Sep 6, 2016

Corporate Account Opening In Classic Alpine Liechtenstein Bank With A Competitive Minimum Deposit

The Offshore Pro Group international banking consultants offer you the ability to open a corporate account in Liechtenstein without the need to visit the bank. The bank offers the following benefits:

The Offshore Pro Group international banking consultants offer you the ability to open a corporate account in Liechtenstein without the need to visit the bank. The bank offers the following benefits:

  • Low minimum deposit
  • Economically and politically stable jurisdiction
  • Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • Compliant with international banking regulations
  • Investment and asset management advice
  • HNWI family owned and strong management
  • The bank accepts classic offshore companies
  • Fast account opening after document submission usually 2 weeks

Contact us via email for completely professional advice on opening a corporate account with this bank in Liechtenstein. It is highly recommended that you initially go through the steps on this page Free Professional Advice On Choosing A Foreign Or Offshore Bank Account.

The Banking System In Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is renowned throughout the world for its financial stability and its strong international connections. The Principality has been through dramatic development over the last 40 years, and the country has transformed itself from a mainly agricultural state into one of the world’s most respected financial centers.

The Principality of Liechtenstein has an AAA rating from Standard & Poors because it has a national budget that is debt free. It is one of the most secure financial markets in the world, and the economy of the country is well diversified.

Private Banks operate in a very stable environment, being both politically and socially stable. Liechtenstein has a special customs union agreement with Switzerland, and because of this it uses the Swiss Franc (CHF) as its official currency.

The legal structure is fully compliant with international banking standards and also with the requirements of the European Union. The banks in Liechtenstein fully cooperate with FATCA and OECD requirements, and they are heavily involved in fighting money laundering and the use of funds for terrorism. Liechtenstein has made agreements with several international governments to exchange tax information and to avoid double taxation.

Liechtenstein is no longer a tax haven and a place of banking secrecy. From January 2016, the Principality has been providing banking transaction information to tax administrators from EU member states. If you open a corporate bank account in Liechtenstein you will be able to protect, diversify and grow your assets but you will not be able to hide them.

An agreement for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) in October 2014 means that Liechtenstein will provide relevant financial information every year from 2017 onward. This will include:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Due Diligence Processes
  • Reportable Income
  • Reportable Accounts

Liechtenstein has also introduced a Deposit Guarantee Scheme which will aim to provide coverage of bank deposits for the protection of investors. If the bank has defaulted and is unable to pay out then this scheme will guarantee deposits up to 100,000 CHF. Please consult with your experienced international banking consultant at the Offshore Pro Group for more details.

The Alpine Classic Liechtenstein Bank With A Competitive Minimum Deposit

This classic Liechtenstein bank is owned by three families. Two of the families are from Switzerland and the third is from Germany. The families are very successful entrepreneurs and own an international logistics and transportation conglomerate.

The business of the families is intertwined with a successful holding company which was established way back in the 19th century. The holding company is a multinational company that has developed a network in many countries and it is very financially stable. The holding company employs around 4000 professionals and its consolidated turnover is more than 1.1 billion Swiss Francs.

The holding company have built their business on the foundation of knowing their clients and what they need. They help clients achieve their goals and aspirations, and this Liechtenstein bank conforms to this philosophy in every respect. The bank is able to satisfy the requirements of all of its corporate account holders, and it provides fast international transfers as well as facilitating day to day commercial transactions.

The bank is a firm believer in trust between all parties. They have a responsibility to assist their corporate clients with cross border banking activities to improve the efficiency of their clients businesses. The bank will focus on your requirements at all times in order that you can create and secure your wealth.

Opening and maintaining foreign corporate accounts in any jurisdiction is possible, as are the payments in all of the common currencies, and to all of the common destinations without limits in a fast and efficient manner. When you hold a corporate account with this bank you will benefit from their modern e-banking system which has fully electronic payment facilities.

For many years the bank has been providing foreign corporate account facilities to clients the world over. The bank employs very professional staff who will form a personal relationship with you to ensure that they fully understand your requirements, and are able to match your needs on a daily basis and in the long term. The professionals at the bank are able to speak English fluently, as well as German and Russian.

A Corporate Bank Account In Liechtenstein For Asset Protection And Diversification

You will be able to open a foreign corporate bank account remotely with this bank. There is no requirement for you to visit the Principality. Whether you are a start up or have an established business, the bank has a very attractive corporate account package to offer you.

There are two types of corporate accounts on offer to you. You can open a corporate bank account and this will require a minimum deposit of 5000 Swiss Francs (CHF) or the equivalent amount in a different currency, or a private banking corporate account which will require a minimum deposit of 200,000 Swiss Francs (CHF) or the equivalent amount in a different currency. The private banking corporate account offers lower commission fees for transactions. These minimum deposit amounts for corporate accounts are very competitive compared with other private banks around the world.

Recently, the bank has changed the procedure for opening a corporate account and now requires the minimum deposits to be transferred with the application, before the final confirmation of client acceptance is made by the bank. This deposit will returned in full in the event that the bank declines the account application.

The commission fees that are charged by this bank change on a regular basis. Because of this it is very important that you check what the current fees are with your professional Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant. Your consultant will guide you so that you can achieve the most preferential rates.


You will be able to access your account anywhere in the world, and without interruption, by using the bank’s highly secure Internet based e-banking service. When you use this service you will find that gaining access to your funds is easy, and you will be able to execute online transactions effortlessly. You will be able to contact the bank directly using the service and obtain a statement of your current balance as well as view statements of transactions.

Credit Cards

When you have opened your corporate account with the bank you can apply for one of their credit cards branded by either MasterCard or Visa. Using these cards you will have access to you money at anytime and wherever you are in the world. There are some very attractive rewards offered with the cards which include hotel discounts, flight discounts, restaurant discounts and free travel insurance.

The Procedure For Opening A Corporate Account At This Bank

To successfully open a foreign corporate account with this bank you need to use this step by step process:

  1. Contact us via email for totally professional advice about opening a corporate account with this bank. It is strongly recommended that first you go through the Free Professional Advice On Choosing A Foreign Or Offshore Bank Account.

It is very important that you are fully aware of the risks of non resident banking in these times and give strong consideration to opening a second foreign bank account.

  1. We will provide professional assistance to you in opening a corporate account at the bank and for this you will need to pay a fee of 999 EUR. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Web Money or even Bitcoin.
  1. The bank will need you to supply comprehensive documentaion to open a corporate account. This will include:
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Documentation confirming the appointment of directors and secretary (if this applies)
  • The confirmation of the registered office location.
  • Sealed share certificate(s)
  • A certificate of good standing / incumbency if the company is more than 12 months old
  • A copy of the corporate structure which identifies the ultimate beneficial owner(s)
  • A valid business license (if applicable)
  1. For each director, beneficial owner, shareholder, secretary and authorised signatories the bank will require the following documentation:
  • Notarized copy of a valid passport (the page with the photograph and signature) and the signature should match that supplied on the application form.
  • Original or norarized copy of a utility bill or bank statement dated within 3 months for residential address verification
  • Original or notarized copy of a banker’s reference letter dated within 3 months
  • Power of attorney document (if applicable)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) form and personal CV
  • Valid license (if applicable)
  • Power of attorney / signature card
  • US tax form for individuals and US withholding tax form
  • Mailing instructions
  • Declaration of tax compliance
  1. Where the company directors or shareholders are legal entities the bank will require the following documentation:
  • Copy of constitutional documents (incorporation certificate, articles etc)
  • Copy of the corporate register (including register of shareholders, directors and secretary)
  • Copy of the corporate structure
  • Certificate of good standing / certificate of incumbency.

Once you have submitted all of the documentation you will need to wait for between 10 to 30 business days for the corporate account to be opened at the bank.

To begin the process of opening a corporate account at this prestigious Liechtenstein bank, please contact us by email