Apr 14, 2017

Corporate Account Remote Opening With A Bank In Curacao That Offers Investment Options, No Deposit Minimum Requirement And Savings Accounts In Multiple Currencies.

Getting accepted by this Curacao bank for an international corporate account is not an easy task, so use the international banking experience of the Offshore Pro Group to ensure that your account can be opened. This bank in Curacao should be considered strongly because:

  • The island of Curacao is renowned as a classic offshore jurisdiction
  • No travelling to Curacao is required as your account can be opened remotely
  • Multiple currency savings accounts available
  • A number of investment opportunities are available
  • Term deposit accounts on offer
  • Credit cards with Visa branding are offered
  • View your account using the online banking service

When you enlist our help at the Offshore Pro Group you will receive all of the professional guidance that is required to open a non resident corporate account with this Curacao bank. Just contact us now by sending over an email to [email protected] and upon receipt of your email we will prepare to advise you on all of the steps necessary for a corporate account to be established. Please provide all of the information possible about your finances and other factors by responding in full to our confidential questionnaire on this page This Free Guide From International Banking Professionals Will Show You How To Select The Right International Corporate Account.

The Jurisdiction Of Curacao Is A Good Choice For International Banking

Curacao is part of the Netherlands Kingdom and is situated in the Caribbean see some 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela. The nation is a democracy and uses a parliamentary system of government. It is estimated that Curacao has more than 145,000 citizens. The responsibility for legislation is shared between parliament and the government, while executive power rests solely with the government.

The economy of Curacao is dominated by tourism but other sectors are important and expanding. In this open economy the other important economic sectors are international trade, shipping services, international banking and refining and storage. The World Bank confirms that the economy of Curacao is stable and experiencing growth and it appears on its list of high income countries. The infrastructure of the country is modern and political and social stability exist. The country is very well known for its tax advantages too.

One of the key objectives of the Curacao government over the past few years is to make the nation more financially transparent. To this end the government has agreed to abide with the terms laid down by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) back in 2001. The government has had to implement new financial laws to achieve this level of transparency. Now the country has agreements to exchange financial information with numerous countries worldwide. New treaties are in place to prevent double taxation with the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Curacao has long been against illegal financial activities such as money laundering and terrorist funding and it is an active participant of the Caribbean Task Force. It has been categorized as a mid shore jurisdiction and the gateway between Latin America and Europe. Movement of capital is never restricted in Curacao, and there is a strict legal system and tight banking regulations in the country.

The regulator of banks and financial institutions in Curacao is the Central Bank, and they have worked closely with the government to make Curacao financially transparent. Now the country willingly shares the necessary taxation details with appropriate state authorities. This has significantly enhanced the reputation of the country when it comes to international banking.

The Central bank has introduced a tough regulatory framework which has two key aims. These are the prevention of illegal financial practices and the supplying of information to comply with other nation’s tax laws. This has worked well, and the use of integrity has ensured that no monetary practices that are illegal occur in Curacao.

Curacao has good social and political stability as well as a stable economy that is experiencing growth. The banks and financial institutions are under strict laws and are very closely watched by the Central Bank. These factors make Curacao a jurisdiction of choice for safeguarding your assets.

Why This International Bank In Curacao Is A Good Choice For Your Non Resident Corporate Account

This Curacao international bank opened its doors in 1985 and is under the stringent regulation of the Central Bank. The company that owns the bank can trace its roots back to the 19th century, and today they own a number of financial institutions as well as tourism companies and foreign exchange offices in a number of Latin American countries.

The mission of the bank is to be a global financial institution that concentrates on the savings and investments of its corporate and private clients, and this is achieved by providing international services and products that are very efficiently delivered, that are very high in quality, ensuring that risks are controlled and the best technological and professional standards are applied.

The creation of robust client relationships that will last a lifetime is central to the bank’s vision. They want to fully comprehend the business and financial needs of their clients and then provide a service that is highly personal to add value. By recommending high quality financial products they want to optimize their client’s assets and ensure that the clients’ enhancement requirements, tolerances to risk and liquidity needs are all satisfied. The services that you will receive from this bank will all be totally confidential. Innovation in technology is a constant requirement at this bank.

The members of the senior management team at the bank are all experienced professionals who are committed to optimizing the results that they can achieve for their clients. Understanding of all of the requirements of the customer is crucial, and after this an expert capital enhancement strategy will be developed and executed.

This bank will deliver the most personalized banking service to meet your needs. The experts at the bank will wish to talk to you in detail about your business aims and how you see your overall financial future. They will then use the bank professionals as well as external experts to provide the right financial services that will assist you in the achievement of your goals.

The Investment Services And General Banking Services Offered By This International Bank In Curacao

Remote opening of your new international corporate account will be achievable with the support of the experts at the Offshore Pro Group. Unlike other banks, you will not need to travel to Curacao to meet with bank representatives before your corporate account will be set up. This Curacao bank has a range of investment products and general banking services that you will be able to take advantage of once your international corporate account has been established.

A comprehensive range of investment opportunities are available to you due to the bank’s expertise in this area. Your risk tolerance and your overall investment aims will need to be fully understood by the bank’s investment experts. The investment team will then build a tailored investment portfolio which will aim to keep risks to a minimum and optimize profits.

The fixed income markets of the United States, Europe and Latin America are actively participated in by this bank. This means that there is a lot of expertise available and the investment team is able to make professional assessments and select the best debt instruments (either sovereign or corporate) when the time is right. All buying and selling of securities will be done in accordance with your instructions and the bank will be the administrator, collector of interest and custodian on your behalf.

Hedge funds and mutual funds will be made available to you for investments as a result of the bank’s wealth creation expertise. These funds are very exclusive and contain some of the most sophisticated investment instruments available that are normally only accessible to large corporations that want to invest. You will be able to obtain investment advice from the bank’s experts all of the time, and benefit from the strong relationships that the bank has developed with a number of the world’s finest organizations.

A variety of structured notes can be offered to you and these have guaranteed capital that is adjustable and can be adapted to the risk and investment aims of the client. The financial products available here are interest rates, stock share indices and currencies. These products will be recommended not only by using the bank’s internal experts but through external experts as well.

If you want term deposits then these are available in either US Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR) and they will be customized to meet your needs for liquidity and your preferences for interest payments. There are no commissions involved with term deposits and they will not be taxed. Term deposits may be used as a credit guarantee.

When it comes to general banking you will have a current account opened for day to day transactions. A multiple currency savings account can also be opened and withdrawals and deposits are easy with these accounts. Interest is paid on the closing balance of your savings account. Commercial loans are also offered by this bank.

You can apply for a gold credit card that carries the Visa brand and elevated credit limits are available. You will be able to make purchases with this card wherever Visa is acceptable and this is millions of establishments across the globe. You will also be able to use millions of ATM’s to make cash withdrawals. Additional benefits of holding this card are car rental insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

When you open your new international corporate account this Curacao bank will not ask you to make a minimum deposit into it. When your account is up and running there will be no requirement to maintain a minimum account balance either. However we do recommend that you keep a level of funding in your account to cover any transaction fees and other charges made by this bank.

As with all banks, you will need to pay for your transactions and account upkeep charges and these can vary sometimes. Your expert at the Offshore Pro Group will have access to the latest fees and commissions charged by this bank and will be happy to send you these details. If you want help with negotiating favorable bank charges then ask your Offshore Pro Group consultant for assistance.

The Following List Of Actions Is Essential For You To Open Your Non Resident Corporate Account With This Curacao Bank

Please make sure that you take all of the actions explained below in the right order so you can be assured of establishing your new corporate account:

  1. First off you need to make contact with us at the Offshore Pro Group through email [email protected] and after receipt of your email we can begin the process of providing all of the expert guidance you will need to get your corporate account opened. The next important action is to tell us all about yourself and your financial circumstances, and this can be done by completing our totally confidential questionnaire here Selecting The Right International Corporate Account For Your Business Needs Will Be Easier With This Expert Advice.

When you have only one international corporate account you can be exposed to several risks. You can alleviate these risks easily with an additional international corporate account being opened elsewhere. The reasons are full explained on this page this is why an additional international corporate account can seriously alleviate risk.

  1. Our international banking professionals at the Offshore Pro Group will ensure that you receive all of the assistance necessary to establish your non resident corporate account with this bank in Curacao. We will provide this totally professional service to you for a one-time fee of 2999 EUR. A bank transfer, Bitcoin, Web Money, credit card, Western Union and Money Gram are all methods for sending us the payment.
  1. Notarized documents in English that have been certifed by a notary (certified translations into English are acceptable) have to be provided to open an international corporate account. Please supply:
  • The forms required for account opening that have been fully completed, signed and printed
  • Passport copy (must be accompanied by a certified extract of the civil registry of birth, deaths and marriages of the place of residence of the party or the copy must be certified by a notary or consulate/embassy where issued. The name, address, telephone number of the notary, consulate/embassy including the name and contact details of the signing officer must be indicated)
  • A reference letter issued by a first class bank or professional organization is required for the account holders, managing directors, beneficial owners, legal representatives and proxy holders
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Excerpt from the Registry of the Chamber of Commerce or Certificate of Good Standing (not older than 6 months)
  • Copy of share register or share certificates
  • Copy of custody receipt
  • Board Resolution
  • Power of Attorney
  • Foreign Exchange Permit, issued by the Central Bank of Curacao and Saint Maarten (required when the account is in the name of an international company registered in Curacao under the old tax regime)
  • Additional relevant documentation may be required

Important Note: This bank does not accept shareholders from either Russia or the Ukraine

Please send all of your documentation to us and we will then check it for compliance and send over rapidly to the Curacao bank. You will then need to wait for around 10 to 15 business days for your non resident corporate account to be ready for your use.

Take action right now and send an email over to us at [email protected] so that we can get to work on your new Curacao non resident corporate account.