Oct 16, 2016

Open Your Corporate Account With This Bank In Panama Which Has Opportunities For Investment And Competitive Minimum Deposit.

The experts in international banking at the Offshore Pro Group can assist you in the opening of a corporate account in Panama with a bank that will provide you with these advantages:

  • Jurisdiction that is tax free
  • A competitive minimum deposit
  • Opportunities for investment
  • Robust correspondent accounts
  • Investment products and services
  • Charge cards
  • E banking

Please send an email to [email protected] and you will receive highly professional advice on opening a corporate account with this Panamanian bank. Please take the time to go through this very important questionnaire first Free Expert Advice On The Selection Of A Foreign Bank Account To Meet Your Requirements.

Panama As An International Banking Jurisdiction

Panama or its official title of the Republic of Panama is situated in Central America. The country borders Colombia to the South east and Costa Rica to the west. The population of Panama is more than 3.9 million people and it is a unitary presidential constitutional republic.

The economy of Panama is very stable and the majority of the country’s revenue is derived from the tolls at the Panama Canal. The economic sectors of banking, commerce and tourism are also all growing strongly. Panama has the second most competitive economy in Latin America and it ranks 60th in the Human Development Index.

With a GDP of approximately $20,512, Panama also has low inflation (around 2%) and a low unemployment rate of around 3%. Spanish is the official language of the country but you will find that English is spoken a lot in major urban areas and it is also used frequently in business. Not only is Panama economically stable but it is also politically and socially stable as well.

Balboa is the official currency of Panama and this currency is on a par with the United States Dollar (USD). A monetary agreement that dates back to 1904 is responsible for this parity. US Dollars are legal tender in Panama and they can be freely converted. In Panama, the movement of funds in any currency is permitted without restrictions.

There are many tax concessions in Panama. There is no offshore income tax or capital gains or taxes on offshore accounts. When corporate shares are issued there is no tax, no tax on shareholders, no transfer or stock sale tax and no inventory or succession tax. There are also no gift taxes or estate taxes. Currency exchange controls do not exist, so making transactions overseas have no restrictions.

The Superintendent of Banks is the Panamanian banking regulator. A number of the banking laws in Panama take their lead from the Basel Committee. Banks self-regulating themselves in Panama ceased in 1998. Ultimately responsible for the stability of the banking system in Panama, the Superintendent enforces very stringent regulations on banks and monitors them regularly to ensure compliance.

With a growing economy that is stable and the political and social stability of Panama, combined with the very strict financial regulations that the Superintendent of Banks imposes on banks and financial institutions, makes Panama a good choice of jurisdiction for the safeguarding, enhancement and diversification of your assets.

This Panama International Bank For Your Corporate Account

This bank in Panama opened its doors in 1990 to serve the local Panamanian community. The bank experienced significant growth in a fairly short time and the executives decided to develop into an international bank. A large financial group in Panama with almost 50 years of experience in the financial markets owns the bank.

The bank has a mission to provide efficient and competitive counselling and financial services and over delivering to exceed the expectations of their clients. The bank achieves its mission by providing highly personalized services to their clients. This high quality service is underpinned by ethical and moral principles that help to build trust with clients and develop long term relationships for mutual benefit.

Over the years this bank has put a lot of energy into developing strong correspondent relationships with international financial institutions. Today, the bank has relationships with 50 correspondent banks, development organizations and multilateral financial entities that are very strong.

This bank is totally committed to ensuring that illegal monetary activities do not take place. Money laundering and terrorism financing are totally forbidden. This bank works side by side with the Superintendent of Banks and other agencies to ensure that these illegal monetary activities do not occur in Panama.

Offshore Pro Group provides you with the opportunity to open a corporate account in Panama with this bank and you will also receive professional investment advice from the bank for the safeguarding, diversification and enhancements of your assets.

Corporate Banking Services Provided By This Panamanian Bank For Your Asset Protection And Growth

Travelling to Panama to meet with bank representatives is a pre requisite for opening non resident corporate accounts. It is not possible to remotely open an account with this bank. Once your non resident corporate account is up and running you can take advantage of a large number of investment services and banking services that the bank can make available to you.

The bank owns an investment company that is a subsidiary, and the professionals there will want to talk to you at length about your business and financial goals in the short term and long term. These professionals will then create a portfolio for you that will tie in with your financial aims.

For diversification and transparency it is recommended that you take advantage of the bank’s fixed income fund. This fund will be professionally managed on your behalf and can provide you with some tax benefits as well.

When you open an investment account with this bank the trading of securities in any market will be possible (both stock or OTC). Investment professionals will build your investment portfolio and they will need to discuss with you your tolerances for risks. Your investment advisor will be available to discuss your investments with you when you need this and you will receive investment account statements on a monthly basis.

The trading of securities is possible with the bank’s trading platform that you can download. Trading futures and options, fixed income instruments, stocks, foreign currencies and more is possible. The trading platform will show prices in real time and if you need advice from the bank’s experts they will be available using the live chat facility. You will also have access to market analysis, news, strategies and reports.

Checking accounts are available that can be opened in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and other world major currencies such as Euros (EUR), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Chinese Yuan (CNY), and Japanese Yen (JPY). Statements of your account will be sent to you every month.

Time deposit accounts are available in Euros (EUR) or US Dollars (USD) and these are a great way to increase your capital. Available for the short, medium or long term, you are assured of confidentiality with the management of these accounts.

A corporate Visa card is available for you to apply for. This card will satisfy the needs of the smallest to the largest businesses and will provide greater control when it comes to controlling expenses such as business trips, inventory purchases, paying for entertainment and so on. The interest rate is competitive and there are other benefits such as travel insurance and fraud insurance.

Other corporate services are available from this bank and they include lines of credit, commercial loans, financing for vehicle fleets, factoring, structured financing, business payroll services, the negotiation, purchase and sale of tax credit certificates, foreign currency services, drafts and transfers, ecommerce, letters of credit and more.

A highly secure online banking facility is provided free by this bank. This will ensure that you have 24 hour a day access to your corporate account from any location in the world. All that is required is an Internet connection. Checking account balances can be viewed as well as time deposits and credit card balances. You can view your recent transactions and fully detailed statements can be accessed from the historical log.

The average deposit that non residents will be required to make in order to open a corporate account with this Panama bank is just 1500 US Dollars (USD). A minimum account balance of 1500 US Dollars (USD) will be required in your account all of the time. This minimum deposit is low when compared to what other offshore banks will demand.

The account and transaction charges that are levied by this bank are likely to change from time to time. It is essential that you verify the charges that apply with your professional Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant. Your consultant will provide advice and guidance so that you can achieve the very best rates.

It Is Important That You Follow This Procedure Exactly To Be Successful In Opening A Corporate Account With This Panamanian Bank

To be successful with the opening a non resident corporate account with this Panama bank it is essential that you please follow this exact process step by step:

  1. Send us an email to [email protected] so that you can obtain expert advice before you open a corporate account with this Panama bank. It is highly recommended that you initially go through the steps on this page Non Resident Or Offshore Account Opening Free Expert Advice.

It is vital that you fully aware of the risks of offshore banking in today’s world and give thought to the opening an additional non resident bank account.

  1. You will receive our complete professional support in opening a corporate account with this Panamanian bank, and this includes your Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant travelling to Panama to be in attendance with you to open your account at the bank. For this there will be a fee to pay of 3999 USD. Credit cards are accepted and so is a bank transfer, Web Money, Bitcoin, Western Union or Money Gram.
  1. It will be required from the beneficial owner and all account signatories to provide the following documentaion to open a corporate account. Please provide:
  • Two (2) banks reference letters (local or foreign) or bank statements for the last three (3) months
  • Two (2) commercial references letters (local or foreign)
  • Two (2) personal references letters (local or foreign) of the signatories of the account must include telephone numbers and residential address
  • Passport

The following corporate documentation is also be required:

  • Articles of Incorporation of the company and all amendments
  • General Resolution or Minutes of the Meeting of Shareholders signed by the President and Secretary or Legal Representative
  • If there is a Power of Attorney, the same must be registered in the Public Registry
  • Certification issued by the Registrar of the country of origin of society

Once all of the required documentation has been submitted we will check thoroughly and pass them on to the bank quickly. You will need to make an appointment with the Panama bank and inform your Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant so that you can both meet with representatives of the bank. After this meeting you will need to wait for 7 business days so that your non resident corporate account in Panama can be operational.

All that you need to do to begin the process corporate account opening at this Panama bank is to please contact using this email [email protected]