Apr 20, 2017

Your Corporate Account Opened Remotely With A Bank In Curacao With Accounts In USD And EUR, Acceptance Of US Citizens And Attractive Term Deposits.

In order to open a new international corporate account with this Curacao bank you will require the assistance of the experts at the Offshore Pro Group, as it will be extremely difficult to do this on your own. We recommend this bank in Curacao because it provides a lot of advantages:

  • Curacao is a classic offshore jurisdiction
  • There is no requirement for a visit to Curacao as your account will be opened remotely
  • US Dollar and Euro accounts
  • Term deposits that are attractive
  • Good rates of interest with savings accounts
  • The acceptance of citizens from the USA
  • Secure online banking for the convenient access of your corporate account

To start the application process for your Curacao corporate account all you have to do is to send over an email to us [email protected] so that we can assist you with our years of experience in the international banking world. We want to help you in every way possible to open your new corporate account, so please let us have full details of your circumstances by answering the questions that appear here Please Read This Advice From The Professionals On Choosing The Correct International Corporate Account That Will Satisfy Your Requirements.

Why You Should Consider The Jurisdiction Of Curacao For Your Non Resident Corporate Account

Curacao is situated in the Caribbean Sea and it is about 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela. It is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and has a current population of around 145,000. A parliamentary system is deployed for government and executive power rests with the government of Curacao. Legislation power is exercised by the government and parliament jointly.

The main economic sectors of Curacao are international trade, international banking, tourism, refining and storage and shipping services. Curacao operates an open economy and the World Bank has confirmed that its economy is stable and experiencing growth. The country has a good infrastructure and a regime of low taxation. The nation is socially and politically stable.

The government of Curacao wants to enhance the reputation of the country for international banking, so in 2001 it created new laws that would bring the country in line with the transparency wishes of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  As a result of these laws, Curacao has established a number of agreements with different countries from around the world to exchange the necessary information with them. It has also agreed new treaties with the Kingdom of the Netherlands to ensure that double taxation cannot take place.

There is no place in Curacao for illegal monetary activities such as money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The nation is a founding member the Caribbean Task Force and it plays a very active role in ensuring that these illegal activities do not occur. Curacao is categorized as a mid shore jurisdiction, and the country has positioned itself as a gateway between the Latin American region and Europe. You can move capital around freely in Curacao as there are no restrictions. The country has very strong regulatory control and a tough legal system.

The regulator of banks and financial institutions in Curacao is the Central Bank, and for many years it has been working with the government to remediate the problems of cooperation in matters of taxation and the overall compliance with standards for international banking. The pair has also focussed their efforts on making significant improvements when it comes to the exchange of information, as well as the country’s overall financial transparency.

The government of Curacao has yearned for the country to be renowned and respected as a leading international banking center for many years now. It has empowered the central bank to deploy a regulatory framework that is very tough, so that the financial activities of Curacao are more transparent and that the financial institutions and the banks are prudently supervised. Integrity has been crucial to the success of this framework, and has been a major driver in the eradication of illegal monetary practices.

The main reason for all of these legal changes and strong regulation is to make Curacao a place where high net worth individuals and business owners will feel that their assets will be well looked after. The country has stability with its economy as well as socially and politically, and is a jurisdiction of choice for the protection, enhancement and diversification of your assets.

You Should Consider This Curacao International Bank For Your Non Resident Corporate Account For These Reasons

In 1992 this privately owned and licensed bank was opened in the offshore jurisdiction of Curacao. With a totally international focus, this bank is committed to meeting the needs of international business owners as well as high net worth individuals. The bank can provide a comprehensive range of financial products and services to satisfy all of its clients.

The mission of this Curacao bank is to be transparent and act in a way that will provide sustained growth for the future. It will achieve its mission through the complete satisfaction of all of its clients. The personnel at the bank are all highly trained and they have the right motivation to deliver service of exceptional quality to the bank’s customers.

Your corporate account will be opened rapidly at this bank and the officials there will want to create a relationship with you that is long lasting, and find out as much as they can about you and your desires. A discussion about your business goals and your financial aims will take place, and after this they will use their knowhow and experience to offer you the very best package of financial services.

Providing an efficient banking service that is convenient for you and will meet your requirements is something that the bank is committed to doing. Over the years the bank has modified its Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and they are a lot more stringent than in the past. This has been done to make certain that only the right type of clients are selected to receive the first class services that are provided by this bank.

Traditional banking practices are deployed and a very robust banking model is followed at this bank. Risk management policies that are very conservative exist, and the result of these policies is that the bank has good capital ratios.

Services For Your Corporate Account That This Curacao Bank Can Provide To You

Remote opening of your non resident corporate account with this Curacao bank can be achieved with the professional assistance of the Offshore Pro Group. A trip to Curacao to meet with banking representatives will not be needed before your corporate account can be opened. The comprehensive range of financial services offered by this bank will be at your disposal once your corporate account is up and running.

A current account will be opened for you and this account will be in Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD) which will provide added flexibility for your business. General transactions can be carried out using this account and international payments can be made and received. The bank has developed good relationships with correspondent banks so payments in different major world currencies will not be a problem.

Savings accounts are also available from the bank. The interest rates are very competitive and again accounts can hold Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD). Interest is payable on closing account balances and these savings accounts are an effective way to enhance your assets and diversify them. The interest that you accrue will never be taxed which cannot be said for savings accounts held in banks in Europe.

An alternative way to generate guaranteed profits is to open term deposit accounts. When you make investments you will earn a percentage of them at the end of the term. The minimum deposit period is thirty days, and if you are prepared to make deposits for longer periods then your earnings will increase. The extended periods are sixty days, ninety two days, one hundred and eighty days and a full year.

In the very near future you will be able to obtain a Visa debit card from this bank. An annual interest rate that is competitive and the Visa branding on this card are both significant advantages. You will be able to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted which is millions of outlets all over the globe. You will also be able to make cash withdrawals from millions of ATM’s. Other benefits will include insurance cover if you rent a car and insurance for travel.

A state of the art online banking service will also be provided for your non resident corporate account from this Curacao bank. This will provide access to your account from anywhere in the world on a 24 hour a day basis. You will be able to make international payments over the Internet as well as view recent transactions, read full statements of your account and see the current balance.

In order to open your international corporate account with this Curacao bank you will be required to make a minimum deposit of at least three thousand (3,000) US Dollars (USD) and this must increase to a minimum of ten thousand (10,000) US Dollars prior to the first twelve months of banking coming to an end. There is no requirement that you should maintain a minimum balance in your corporate account. You should ensure that your account has enough funds to cover any bank charges that will need to be paid though.

Any transactions that you make, and the upkeep of your corporate account, will be subject to fees at this bank in Curacao and these can be increased sometimes. Your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group will send you the very latest fee table for this bank. If you want us to assist you in obtaining the most preferential fees for your corporate account then please request this.

These Proven Instructions Must Be Followed To Be Certain Of Opening Your Non Resident Corporate Bank Account In Curacao

Please follow this step by step set of instructions that have been proven to work, so that your international corporate account can be established without any problems:

  1. Your first action is to connect with us at the Offshore Pro Group and this is easily done through email [email protected] so that we can make all of the necessary arrangements and begin advising you on opening your corporate account. We need as much information about you and your situation that you can possibly provide to us, so please answer our totally confidential questionnaire in full here This Is What You Need To Consider When Opening The Right Non Resident Corporate Account For Your Business.

There are risks that can be avoided if you have just a single international corporate account. The way to avoid these risks is to set up an additional international corporate account in another location. Find out more at the reasons that an additional international corporate account will help you avoid risks.

  1. We will gladly provide our expert services to you so that your non resident corporate account can be opened successfully. Our expert services will be provided to you for a one-off fee of 2999 EUR. Numerous payment options are available such as Western Union, Web Money, Bitcoin, Money Gram, bank transfers and the use of credit cards.
  1. Certain documentation must be provided in English (or an English translation that has been notarized) in order to open your non resident corporate account with this Curacao bank. All beneficial owners, directors, signatories and company officers must provide:
  • A notarized copy of the passport page which has the photograph of the document holder and their signature
  • A utility that is no older than three months which provides clear evidence of the residential address
  • A reference letter from a bank as well as a professional reference letter from a certified public accountant, a notary etc addressed to the beneficiary or signatory of the account

You will also need to provide these corporate documents:

  • A notarized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation,Certificate of the stable financial position of the Company (Certificate of Good Standing) (if the company has existed for more than 1 year).
  • A notarized copy of the minutes of the general meeting and the charter of the legal entity / structure / operating agreement and a memorandum.(Articles and Memorandum of Association or By-Laws)
  • Certificate of directors and shareholders(Register of Directors and / Shareholders)
  • A notarized copy of the share certificate(if the company has registered shares) of the trust declaration, if the company has a corporate shareholder(s) (Copies of Share Certificates)
  • Appointment of directors and the company founders(A copy of the resolution appointing Directors)
  • A notarizedcopy of the Power of Attorney document, if the company has a Corporate Director(s)
  • Samples of signatures of all ownersof the company.
  • Letter of takeover(applicable in the case of bearer shares). (Letter of undertaking)
  • Treaty on the Limitation of liability in the case of an LLC (Agreement of Limited Liability)

These documents should be sent to the Offshore Pro Group and we will check them for compliance. Once they are ready we will send them quickly to the Curacao bank. After receipt of the documents the bank in Curacao will need around 5 business days to have your international corporate account set up for you.

Take action now and start your application for a new non resident corporate account with this Curacao bank by emailing us at [email protected]