Apr 12, 2017

Corporate Account With A Belizean Bank Remotely Opened Which Has A Minimum Deposit That Is Low and Term Deposit And Demand Deposit Accounts.

You will find that the opening of an international corporate account with this bank in Belize will not be an easy task to do yourself. When you enlist the support of the international banking experts at the Offshore Pro Group your corporate account will be successfully set up. There are several benefits to opening a non resident corporate account with this Belize bank:

  • The bank has a total focus on international clients
  • Your corporate account will be remotely opened so visiting Belize will not be required
  • The minimum deposit amount is very low
  • A demand deposit account will be set up for your business
  • A fixed term deposit account with good interest rates can be opened
  • Corporate accounts can be opened for citizens of the United States
  • Manage your corporate account with secure Internet banking

Use this email address to contact us right now [email protected] so that we can start to advise you straight away on the steps that you must take to successfully open your new international corporate account with this bank in Belize. We can only provide you with the best service if you let us know the details of your business and your financial situation. Please do this by fully answering the questions that are here Experts In International Banking Reveal How You Can Select The Very Best Non Resident Corporate Account For The Needs Of Your Business.

The Reasons That The International Banking Jurisdiction Of Belize Is A Good Choice For Your Asset Protection And Growth

The country of Belize is situated in the Yucatan Peninsula to the South East. Belize is a dynamic country and it has a rich heritage. It is a British Commonwealth member as well as being a member of the WTO, the United Nations and the IMF. The government of the country is through a parliamentary system and Belize is a democracy. The local currency is the Belizean Dollar and this is very stable due to its 2:1 pegging to the US Dollar (USD). The official language of Belize is English.

Belize has a growing economy that is stable and it is politically and socially stable also. Agrarian exports are the prime economic sector closely followed by tourism and these two sectors contribute the most to the GDP of the nation. With the growth of the economy the GDP per capita has grown to $4865. The latest census figures indicate a population in Belize of over 331,000 people. There are a number of tax advantages in Belize and they have very strong privacy laws. No client bank account details will be disclosed by any bank to a third party unless an order from a Belizean court forces this.

A company in Switzerland, the Guaranty Trust Ltd, regularly rates offshore jurisdictions around the world and recently Belize was at the top of their list. Several factors are considered by this company when compiling the ratings and some of these are the tax regime of the country, the banking secrecy laws that are in existence, the legal system that is in operation and the communications set up.

Ensuring that illegal monetary practices such as money laundering are eliminated has long been an aim of the government of Belize. Back in 1996 the government passed the Money Laundering Prevention Act and this had a big impact on reducing the number of money laundering practices that were taking place in Belizean financial institutions. Now money laundering never happens in Belize thanks to the strict monitoring of the financial regulator which is the Central Bank of Belize.

The Central Bank of Belize has also introduced tough financial ratios for the banks to comply with. A liquidity ratio of at least 24% must be adhered to and also there is a capital adequacy ratio of at least 9%. Belize is now a very safe jurisdiction for your assets, and growth and diversification are possible. The major factors for this are the growth and stability of the economy, the stable currency and political and social stability, and the strict regulation of the banks by the Central Bank of Belize.

The Reasons Why You Should Consider This Belizean Bank For Your International Corporate Account

This Belizean international bank opened its doors in 2000 when it was provided with an unrestricted “A” class license by the Central Bank of Belize. The license allows the bank to provide financial services to international banking customers that are not resident in Belize. This bank has earned itself a reputation as being one of the leading international banks in the country.

The bank has a mission to supply international business clients with value driven financial services and each client will be provided with a truly unique experience. A vision of being totally unique from other international banks as well as being a partner that all of its clients trust is also in place. This bank wants to add value to your overall success.

The bank has implemented a series of core values and is committed to operate by them at all times. Everyone that deals with the bank, which includes customers and other partners and stakeholders, will be treated with respect. Through their commitment and teamwork this bank is able to deliver financial services of the highest quality to its clients.

The next value is the use of integrity at all times. In order to improve the way that the bank does things and provide a better quality of service the bank has a policy of continuous improvement. Leadership at all levels is another core value and each staff member has been trained to be fully accountable for their clients and the other work that they do. This bank also takes an active role in local community development and the development of Belize as a whole.

This International Bank In Belize Has A Number Of Financial Services To Offer You

Your international corporate account with this Belize bank can be remotely opened with the help and guidance of the Offshore Pro Group. This is a major plus, as you will not have to travel to the country and meet with representatives from this bank prior to your corporate account being established. There are a number of financial services that you can take advantage of after your account has been set up.

You will be able to open two types of corporate account which are a demand deposit account and a fixed term deposit account. Both of these accounts will be in US Dollars (USD). These accounts are only for use by corporate account holders and there are a number of benefits which include easy access to your capital, tax advantages and flexibility.

A demand deposit account can be opened in the name of your business and when you open this account you must make a minimum deposit of 1,000 US Dollars (USD). You will be required to maintain a balance of at least 1,000 US Dollars (USD) in your demand deposit account otherwise charges will be applied. The demand deposit account does not bear any interest.

The second type of account is a fixed term deposit. To open a term deposit account you will have to make an investment of at least 20,000 US Dollars (USD). You will receive interest at a level that is commensurate with the amount of money that you have deposited and the length of the term you have chosen. When your term deposit matures you can either have the interest paid to your account or go for another term where the interest will be added to the principal deposit amount.

For added business flexibility there are credit cards available from this bank that are either branded Visa or MasterCard. You will find that the interest rates for these cards are competitive and with either the Visa or the MasterCard brand you will have significant spending power and be able to withdraw cash from ATM’s around the world.

A cash security requirement of 125% of the limit of the credit card is required. Your monthly credit card bill can be settled automatically from your account if you require this. There is a minimum limit of 1,000 US Dollars (USD) with these cards. A withdrawal of cash up to 100% of your limit is possible. Yearly membership fees are applied to all cards issued.

When you are running a business it is often beneficial to have an overdraft facility so that large projects can be funded. The bank can offer you an overdraft as a source of working capital and they will charge interest daily on the overdrawn balance.

This bank has a convenient and secure Internet banking service for the remote access and management of your international corporate account from any location. The transactions are all made in real time and if you need to view statements and print them off you can do this. Recent transactions and account balances can also be viewed. If there is a need for you to conduct a wire transfer then you can make a request for this through the Internet banking service.

Your new international corporate account can be opened in this bank in Belize with a low minimum deposit of only 1,000 US Dollars (USD). This is a significant advantage when other international banks would require a deposit far in excess of this amount. There is a minimum balance requirement of 1,000 US Dollars (USD) which has to be in place at all times to avoid additional bank charges.

This bank will charge commissions on all of your transactions and there will be an account upkeep charge as well. At times these charges may be subject to an increase. Your Offshore Pro Group consultant will be able to let you have the most up to date schedule of tariffs. When you are completing your international bank selection form please indicate if you need our assistance to negotiate favorable bank charges.

This Is A Step By Step List Of Instructions That You Need To Follow To Be Successful In Opening A Non Resident Corporate Account With This Belizean Bank

Please be sure to follow this list of actions step by step so you will have certainty of establishing your international corporate account:

  1. Firstly you must contact us at the Offshore Pro Group using email [email protected] and once contact has been established it will initiate the process of us providing professional advice to you so that you can open your corporate account. Secondly it is very important that we fully understand the aims of your business and other financial criteria so please take the time to answer the list of questions on this page (in total confidence) If You Read And Act On This Free Professional Advice You Will Be Able To Choose The Best Non Resident Corporate Account For Your Business Needs.

You may not be aware that if you just have a solitary non resident corporate account then this can be risky. A good solution is to have an additional non resident corporate account opened in another jurisdiction. This page explains the reasons why an additional non resident corporate account will alleviate risk.

  1. Your international banking professional at the Offshore Pro Group will work alongside you from start to finish until you account is operational. Our expert services will be provided to you for a single payment of 2999 EUR. Web Money, Bitcoin, credit card, Western Union, a bank transfer and Money Gram can all be used to send us the payment.
  1. For the benficial owner, directors and account signatories a number of documents will need to be supplied in English (or a translation into English). Please provide:
  • The appropriate forms for corporate account opening that have been completed, printed off and signed
  • A colour copy of a valid Passport (with pages of customer’s photograph and signature) that has been notarized
  • Evidence of your residential address (Utility bill – Electricity, Gas, Cable or Water) – as specified in the Application form
  • Two original references from banks – these must not be older than 6 months, printed on official stationery of the bank showing all contact information, an 18 months or more relationship must have been held with the bank. If the signatory only has one bank then a character reference from a recognized accountant or lawyer must be provided
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copy of Share Certificate(s)
  • Resolution Appointing the Directors of the Company
  • Certificate of incumbency/Updated Annual Returns
  • Certificate of Good Standing (if the company is older than 1 year)

Send all of these documents to us and we will go through them carefully to make certain that they satisfy the requirements of the bank. They will then be quickly sent over to the bank in Belize. After the bank has verified the documents you will need to wait for approximately 10 business days for your non resident corporate account to be operational.

Please send us an email right now to [email protected] so that we can get to work on your application for a new Belizean corporate account.