once all of the documentation is in order it will be sent rapidly to the bank in Switzerland. You will have to attend a meeting with an official of the bank in Switzerland before your new international corporate account can be set up. Following the meeting and document checks by the bank, it will take around 10 business days for your non resident corporate account to be up and running.

Please send us an email at [email protected] and we will get working on your application for a new international corporate account with this bank in Switzerland straight away.