Apr 14, 2017

Corporate Account With An Established Bahamas Bank With Remote Opening, Wealth Management And Multiple Currency Deposit Accounts.

This Bahamas bank is very particular about the clients that it accepts and if you try to open an account on your own you could fail. Use our professional services at the Offshore Pro Group so that you will be able to establish your international corporate account. There are several advantages to having a corporate account with this Bahamas bank and the top ones are:

  • The jurisdiction of the Bahamas is tax free
  • The bank has been operational since 1959
  • You won’t have to travel to the Bahamas as you account will be opened remotely
  • Wealth structuring services available
  • Wide range of investment management services
  • Deposit accounts in multiple major currencies
  • Prepaid cards and credit cards can be provided
  • Account viewing is possible with online banking

Get started right away and apply for a non resident corporate account with this Bahamas bank by making contact with us by email [email protected] and when we have received your email we will start working and will ensure that you have the full step by step guidance that you need to be certain that your corporate account will be opened. We will need to know all that we can about your business and your finances so please answer our confidential questionnaire in full that you can find here Choosing The Right International Corporate Account Is Not Easy So Follow This Advice From International Banking Professionals.

The Reasons Why The Jurisdiction Of The Bahamas Is A Good Choice For Your Non Resident Corporate Account

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas or as it is known by most people the Bahamas, is an archipelagic island state of over 700 islands that has Cuba to the South and Florida to the Northwest. The system of government in the Bahamas is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy and the current population figures show more than 390,000 people.

It is a very wealthy nation, one of the wealthiest in the Americas, and it has a stable and strong economy. Tourism and financial services are the leading economic sectors and agriculture is a major sector too. The country is both socially and politically stable. The Bahamas has a very good reputation across the world as being a center for international banking and there are a lot of banks and financial institutions located there.

It is well known that the Bahamas is a tax haven. Personal and corporate income that is earned outside of the country is not taxed and there is no capital gains tax, inheritance or wealth taxes. Over the last few years the Bahamas government has been trying to enhance the reputation of the country as a jurisdiction where no illegal monetary activities, such as money laundering and terrorism funding, will occur. The government has made the financial laws and regulations a lot tougher and this has helped to build the financial reputation of the nation.

It is very important to the government of the Bahamas that the country is fully compliant with the standards for international banking, and to this end the government has implemented new laws to ensure compliance. Some of these laws are the Financial Intelligence Unit Act, the Financial and Corporate Service Providers Act and the Financial Transactions Reporting Act. The regulator of banks and financial institutions in the country is the Central Bank of the Bahamas. The Central Bank ensures that all of the Bahamian banks have minimum capital of 2 Million US Dollars (USD) and this figure rises with the size and growth of each bank. This capital has to be a minimum of 5% assets and 8% risk assets. No bank is permitted to invest or make a loan of over 15% of this capital amount to a single business or group.

The Central Bank ensures that banks in the Bahamas remain financially stable. The country is socially, politically and economically stable. These factors make the Bahamas a smart jurisdiction choice when it comes to the protection of your assets and for diversity and growth.

Why You Should Choose This Bahamas International Bank To Open Your International Corporate Account

Founded in Nassau in 1959, this international Bahamian bank has been long established and has a lot of international banking experience. The bank is owned by a larger financial group that was formed in 1946. With all of its years of experience, this bank has a reputation across the world as an innovator in structuring solutions and investment services. Finding high quality investment opportunities and then engaging in them on behalf of their clients is something that this bank has been doing for decades.

The shareholders of the bank are actually clients and it is independently owned. It has a very conservative balance sheet and there are no debts, no proprietary trading and no commercial loans. Aligning the interests of employees, shareholders and clients is the aim of the bank so that the best results for all can be achieved.

The banking team comprises private banking experts and investment professionals that have been employed from the very best organizations. The team also consists of lawyers, certified public accountants and trust officers who are all very experienced and have the right level of expertise, and they have access to a network of experts from across the world so that the services they deliver are of the highest quality. On the bank’s investment team there are investment analysts, traders, portfolio managers, economists and strategists that will advise and guide clients for the best results by using private investments and the public markets.

The bank has a number of business principles and the most important of these is putting the needs and interests of their clients first. With all of the bank’s dealings you will find transparency and objectivity and they will always aim to deliver best in class quality services. Creating value for all of the bank’s stakeholders is another principle as is the total adoption of teamwork.

The bank also has a number of core values and the first of these is a total focus on clients. The bank also pledges to act with integrity at all times, be committed to excellence, maintain an entrepreneurial spirit, ensure that the privacy of client accounts is maintained and ensure that their thinking is always for the long term.

This International Bank In The Bahamas Can Provide Many Services Including Investment Management Services

Remote opening of your international corporate account with this Bahamas bank is possible with the expert guidance of the professionals at the Offshore Pro Group. There is no need for you to make any travel arrangements to go to the Bahamas and hold a meeting with bank officials prior to your corporate account being set up. Investment services and other financial services are available from this Bahamas bank and these will all be available to you after your account has been opened.

For many years now this bank has been helping and advising clients and their agents, and has vast experience when it comes to the protection of your capital, wealth consolidation and wealth planning. An extensive world network of professionals ensures that the bank can call upon tax and legal experts so that clients can receive the right tax advice that complies with the requirements of your nation.

The bank knows that clients are all unique and therefore provides a customized service for everybody. Your business goals and overall financial position will be discussed in full with the bank’s professionals so that they can create a financial strategy that will help you to achieve your aims.

You can also take advantage of the fiduciary services that the bank offers. The bank views their fiduciary services as providing long term protection for your capital. This bank has been implementing and managing complex wealth structure vehicles from jurisdictions all over the world for more than 60 years now. They will be able to offer you a comprehensive range of services and products that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

The bank has implemented a sophisticated investment platform, and the development of this platform is due to the expertise of the investment team. The investment services are brokerage and trading, financial market research, investment portfolio management and the provision of the best advice on investments. If you have investment ideas they will conduct performance analysis for you.

Your deposit account with this Bahamas bank will be able to support multiple world currencies. There are also American Express branded credit cards that can be applied for, and directly linked prepaid payment cards. A secure Internet banking service is available so that your account can be viewed from any location with Internet access 24/7.

Before your international corporate account can be opened it is required by this bank in the Bahamas that you make an opening deposit of at least 1,000,000 (one million) US Dollars (USD). The bank will also insist that you keep a minimum account balance of 1,000,000 (one million) US Dollars (USD).

To maintain your account and make transactions on your behalf, the bank will make charges and these can be altered occasionally. It is important that you have the most up to date list of charges so please ask your Offshore Pro Group consultant to send this to you. We can also assist you in obtaining the most preferential charges for your international corporate account so if you are interested please tell us.

This Step By Step Instruction List Must Be Followed To Be Sure That Your New International Corporate Account Will Be Set Up Without Problems

Below there is a list of actions which has been tested to successfully open international bank accounts. Please ensure that you take the recommended actions in order:

  1. Please contact us first by sending an email to [email protected] and after receipt of your message we will take immediate action and help you through all of the steps that are necessary to open your non resident corporate account in this Bahamas bank. The second step is to let us know about your business and your financial position by fully answering the totally confidential questions that you will find here Make Certain That You Read This Professional Advice So That You Select The Right International Corporate Bank Account For Your Business Requirements.

Just holding one international corporate account is a risky strategy. It is far better if you open a second international corporate account in another jurisdiction. This article will explain in detail here is why openeing a second international corporate account elsewhere will be less risky for you and your business.

  1. Our professionals at the Offshore Pro Group will literally guide you step by step to getting your new non resident corporate account opened at this bank in the Bahamas. We will be pleased to supply our expert services to you for a one-off payment of 3999 EUR. Bitcoin, Money Gram, bank transfer, Web Money, credit cards and Western Union are all ways that you can pay.
  1. To open a non resident corporate account with this Bahamas bank it will be necessary for you to supply a number of ducuments that have been notarized. The documets must be in English (or a certified translation by a notary). These documents must be provided:
  • Filled, printed and signed forms to open a bank account
  • Certified, signed, legible, valid copy of the passport for all directors and ultimate beneficial owners
  • Certified copy or the original of a recent (within 2 months) utility bill for all directors and ultimate beneficial owners
  • Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association or equivalent
  • Copy of the Register of Directors/Officers
  • Certificate of Good Standing or equivalent (if the company is older than 6 months)
  • Director’s minutes/resolution, authorizing the account opening and appointing the authorized signatories

The full set of documents must be sent over to us and then we will check them for compliance with the requirements of the bank. After documentation verification we will send them over to the Bahamas bank. Please allow the bank up to 15 business days to get your new international corporate account up and running so that you can use it.

Send an email to us right away [email protected] and get your application for a new non resident corporate bank account at this Bahamas bank moving forward.