Apr 14, 2017

New Corporate Account With Luxembourg Bank Which Is Heavily Client Orientated And Includes Protection From EU Deposit Scheme.

With our vast experience of international banking at the Offshore Pro Group offer we will assist you in the opening of a non resident corporate account in Luxembourg. This bank is recommended as it is:

  • Strictly regulated European bank
  • Positive international reputation
  • Very client centered
  • European Union Deposit Scheme for coverage
  • No travel necessary as remote account opening is possible
  • Opportunities for investment
  • Access your account 24/7 with online banking

Send an email now to [email protected] and you will have our total support when it comes to opening your Luxembourg bank international corporate account. Please be sure to read this and fully answer the questionnaire The Right Offshore Bank Account To Match Your Requirements.

Luxembourg International Jurisdiction

Luxembourg, or to give it its official title the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is situated in Europe and has borders with Belgium, France and Germany. It is a landlocked country. The country was a founding member of the European Union (EU), the United Nations, NATO and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The economy of Luxembourg is very advanced and the country is a highly developed one. Luxembourg boasts the world’s highest GDP per capita and it uses the Euro (EUR) for its official currency. Luxembourg is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy and the population is approximately 580,000 people. Luxembourg is both politically and socially stable.

Being one of the largest financial centers in Europe and the whole word, Luxembourg attracts investors from all over the world. One of the major reasons for this is the high degree of professionalism that is shown by the financial institutions in Luxembourg. Another reason is that the country has a number of expert specialists that are able to create investment strategies for the safeguarding, growth and diversification of assets.

In 2017 Luxembourg will be dropping its banking secrecy rules after pressure was applied by the United States and Germany. They have agreed to do this so that the country can be more in line with current global financial standards. Tax evasion issues have been a problem for Luxembourg over the years and now the country has agreed to introduce the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) processes so that they can be transparent and conform to international standards.

The banking regulator in Luxembourg is the Commission de Surveillance du Sector Financier (CSSF) and they have been in power since 1999. The CSSF has the responsibility for the prudent supervision of financial institutions and banks in the country. The CSSF has implemented strict controls to battle against terrorist financing and money laundering. Luxembourg also has to conform to the regulations of the European Central Bank as it is a member of the EU member.

With Luxembourg having such a strong and stable economy coupled with political and social stability, in addition to the strict monitoring and financial regulations that are in place, makes Luxembourg and very smart choice of jurisdiction for the protection, diversification and growth of your assets.

As Luxembourg is an EU state it has introduced the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to provide protection for those that have made bank deposits in the event of a bank default. There is very little chance of a bank in Luxembourg being unable to meet its financial obligations and client payments and be in default, but if this did occur then the Deposit Guarantee Scheme would provide coverage of client bank deposits up to 100,000 Euros (EUR). For more details about the Deposit Guarantee Scheme please contact your Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant.

The Bank In Luxembourg For Your Corporate Account

It was 1974 when the doors of this Luxembourg international bank were opened. With over 40 years of successful trading experience the bank can offer a wide range of solutions for both corporate and private clients. The bank is committed to the fight against illegal monetary activities such as terrorist financing and money laundering, and also to complying with all of the International Banking regulations.

The bank is totally client focussed and will always take the time out to listen to them carefully. After they have fully understood the business and financial aims of their clients they will be able to create investment and savings strategies so that client financial goals can be achieved. The private banking business officers and managers at the bank have a high priority to build long lasting and professional client relationships that are built on expertise, trust and integrity.

You can totally rely on the professional team at this bank to provide the right advice and guidance about all aspects of banking and wealth management. These professionals can help you with structured products, funds, wealth structuring, corporate lending and discretionary management. These services will all be completely customized to meet your financial requirements.

With the assistance of the Offshore Pro Group you will be able to open a non resident corporate account with this bank in Luxembourg where you will also receive professional investment advice and guidance from the bank for the protection, diversification and growth of your assets.

Corporate Banking Services Offered By This Bank In Luxembourg And Asset Safeguarding And Growth

It will be possible for you to remotely open a non resident corporate account with this Luxembourg bank. This means that you will not have to travel to the country to meet representatives of the bank. After your corporate account is up and running you will have access to a comprehensive range of investment opportunities and financial services that this bank has to offer you.

Investment professionals will be at your disposal and these people are highly experienced when it comes to meeting the complex requirements of high net worth individuals from all around the world. They will be very willing to advise you and provide the best guidance on a wide range of investment products and services and then help to create your portfolio and provide close monitoring of it once it is established.

You will have access to brokerage and the markets, investments in works of art and fiduciary products and a lot of other opportunities with this bank. Wherever you are from in the world you will find the multilingual staff very helpful and ready to assist you at any time.

If you require investment counselling then this is on offer. If you prefer to take an active role in your investments and wealth management then the bank will gladly execute your orders and simultaneously provide you with strategic and tactical guidance which is consistent with your chosen investment strategy. The performance and structure of your asset portfolio will be monitored and if any other appropriate investment opportunities arise then you will be advised about them. At all times you will be in control of your investment decisions.

If your preference is not to be involved in the daily management of your investment portfolio you can have the bank staff manage this for you as part of their discretionary asset management service. With this service your investment portfolio will be created that is in line with your financial aims and managed by investment professionals.

When your corporate account is opened you can had the more traditional cash account as well as deposit accounts and savings accounts. International money transfers as well as domestic transfers are available and you will be able to make these transactions in a number of different currencies. You can apply for credit cards from this bank and if you have valuables for safekeeping there is also a safe deposit service.

You will have 24 hour a day access to your corporate account through the use of the bank’s highly secure online banking service. With an Internet connection you can access your account from anywhere in the world at any time. When you use this service you will be able to see all of your account balances plus your recent transactions. If you want to obtain detailed statements of your account you can do this as well.

An initial deposit is required in your new Luxembourg bank non resident corporate account of 500,000 Euros (EUR).

The bank in Luxembourg will charge you for transactions and maintaining your account and these charges are always changing. For the most current schedule of charges please ask your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group. If you want to be assured of the very best rates then your consultant can provide assistance to you with this.

Please Follow These Exact Steps To Successfully Open A Corporate Account With This Luxembourg Bank

The list below shows the actions that you will need to take to be successful with the opening of your Luxembourg bank non resident corporate account. Please be sure to follow the list in order:

  1. An initial email needs to be sent to [email protected] so that we can start the preparations to open your international corporate account in Luxembourg with the bank. Once this is done please go over to this page and provide thorough responses to all the questions The Lowdown On Opening The Right Foreign Corporate Account.

It is a good idea to open a second international corporate account as having just one will leave you exposed to certain risks. It is all explained here reasons for opening a second non resident corporate account.

  1. We will provide you with all the professional guidance that is required to successfully open your Luxembourg bank corporate account, and for our expert advice you will have to make a payment of 2999 Euros (EUR). Payment choices are plenty including bank transfer, Money Gram, Bitcoin, Web Money, credit cards and Western Union.
  1. The beneficial owner and each director, officer, trustee, manager, member and shareholder are requested by the bank to provide the following documents to open a corporate account. Documents required are:
  • Notary certified copy of ID card or passport page, indicating unique number and the country where it was issued, photograph of holder and signature, issue date plus expiry date and the birthplace and date of birth. Should the client wish to hold a meeting with representatives of the bank then this step will not be required as ID verification will be confirmed there
  • Full address proof – a copy of a bank statement or utility bill that has been notarized and is not older than 90 days (or the originals)
  • Biographies for all stated above that include the background on the individual, their business interests, how they acquired funds and where they reside

The following corporate documentation will need to be provided:

  • Depending on the jurisdiction: Extract from commercial register / Certificate of Good Standing & Incumbency (not older than 1 year) – original or notarized copy and Apostille
  • Trust Deed / Fiduciary Agreement
  • The latest version of the Articles or equivalent document – a notarized copy + Apostille
  • Certificate of registration – a notarized copy and Apostille
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)

Also please answer these questions about your business:

  • The nature, volume and frequency of the incoming and outgoing payments on the account?
  • The main counterparties of the company (to whom funds will be transferred and where they will come)
  • Beneficiary Source of funds as they were earned
  • What kind of business is planned?

Please let us have all of the required documents and then our consultants will check them. If all is correct then they will be dispatched to the bank in Luxembourg rapidly. The Luxembourg bank will need around 5 working days to establish your new corporate non resident account in order for you to begin using it.

Make the right decision now and apply for your Luxembourg bank international corporate account, just send an email to us to get started [email protected]