Apr 20, 2017

New Corporate Account In A Curacao Bank With Your Accounts Multi Currency And The Acceptance Of Citizens Of The USA.

Opening a non-resident corporate account is a complex process and the Offshore Pro Group has all of the necessary experience and knowledge to assist you. You should choose this Curacao bank for your new corporate account for the following reasons:

  • Classic international bank
  • Remote account opening – no need for you to go to Curacao
  • Competitive fees for transaction
  • Accounts in multi currency
  • United States citizens can open an account
  • Good and secure online banking service

Send us an email today [email protected] as we are ready to provide all of our professional guidance to you so that you can be certain your new international corporate account with this Curacao bank will be opened successfully. So that you have a good understanding, please read the information here and send us full responses to the questions posed Understanding How To Select The Right Offshore Or Foreign Bank Account.

The Offshore Jurisdiction Of Curacao

Curacao is situated around 40 miles from the Venezuelan coast and it is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea and it has a population of approximately 145,000 people. Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and it is a parliamentary democracy with executive power exercised by the government and legislative power by both government and parliament.

The economy of Curacao is open and tourism, shipping services, international trade, refining and storage and international banking are the most important sectors.  The economy is stable and the country is rated by the World Bank as having a high income economy. The jurisdiction has a good infrastructure and a low tax regime, and it is both socially and politically stable.

The New Fiscal Regime was implemented in Curacao in 2001, and the purpose of this was to ensure that the country would fully comply with the policies on tax practices that were dictated by the OECD. Curacao has introduced information exchange agreements numerous countries across the world and there are treaties within the Dutch kingdom to ensure that there is no double taxation.

Curacao is also a founding member of The Caribbean Task Force is fighting against the illegal use of funds for terrorist financing and money laundering and Curacao was a founding member. The country classifies itself as a mid shore jurisdiction and is a gateway between Europe and Latin America. The country has a strong regulatory and legal system and offers freedom of capital movement.

Banks and financial institutions in Curacao are regulated by the Central Bank and they have been hard at work with the government in their compliance with the international banking standards of cooperation in increased transparency, tax matters and the effective exchange of information.

The government is keen for Curacao to be renowned as an international banking center and it has instructed the Central Bank to implement a strict regulatory framework which provides prudential supervision and a transparent and fair financial industry. The prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing is part of this framework and its integrity.

The government and the Central Bank regulator want Curacao to be seen as a secure place for your assets and provide total protection of them. Curacao is a good choice of jurisdiction for the protection, growth and diversification of your capital.

Your Corporate Account With This Private Bank In Curacao


Founded in 2009, this international bank can open a corporate account for non residents of Curacao and provide international banking services. The banking system in Curacao is undergoing a transformation at present and this bank is very much part of this transformation. Committed to providing the very best international banking services to its clients, the bank will only employ people that have the necessary experience and the dedication to make this happen.

The bank has a mission to deliver the highest quality banking services to clients that are well priced, sustainable and accessible. By following this mission the bank is experiencing continual growth and building its reputation as a classic offshore bank.

The senior managers at the bank are all professionals from the financial services industry and they all have an impressive track record. The supervisory board of directors are all selected on the basis that they are experts in a specialist field, have a proven senior management track record and that they have extensive international business experience.

The international financial services industry is evolving higher standards all of the time and this bank welcomes the move to higher standards. The bank complies with regulations and local laws through the actions of the personnel at the bank, the use of licensing and a state of the art technology platform. For the new laws that are governing banking, a number of the bank’s people have been involved in their formation. The bank believes in adhering to best practice regulations and this will ensure that your capital will be fully protected.

The bank will take care of your assets and the employees are all totally professional and know what they need to do to assist you. Trust is very important to this bank and you will get to know bank personnel and they will get to know you so that this trust can be quickly established.

The bankers that are employed by the bank have an average experience of around fifteen years and they have a sound knowledge of risk management realities. Strong relationships with other specialists exist and these include taxation, law and accounting. All of these strengths will help you to get the very best from your corporate account with this bank.

Private Banking Services Provided By This Curacao Bank

You will be able to open a non resident corporate account with this bank remotely, which will remove the requirement for you to visit bank representatives in Curacao. Once your corporate account is opened, you will be able to take advantage of the range of financial services that this bank will has to offer you.

Your corporate account can be used for day to day business transactions or for the storage and protection of your capital. Multi currency accounts are available with Euros (EUR), British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and US Dollars (USD). If you are interested in other major currencies then please contact your foreign banking consultant at the Offshore Pro Group. There are also savings accounts on offer with competitive interest rates.

The bank has brokerage, clearance and settlement facilities that you can use and if you want to conduct trading then you can utilize the state of the art technology that the bank has implemented to help you with this. You can trade equity and fixed income products as well as warrants and futures. Trading on the foreign exchange markets is also possible.

You will be able to apply for corporate MasterCard and Visa credit cards from this bank, and these are provided through its financially stable partner. These cards can be used securely as a means of payment worldwide (wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted), and will also allow for the withdrawal of cash from many thousands of ATM’s.

A free and secure online banking service will be provided to you by the bank. This will provide you with 24 hours a day access to your account from anywhere in the world and you will be able to make payments and conduct other transactions. All that is required is a connection to the Internet and you will be able to view your account balances, view your account statements and ask a member of the bank staff any questions about your account or other services. The balances and transactions of your corporate credit cards can also be viewed with this online banking service.

You will be required to make an initial minimum deposit into your new non resident corporate bank account of just 5000 US Dollars (USD). There is also a minimum balance requirement to be maintained constantly and this is also only 5000 US Dollars (USD). For a foreign corporate account this minimum deposit is very low, and competing international banks would demand a much higher initial deposit.

Account and transaction fees are levied by this Curacao bank and these fees change quite regularly, so be sure to make contact with your expert at the Offshore Pro Group and request that they provide you with the most up to date fee schedule. In order for you to secure the best deal on charges you can ask your consultant to help you when you are filling out the international bank selection form.

Please Follow This Process Exactly To Open A Corporate Account With This Curacao Bank

The list below must be followed in order so that you can be sure of success with the opening of your brand new non resident corporate account with this Curacao bank:

  1. To start, just send us an email [email protected] and we will then use our knowledge and expertise to advise you on what needs to be done to open a foreign corporate account with the Curacao bank. Next you are advised to read through this page and provide us with all the answers that we need to help you Here Is What You Need To Know To Open The Right Non Resident Or Foreign Bank Account.

If you maintain just one non resident corporate account you are taking a risk that can be mitigated with a second account being opened. Please read a second non resident corporate account is really necessary.

  1. You will need to use our professional service to be sure of your offshore corporate account being opened. We will gladly provide our expert services to you in exchange for a remittance of just 2999 EUR. The money can be sent to us using credit cards, Web Money, Bitcoin, bank transfer, Western Union or Money Gram.
  1. Those that are account signatories and the beneficial owner will be required by the bank to send certified documents (notarized) in English (or translated to English) so that an international corporate account can be opened:
  • A certified (notarized) color copy of the passport (the page that has the photograph and signature)
  • An original utility bill (which is less than two months old) or a bank statement that provides proof of address.
  • A bank reference letter addressed to the bank. References must be less than 6 months old
  • A CV and a professional profile

The Managing Director will also need to provide the copy of the passport page in color and proof of residence.

The following corporate documents are required notarized with an Apostille:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles and Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Shareholder’s register
  • Organizational chart dated and signed (this needs to disclose the percentage of shares in the company held by the ultimate beneficial owner)

Important Note: There are restrictions on the types of businesses that the bank will open a corporate account for. The restricted businesses are:

  • Gold jewellery and high quality silver
  • Business / real estate marketing
  • Consulting service in the area of the valuation of property
  • Investment in construction and development projects

The required documents must be sent to us at the Offshore Pro Group as we will use our expertise to examine them. Once all the documentation is correct we will rapidly send it on to the bank. The bank in Curacao will then require around 10 working days to establish your new corporate foreign account.

It is simple to start your application for a brand new offshore corporate account in Curacao, and all that is required is that you communicate with as at [email protected] to begin the process.