Apr 11, 2017

Corporate Account In A Lebanese Bank Opened Remotely Which Has A Low Opening Deposit, Term Deposits, Savings Account And Banking Secrecy.

Opening an international corporate account on your own in this Lebanese bank would be difficult, so let us provide you with the professional assistance necessary from experts in international banking to get your account opened. There are several benefits to opening your new non-resident corporate account with this Lebanese bank:

  • No travelling to the Lebanon will be necessary as your corporate account will be opened remotely
  • A savings account with good interest rates is on offer
  • Two competitive interest rate term deposit accounts available
  • Your bank details will never be shared with another party without your consent (this does not apply to US citizens)
  • Mange your finances with debit and credit cards
  • Insurance brokerage service
  • Internet banking that is secure and convenient for full account access

Take the first step now in opening your new non-resident corporate account by getting in touch with us at the Offshore Pro Group via email [email protected] and as soon as we receive your email we will begin to guide you through the complex process of corporate account opening. In order for us to provide maximum assistance to you it is essential that you inform us about your business and your financial circumstances. We have created a confidential questionnaire on this page so please provide full answers to the questions Get Professional Tips From The Experts In International Banking About Selecting The Right type Of International Corporate Account For Your Business Needs.

The Advantages Of The Lebanese International Banking Jurisdiction

A sovereign state, the Lebanese Republic which is better known as just Lebanon, has borders with Israel to the South and Syria to the North and East. It can be found in Western Asia. Arabic is the official language of the country and there are over 5.8 million residents in Lebanon. The system of government is parliamentary and it is a democratic country.

For the last few years the economy of the Lebanon has been growing and this includes the financial crisis years of 2008/2009. The economic system of the Lebanon is a laissez-faire model and the economy is stable and developing. Where foreign trade is concerned there is also a very low level of government intervention. In the Arabic region, the economy of the Lebanon is one of the strongest and fastest growing. It has the 80th highest GDP per capita in the world of $17,986 and uses the Lebanese Pound (LBP) as its official currency.

Chemicals, transport, agriculture and banking are the leading economic sectors of the country. The economy is very service orientated and banking and tourism are growing rapidly. The Lebanon is both politically and socially stable. The movement of capital and foreign exchange transactions are not restricted in the country.

The Lebanon was the leader when it came to international finance in the Arabic region due to its strategic location between the Middle East and Europe. It is said that there are billions of dollars of foreign money safely housed in international Lebanese banks. Since the 1960’s the Lebanon has deployed strict financial and banking regulations. As a result of this the financial institutions and banks in Lebanon are financially stable.

Banking secrecy laws in the Lebanon are very strict. No bank in the country will provide account details to third parties without the account holder’s consent unless there is money laundering involved. The only country that the Lebanon has an agreement with to share financial information for the purposes of tax collection is the United States of America.

The official financial institution and banking regulator of the country is the Bank of Lebanon and they are also responsible for the issuing of the nation’s currency. The Bank of Lebanon has several aims and the main ones are the financial stability of the banking sector, transfer of money regulation and the financial stability of the country overall. All banks in the Lebanon are strictly regulated by the Bank of Lebanon to ensure that financial laws and liquidity regulations are upheld.

There are a number of reasons why a Lebanese international bank is a safe and secure place for your assets. There is economic, political and social stability and the economy is rapidly developing. All Lebanese banks are strictly controlled by the Bank of Lebanon to ensure that they are financially stable as well.

The Benefits Of Having Your Corporate Account With This International Bank In Lebanon

In 1980 this international bank in Lebanon was founded and since its inception it has recorded intrinsic growth every year. The bank has implemented a solid management structure and has a philosophy of “the customer coming first” and these have been major contributors to growth. Also the shareholders of the bank are dedicated to its growth and have reinvested profits and made additional capital injections to support the bank.

Providing products and services of the highest quality that will meet their clients’ ever changing requirements is the primary objective of this bank. This bank can provide banking services of a general nature and they also own an insurance brokerage to deliver insurance products. The bank is committed to technology and invested strongly in this area and now it has a very sophisticated IT infrastructure.

To be the leading international bank in the Lebanon is the mission of this bank. Delivery of this mission is through the provision of a personalized service to all clients, as well as the provision of the best in class financial services and products. Innovation is important to this bank and it will supply innovative financial solutions to meet evolving customer needs. The bank is also committed to continuous improvement.

Three core values are responsible for the growth of this bank and form the foundations for everything that they do. The values are a total client focus, honesty and integrity. The bank has a vision of being a provider of financial services that is world class, and the values provide the driving force for this.

Management initiatives are continuously implemented at this bank and recent initiatives have been deployed to assist the employees at the bank to improve their perception, thoughts and responses to their customers. The products and services that are provided to customers and the systems deployed by the bank are all underpinned by the three core values.

Developing long term relationships with clients that are built on trust has been achieved by this bank through dedication and hard work. All clients receive customized financial solutions that will meet their financial requirements. This bank believes that it should always strive to improve its culture and its product and service offerings so that customer loyalty can be enhanced.

The Wide Range Of Financial Services That This International Bank In The Lebanon Can Provide To You

Your non resident corporate account with this Lebanese bank can be remotely opened when you work with the international banking professionals at the Offshore Pro Group. There will be no requirement for you to travel to the Lebanon and participate in a meeting with bank personnel in order for your corporate account to be established. A comprehensive selection of quality financial services will be on offer to you as soon as your corporate account is up and running.

So that you can manage your capital and secure your finances you will have the opportunity to open a number of different accounts at this bank. The bank will want to assist you to achieve your business and financial goals with these accounts. In order to do this, employees of the bank will need to discuss your business and financial aims with you so that they can recommend the best financial solutions to you.

Four flexible current accounts can be opened and you can choose the right account that will meet the needs of your business. The accounts are the Basic, the Starter, the Starter + and a payroll account which is called Aash Almaash. With some accounts transactions are free, and all of the accounts will provide you with an associated debit card and a Net Shopper Card that is free for the first 12 months.

Growing your assets can be achieved by opening a savings account with this bank. An Easy Save account will provide total flexibility when it comes to withdrawals and deposits and you can start a savings account for only a 700 US Dollar (USD) initial deposit. Twice yearly you will receive an interest payment and your first 6 transactions every month are free.

If you want to earn a higher level of interest then you can choose from the two term deposit accounts that are on offer from this bank. The first is the Capital Save term deposit account which you can open for one, three, six or twelve months and this account requires a minimum investment of 1,000 US Dollars (USD). When the term reaches maturity you will receive the accrued interest.

For the highest rate of interest you will need the Deal term deposit account. With this term deposit a larger investment requirement will be needed of 25,000 US Dollars (USD) and you can choose terms from 3 months, 6 months, a year, 2 years or 3 years. As with the Capital Save account, you will receive your interest payments when the term has matured. Up to 90% of your deposit in a Deal account can be used as a credit facility.

There is an education and retirement insurance package available through the bank’s insurance brokerage. You can use these packages to grow and protect your finances. You can consider these insurance packages as a good way to save money and earn interest, and at the same time protect yourself with accidental death coverage and the option to extend this to cover disabilities.

When you open your current account you will be provided with an associated debit card free of charge. The debit card can be used to purchase goods and also to make cash withdrawals at ATM’s. For online purchases you will also be provided with a reloadable Net Shopper Card.

Visa and MasterCard branded credit cards are also available to be applied for. With the Visa and MasterCard branding you will be able to use these cards at millions of establishments across the world and also use them in ATM’s to obtain cash. The first card is the classic card and this has a limit of 6,000 US Dollars (USD) and the second card is a gold card and this has a limit of 20,000 US Dollars (USD). You will not be charged annual fees with either of these credit cards.

The bank will allow you to use their Internet banking service so that you can access and manage your non resident corporate account from anywhere that has an Internet connection, and at any time of the day or night. With this convenient and secure service you can make a number of transactions and check account balances and statements.

Opening your new international corporate account at this bank in the Lebanon will require an opening deposit of 1,000 US Dollars (USD). This opening amount is very low, and competing international banks would insist that your opening deposit be substantially more than this. You will not need to keep a minimum account balance in your corporate account but it is a good idea to maintain enough to pay all of your bank charges.

Maintenance of your corporate account and transactions that you make will all attract commission fees from this Lebanese bank, and these can be subject to increases at times. For the most up to date schedule of commission fees charged by this bank please ask your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group. It is also possible for us to assist you with negotiating favorable commission charges for your corporate account so please let us know if you want us to help with this.

If You Want Your New International Corporate Account To Be Opened Successfully Then Please Follow These Instructions

The instructions below must be followed exactly so that you can be certain of opening your non resident corporate account with this Lebanese bank:

  1. The very first step is to contact the Offshore Pro Group by sending an email to this address [email protected] and as soon as we hear from you we will start working with you on all aspects of the application process for a corporate account. The second step is to provide full details to us about your business and your financial position. You can do this by responding in full to our confidential questionnaire which can be located here From The International Banking Professionals – How To Choose The Best Non Resident Corporate Account For Your Business.

In the current climate it is strongly advised that you open an additional non resident corporate account in a different jurisdiction as just having one account can be risky. This page has a full explanation as to why this is a good decision don’t take the risk of having just one non resident corporate account and consider opening an additional account.

  1. Our team of experts in international banking will support you through the entire process of corporate account opening. In order to provide our expert service to you we ask that you make a single payment of 3999 Web Money, credit card, Bitcoin, Western Union, a bank transfer or Money Gram can all be used to make this payment to us.
  1. To open your new international corporate account it is essential that the account beneficiaries, directors, shareholders and any other authorized persons provide documentation in English (or a translation into English that has been notarized). Please supply the following documents:
  • The required forms to open a corporate account that have been filled in completely and printed and then signed
  • A copy of the page in a valid passport that bears the photo ID and the signature of the holder. All copies must be notarized

Also please provide these corporate documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Commercial circular (if exists)
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (If exists)
  • Certificate of incumbency (if exists)
  • Minutes of a meeting appointing the board members
  • Minutes of a meeting appointing the Director(s) (Resolution of Director which they grant the Director of the company the power to establish/open, operate/manage and close the company’s bank accounts)

Important Note:  All of the above documents have to be authenticated by the official authorities listed below:

  • The country of origin’s Chamber of Commerce
  • The country of origin’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • A Lebanese Consulate or Embassy in the originating country
  • The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

All of the documents must be sent over to us and we will verify that they meet the demands of the bank. After verification all of the documents will be forwarded quickly to the bank in Lebanon. The bank will need at least another 7 business days to have your new international corporate account ready for you.

Get started with your application for a non resident corporate account with this Lebanese bank right away by sending an email to this address [email protected]