Apr 20, 2017

A Corporate Account Can Now Be Opened With An Austrian Investment Bank With Very Good Online Banking Services And The Availability Of Multi Currency Accounts.

Now the Offshore Pro Group can help you to open a non resident corporate account in Austria with this bank that will offer you the following advantages:

  • Availability of multi currency accounts
  • Bank is European and strongly regulated
  • Comparable minimum deposit
  • Deposit Guarantee Scheme Covered By EU
  • Rapid account opening
  • Investment services available
  • Secure Online banking
  • Payment cards can be applied for

We can make a start on this for you if you just send us an email [email protected] and our experts will be there to provide the right guidance to you, so that you can succeed in opening a foreign corporate account with this bank in Austria. After you have sent the email please take a little time to read this page and provide the relevant responses to us Free Guidance And Advice On The Right Choice Of Foreign Bank Account From The Professionals.

The Offshore Jurisdiction Of Austria

The Republic of Austria, which is better known as just Austria, is a federal republic that is landlocked in Central Europe. Like many other countries, Austria suffered dramatically during the recent financial crisis but since then it has managed to sustain a good growth rate with its economy. It is also a politically stable country and its service sector is large providing work for over 67% of its eligible workforce.

All banks in Austria have to comply with the 1994 Banking Act (the Bankwesengesetz) and this Act is regularly updated to comply with international banking regulations. The Banking Law is also updated to comply with the laws of the European Union (EU). Financial institutions in Austria are also regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) as well as the National Bank, which is the central bank in Austria. These authorities are responsible for implementing the monetary policy decisions that are made by the European Central Bank.

Offshore banks in Austria have had a good reputation amongst investors for several years now. The country is seen as a very good jurisdiction for private banking. Austrian banks employ professional stewards with a conservative approach to asset and wealth management and they will make sure that your assets grow at a rate above inflation.

Another benefit of choosing Austria as an offshore jurisdiction is that you will know that the bank is highly regulated and your capital will be safe. The strictest of measures and procedures are in place to ensure that the country complies with international banking regulations through their offshore banks. Austrian offshore banks offer many opportunities for you to protect, diversify and grow your assets.

As Austria is a member of the European Union (EU) it has been able to introduce the Deposit Guarantee Scheme which is aimed at providing cover for deposits made in Austrian banks and to therefore protect investors. It is very unlikely that an Austrian bank would go into default and not be able to meet its financial obligations, but if it did then the scheme would cover client bank deposits up to 100,000 EUR. For more details about the scheme please contact your Offshore Pro Group international banking expert.

The Offshore Bank In Austria For Your Corporate Account And Asset Protection

This bank was founded many years ago in 1923 by an entrepreneurial family and it is still owned by them today. Being one of the biggest offshore banks in Austria, it is truly committed to providing totally professional advice to its clients as well as offering a safe place for your assets. The bank maintains a 16% equity ratio which is double the legally required ratio for capital backing. A high degree of confidentiality with corporate accounts is always maintained by this bank.

This Austrian bank is able to offer a broad range of investments they will always strive to meet the high standards that their clients require. There are classic direct investments on offer as well as conventional fund management and fund of fund management, , tailor made financial structures , management of foreign funds and the issuing of tailor made bonds.

In order to provide the very best service to its clients the bank uses state of the art technology. There are a number of challenges when offering special financial products to clients and the bank has an in house team of financial and technical experts that develop the right tools for investment management. This can be demonstrated by the bank’s management of the assessment of structured products and the client portfolio optimization.

The bank also uses external tools provided by experts like the Standard & Poors Fund database to enable bank personnel to analyze and evaluate the most suitable fund opportunities and the Osterreichische Kontrollbank Profit Line system that provides the opportunity to analyze earnings risks measure performance.

The experts at the bank are continually monitoring the markets looking for innovative investment strategies and new products for their clients. This is driven by the bank’s innovation policy. Utilizing the expertise of the banking staff as well as the experts at their international subsidiaries means that the bank is in step with the convergence of worldwide financial markets.

You will find experts at this bank working in different fields such as fund development and management, private asset management and investment banking. As a client you will have access to these experts so that you can plan the right investment requirements that will meet your financial goals. The bank also has an efficient trading department as well as its own investment company.

Corporate Account Services From This Austrian Bank For Your Asset Protection, Diversification And Enhancement

As a non resident it is possible for you to open a corporate account with this bank. The mission of the bank is to provide a tailored service that will meet your business and financial aspirations. You will be assigned a personal consultant who will want to learn everything about your business so that they can provide a high degree of support to you. The bank has used this philosophy for many years which explains their continuous growth.

The bank will assist you to setup your portfolio accounts and will assist in the management of securities. There is a high degree of trading power within the bank and they are also able to provide the services of their wholly owned investment company which can take your investments to the next level.

With such a wide range of investments on offer you will be able to successfully structure a winning portfolio. Investment funds that invest in other funds or in investment certificates are the most popular investment service offered but you can also take advantage of stocks and shares in European companies and countries including Austria.

Your corporate account will be multi currency enabling you to make transactions in the world’s most popular currencies. The currencies available are Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD), Swiss Francs (CHF), British Pounds (GBP), Russian Rubles (RUB), Canadian Dollars (CAD), New Zealand Dollars (NZD), Australian Dollars (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Polish Zloty (PLN), Czech Koruna (CZK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Swedish Krona (SEK), Turkish Lira (TRY) and Danish Krone (DKK).

You will be able to access and manage your corporate account from anywhere and at any time by using the bank’s highly secure online banking service. This will enable you to view the balances of your accounts, your previous transactions and statements and also to view information in detail about your investments and assets so that you can make the right investment decisions.

You will have the choice of different accounts which include operating accounts, private banking mortgage, fiduciary investments, LGT fixed income dynamic shield and LGT multi asset dynamic shield. A range of payment and credit cards are also available from this bank.

You will have to make a minimum deposit into your non resident corporate bank account of 5 thousand Euros (5000 EUR). This is quite low compared to other international banks and you will also need to keep your account balance to a minimum 5-10% of your turnover. One of the requirements that the bank will insist on is that you are prepared to make an investment of at least 100,000 Euros in investment products from the bank, or through the equivalent purchase in securities.

Commission fees on transactions etc will be charged by the bank and these fluctuate a lot. To be updated with the very latest commissions please discuss with your international banking professional at the Offshore Pro Group. When you are completing the international bank selection form let us know if you are interested in getting a great deal on bank commissions and we will assist you in achieving this.

The Process You Must Follow To Open A Corporate Account At This Austrian Bank

To be certain of opening a non resident corporate account at this Austrian bank you will need to follow this list of instructions in order:

  1. Use email to initiate contact [email protected] and then we will start providing you with professional assistance so that your Austrian non resident corporate account can be opened. We highly recommend that you then read this page and send your appropriate responses Selection Of The Right Offshore Bank Account As Advised By The Professionals.

Just maintaining one foreign bank account can leave you exposed to risks today, and a second account is advised. Please read about this at a second non resident account is the best decision.

  1. Our experts will guide you through all of the steps to get your foreign corporate account open with the bank in Austria and a fee will be required for this of 3999 EUR. Fees can be paid using Money Gram, bank transfer, Web Money, Bitcoin, credit card or Western Union.
  2. It is a requirement of the bank that the relevant documentation to open the account be supplied. For all owners and signatories to the account the following documents will be required:

  • Certified passport page copy that contains photagraph and signature
  • Proof of address through the provision of a bank statement or a utility bill that is original and less than sixty days old
  • A reference letter from your bank
  • Curriculam Vitae
  • A detailed description of your business with all partners and future deals included

You will also be required to provide the following certified corporate documents:

  • Certificate ofIincorporation – for UK, Singapore and Hong Kong these need to be the original for other jurisdictions this need to be the original notarized and apostilled
  • Certificate of good standing – for UK and Singapore these need to be the original for Hong Kong the ARI form needs to be supplied if applicable, for other jurisdictions this need to be the original notarized and apostilled
  • Certificate of incumbency – not required for EU, UK or Singapore but Hong Kong must be original notarized and apostilled from the secretary, for other jurisdictions this need to be the original notarized and apostilled
  • Memorandum / Articles of Association (By Laws for Trusts / Funds) – EU, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong must be originals, UK LP and LLP must be notarized original, for other jurisdictions this need to be the original notarized and apostilled
  • Extract from register cdonfirming director / address / shareholder – EU and Singapore original (notarized if not available online), UK and Hong Kong original for other jurisdictions this need to be the original notarized and apostilled
  • Minutes of special meeting appointing directors including signature rights – EU and UK and Singapore original if exists, Hong Kong original for other jurisdictions this need to be the original notarized and apostilled if exists
  • Power of attorney document – EU and UK notarized original, Singapore notarized and legalized original, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions notarized and apostilled original

Important Note: In order to open a corporate account with this Austrian bank you will be required to attend a meeting with a bank representative in Austria or at one of their other locations which are Kiev, Moscow and Tel Aviv.

After receiving the correct documents from you we will analyze them and forward them to the bank as fast as we can. You will need to make an appointment with a bank representative to discuss the opening of your account. Once you have had your appointment please give the bank around 10 working days to open your non resident corporate account.

Start today by emailing us at [email protected] so that we can start working on your new foreign corporate account with this Austrian bank.