Apr 13, 2017

Corporate Account For Merchant Services With A UK Financial Institution With A Wide Range Of Services.

At the Offshore Pro Group we will provide professional guidance to you every step of the way so that you can open a new corporate merchant account in the United Kingdom with a financial institution that provides these benefits:

  • Competitive merchant services charges
  • Simple and fast account opening service
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Highly secure service
  • Consolidated billing service
  • Comprehensive account management system
  • Accept credit card payments and make bank payments

Act now and send us an email [email protected] so that you can obtain the very best advice to successfully open a new corporate merchant account with this UK financial institution. We strongly recommend that you also read the information on the page here and follow the steps in full What You Need To Do To Select The Right Non Resident Bank Account.

Financial Institution In The United Kingdom

Since 2003 this financial institution has been a pioneer in payment innovation. Since it was founded the financial institution has provided its high quality services and built a substantial client base. The financial institution is able to offer its merchant account services to clients across the European Economic Area (EEA).

The financial institution has a great deal of experience with merchant account services and can also provide a wide range of services to assist businesses of all sizes by allowing the acceptance and making of payments.

It is able to provide the highest levels security with its card payment processing system. Their system is compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 which means that it operates at the highest levels of security. This provides their clients with a very high degree of fraud protection and the peace of mind that they deserve.

The financial institution is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and has to comply with the provisions of the 2011 Electronic Money Regulations. This ensures the protection of client funds and also dictates that client monies are separate from the bank accounts that are utilized for the financial institutions’ daily operations. The financial institution is a principal member of MasterCard and Visa Europe.

The financial institution has a fresh and innovative approach to merchant account services. The employees are a mixture of seasoned payment professionals and new talent and they will provide a fresh approach to the management of the cash flow of your business.

They are different to traditional banks and other payment institutions. They can provide a straightforward and integrated merchant payment service which allows businesses to accept credit cards and make payments to other banks. They use transparent pricing plans and there are no hidden expenses. All of the payment facilities that are required by a business are provided at no additional cost and this includes e-invoicing.

The Offshore Pro Group offers you the opportunity to open a corporate merchant account in the UK with this financial institution so that you can accept credit card payments and make payment transfers to other banks.

Corporate Merchant Account Services Provided By This United Kingdom Financial Institution

This financial institution in the UK will allow you to open a non-resident corporate merchant account. It is different to a traditional bank based corporate account in that it offers you the ability to accept credit card payments from anywhere and transfer your funds to other bank accounts using the IBAN format.

You will be in total control with your corporate merchant account from this UK financial institution. All credit card payments can be processed quickly and easily and you will be in control of all of the funds which come and go into your account.

With your corporate merchant account you will be able to receive and make payments at rates that are lower than traditional banks. The process is simple and controllable online and it only takes ten minutes to confirm transactions.

Accounts are multi-currency with this corporate merchant account and you can use up to 14 major world currencies with your account that include US Dollars (USD), British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and Euros (EUR). There are no additional charges for using these currencies.

The financial institution provides consolidated billing services which means that your business can accept payments through the use of payment cards without acquiring approval or paying any monthly fees.

There is a comprehensive, user friendly, account management system provided with your corporate merchant account. You will be able to check your account for all transactions and generate reports and obtain cost statements and a whole lot more.

So that your business can process debit card and credit card payments you will need to connect to the online payment system. This financial institution will provide this connection so that you can accept the payments. The system allows for several forms of integration and control over the payments received.

The payment gateway will enable your business to accept a wide range of card payments, in different currencies, from your website. You will be able to accept payments from Visa cards, Visa Debit cards, Visa Electron cards, MasterCard, Maestro cards, American Express, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

The online payment system will also enable you defer payments so that you can review the payment details first to reduce the risk of fraud. There is also a regular payments authorization facility where you will be able to collect repeat payments from clients without the need for authorization.

You will be able to accept orders for your products or services by telephone or even through the mail. Details can be obtained using either method and then the online payment system can be used to obtain the payments. E-invoicing is also provided so that customers can make payments directly to you with a payment card using the online payment system.

This financial institution also can provide you with your own payment card that is linked to your corporate merchant account and will assist you with the management of the finances of your business. Funds can be loaded to the card using a variety of different techniques and the cards can be handed out to staff members and then used anywhere on the worldwide global network.

You can start your own card program by using the BIN sponsorship services of this financial institution. This will ensure that your cards have a compliant connection with the MasterCard and Visa payment networks. If you want to initiate a virtual card program then the financial institution will be the conduit between the processor and loading agencies to ensure your virtual card program is fully end to end.

The financial institution will not open a corporate merchant account if you operate or have any links to a sanctioned country. You will only be accepted if your company is registered in the OECD or the EU.  Ask your Offshore Pro Group international banking professional for advice on this.

Important Note: The following trades are prohibited from opening a corporate merchant account:

  • Business opportunities / Work from home schemes
  • Adult massage
  • Adoption agencies
  • Adult saunas
  • Animal research
  • Any business exerting excessive pressure on vulnerable individuals to buy their products / services
  • Any business making excessively false claims of their products / services
  • Any business that has been (or the principal has been) the subject of a criminal conviction within the last 5 years
  • Any business that is currently in bankruptcy or any business that has been (or the principal has been) subject to bankruptcy or receivership in the last 3 years
  • Any business that is a sanctions database
  • Any business that offers peripheral products to an illegal product or service (e.g. drug paraphernalia)
  • Any business with significant levels of scam reports / negative feedback / complaints
  • Any illegal activity or any advertising for an illegal activity
  • Businesses operating from a P.O. Box (unless P.O. Boxes are standard form in that country)
  • Businesses supplying copyright impinging merchandise (replicas, warez etc)
  • Buying / Wholesale / Discount clubs and similar
  • Celebrity endorsements: Images of celebrities are prohibited from use without express written consent of the entity being published
  • Customer support / repair (and similar / related) services where either UBO(s), target market, directors, business are non UK and / or the currency is not GBP
  • Bad debt and / or collection services
  • Dogging and similar “sex meet ups” that take place in public
  • Fireworks
  • Get rich quick schemes where an upfront payment is made but no tangible value is given in return
  • Gray market businesses taking advantage of cross border trading loopholes in national laws / tax (where domestically the activity is illegal)
  • Illegal drugs
  • Individuals and organizations that support terrorism, violence, discrimination, extreme political / religious views
  • Jewels and precious metals
  • Back street lap dancing / pole dancing clubs (and similar)
  • Loading an account (where funds can be spent with a third party) without a license
  • Loan modification services
  • Lotteries not authorized by the UK government
  • Mod chips and similar
  • Money remittance services where there is “cash in”
  • Multi level marketing (MLM schemes that do not involve a “real” (of independent value) tangible products)
  • Non EU based MLM
  • Non herbal medications / Pharmaceuticals of any kind
  • P2P file sharing
  • Pre paid card sales
  • Pre paid claims
  • Protected species (or products derived from them)
  • Strip / sex clubs
  • Tax avoidance / evasion (including VAT / sales tax)
  • Unlicensed ticket sales to sporting events
  • Timeshare
  • Unregistered (with the government in the EU) charities or non profits
  • Warranties (stand alone)
  • Weapons
  • Wheel clampers
  • Wholesale mobile phone sales

Please Follow This Process Precisely To Open A Corporate Merchant Account With This United Kingdom Financial Institution

Please follow all of the steps below in order so that the opening of your non-resident corporate merchant account with this financial institution in the United Kingdom is a success:

  1. First you must contact us using this email address [email protected] and then we can initiate the process for guiding you through the opening of your new corporate merchant account with this financial institution in the UK. Then you should visit this page and read all of the information there and complete the questionnaire fully Free Tips From Offshore Banking Experts On Selecting The Best Foreign Bank Account.

If you have just a single corporate account then you may face risks that can be avoided. You should give a lot of thought to the opening of an additional account for these reasons this is how a second corporate account can safeguard you from risk.

  1. Our services are completely professional and they will greatly assist you in the opening of a non resident corporate merchant account with this UK financial institution, we will provide our assistance to you after you have made a payment of 3999 EUR. You can send the payment to us by using a credit card, Bitcoin, Western Union, Web Money, direct transfer from a bank or Money Gram.
  1. The financial institution will require all beneficiaries of the company to supply certified documentaion in English (or an English translation) to open a corporate merchant account. You will need to provide:
  • A certified copy of the passport page with both photograph and signature or a national ID card
  • Prove your residentail address through an original utility bill not older than 60 days
  • A bank or professional recommendation letter

The following certified corporate documents in English (or translations) with an Apostille will also be required:

  • Certificate of Incorporation or other document that confirms the state registration of the enterprise with an Apostille
  • Samples of signatures of company owners
  • Certificate of good standing (if the company is over 12 months old)
  • Memorandum of Incorporation and Articles of Association signed by the incorporator / shareholder
  • First minutes of the company detailing share distribution, appointment of nominee directors duly signed by the founder of the company
  • Share certificates signed by the director
  • Register of directors
  • Register of shareholders
  • A power of attorney document for opening and management of the account if the person’s rights to open / close an account are not clear from the constituent documents of the company
  • Copy of the Deed of Trust (in the case of nominal shareholders)

In all cases you must provide a concise business plan or description of your business which mentions any partners and their web sites (if this applies).

You will need to send over all of the required documentation to the Offshore Pro Group and our experts will scrutinize the documents for due diligence. Once the documentation is correct it will be passed on to the financial institution in the UK very quickly. It is going to take around 10 working days for your United Kingdom non-resident corporate merchant account to be operational.

Make the move today to start the application process moving for your non-resident corporate merchant account at this United Kingdom financial institution, all you need to get started is to send an email to us at [email protected]