Apr 12, 2017

Corporate Account In A Bank In Georgia With The Possibility Of Remote Opening, Investment Services, Accounts In Multi Currency And No Minimum Deposit.

Opening a non resident corporate account with this bank in Georgia will be tough to achieve on your own. We can help you at the Offshore Pro Group as we have experienced international banking experts who will assist you in opening your corporate account. This Georgian bank is well respected and offers a number of advantages:

  • If you meet the conditions you can remotely open your account which will mean no travelling to Georgia
  • There is a multiple currency account option
  • No minimum opening deposit is demanded by this bank in Georgia
  • Make investments using the bank’s brokerage service
  • Certificate of deposit accounts which pay good interest
  • Comprehensive range of credit cards and debit cards can be obtained
  • Highly efficient and convenient Internet banking service

Work with the international banking professionals at the Offshore Pro Group and get your account opened. Just send us an email to [email protected] so that we can begin the process of guiding you to successfully opening your international corporate account with this bank in Georgia. We want to help you as much as we can so please tell us about your business and your financial desires by completing the confidential questionnaire on this page Read This From The Experts To Make Certain That You Open The Very Best Non Resident Corporate Account For Your Business.

The Important Facts That You Need To Know About The Jurisdiction Of Georgia

Located in the Caucasus, Georgia shares its borders with Turkey and Armenia to the South and Russia to the North. Georgia is a unitary, semi presidential republic and a representative democracy. The head of state is the President and his elected Prime Minister is the head of the government.

The Georgian Lari (GEL) is the official currency of the nation and the current GDP per capita figures for the country are approximately $3,863. Georgia became independent from Russia in 1991 and for the first few years it struggled badly with its economy. After around ten years the economy picked up well and has grown strongly and is now stable.

In 2007 Georgia became one of the fastest growing countries in Eastern Europe and experienced a surge in its GDP. The country developed a reputation for being “easy to do business with” and the World Bank commented that Georgia had been the top economic reformer of all of the countries in the world. Social and political stability are also strong in Georgia.

For a number of years the Georgian government has been fighting illegal financial activities such as money laundering. This has all but disappeared now but there is still some work to do. Georgia radically simplified its laws on taxation and only six taxes exist today. If your company is not registered in Georgia then you will only pay corporation tax on revenues that have been derived from the country. There is no capital duty, capital acquisitions tax or stamp duty in Georgia.

The National Bank of Georgia is the banking regulator and its prime aim is to ensure that price stability exists. Its duties include the supervision of financial institutions and banks in order to ensure that there is financial stability throughout the financial sector. It strictly regulates banks for transparency issues and to ensure that illegal practices such as terrorism funding and money laundering do not occur.

No agreement has been signed yet for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This means that the existing banking secrecy laws are still in place. An agreement with the OECD will be signed in the future, so concealment of capital in Georgia is not recommended.

The economy of Georgia is stable and continuing to develop and political and social stability is good. The National Bank of Georgia is a strong regulator and carefully monitors the banks to make certain of their financial stability. These factors mean that Georgia is a good jurisdiction for the protection of your assets.

Why You Should Consider This International Bank In Georgia For Your International Corporate Account

This Georgian international bank is the biggest in the nation and has a 34% market share based on the size of its assets. It was founded in 1995 and it has experienced year on year growth since it opened. It is the only bank in Georgia that has received a credit rating from the big three ratings agencies. It was rated “BB” with Fitch and Standard and Poors, and Moody’s assigned the bank a  “B1/Ba3” rating and all predicted a stable outlook.

This bank was voted the “safest bank in Georgia” in 2014 by “Global Markets” which is a leading capital markets magazine. International Finance Magazine voted the bank as the best Wealth and Asset Management bank in the country again in 2014, and in the same year it was also awarded “best bank in social media in Central and Eastern Europe”.

An important objective of this bank is to assist all of their clients to be financially prepared for the future. They believe in this so much that their slogan is “feel the future”. The mission of the bank is to fully support its clients, investors and personnel and also society. It wants to make the future bright for all by continuously innovating and using its expertise and dedication.

The bank has a vision to set new standards of banking both internationally and locally. It will do this by applying foresight, knowledge and their experience. There are also a number of values held by this bank and building a strong team that can achieve great results together is at the top of the value list. They also are committed to innovation, being proactive and passionate, developing long term client relationships that are based on total respect and to search for new opportunities and take risks that are reasonable.

This International Bank In Georgia Can Offer You  Wide Range Of Services

When you work with the professionals at the Offshore Pro Group you can be sure that your non resident corporate account will be open with this bank in Georgia. Two ways exist to open an account with this Georgian bank. The first method is to travel to Georgia and meet with bank officials prior to your account being set up. Remote opening of your account is the second method. To qualify for remote opening you must have already opened a bank account in one or more of these countries:

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

If you want to make investments then you can use the brokerage facilities that this bank offers. You will be able to trade commodities, bonds, foreign currencies (FOREX) and equities. The bank investment professionals research the market constantly and provide reports on their research for customers so that they can take advantages of the opportunities that they have found. A private banker will be assigned to you and they will be at your disposal at all times to make sure that all of your trades are handled accurately, without problems and rapidly.

The bank has a number of corporate services to offer you. You will be guided by a professional corporate banker who is highly qualified and will assist in all areas of business banking. The bank can offer bank guarantees, letters of credit, standby letters of credit, documentary collection and other corporate services.

Certificate of deposits (CD’s) are available to you and this bank offers a choice of two CD’s which are coupon and discount CD’s. If you choose a coupon CD then your deposit will attract a monthly interest yield and you will be paid the full amount at the end of the term. A discount CD is sold to the client at a price that is lower than the nominal value. When the term comes to an end the full nominal amount will be paid out so the holder will make a profit. You can open CD’s in Georgian Lari or in other international currencies.

You will be able to choose which type of current account is associated with your international corporate account. The “Universal Account” is a good choice as it is tied directly to a card and you can make deposits with this. This account is multi currency and you can hold four different currency types which are the Georgian Lari (GEL), the British Pound Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD) and the Euro (EUR). You will be able to make incoming and outgoing transfers with this account as well as make deposits and withdrawals and use it for currency conversion.

There are a number of debit cards available from this bank for business flexibility. The cards are directly associated with your account and are branded Maestro Cirrus or Visa Electron. You can make purchases with these cards as well as use ATM’s throughout the world to withdraw cash. Online purchases can be made with the Visa Electron card.

There are also credit cards available with a range of benefits and they are branded Visa, MasterCard and American Express. There are business cards available for more flexibility, and these can be given to authorized employees for controlled expenditure.

So that you can access your non resident corporate account remotely, the bank has created a secure and efficient online banking service. With this service you will be able to view your account details and manage your account by making international payments and managing the credit cards that your business has been issued with. If you want to open term deposits remotely this can be achieved as well.

When your new international corporate account is being opened this bank in Georgia will not request that you make a minimum deposit. If you compare this to other European banks that offer international corporate accounts you will realise that this is a major benefit. You will not be asked to maintain a minimum account balance either, but it is always a good idea to make sure that bank charges are covered by keeping some money in your account.

For the general upkeep of your account and for the transactions that you make, this Georgian bank will charge you fees and these can change. Your international banking consultant at the Offshore Pro Group will let you have the very latest fee schedule from this bank. Also your consultant can assist you in obtaining the most preferential fees for your account if you want this.

Please Read This Step By Step List Of Actions Below And Follow The Instructions So That You Can Successfully Open Your Georgian Corporate Account

These instructions have been proven in the past to be successful for opening international corporate accounts. Please go through each instruction in the order that you see them:

  1. Please make your very first action to contact with us at the Offshore Pro Group using this email address [email protected] in order that we can get to work on your application for a new non resident corporate bank account with this bank in Georgia. You must tell us everything that you can about your business and your financial situation so that we can provide you with the very best service. Please complete our confidential questionnaire here This Is What You Need To Know About Selecting The Right Kind Of International Corporate Account For Your Business – Listen To The Experts.

Just having a single international corporate account opened can mean that you will be faced with certain risks. The answer to this problem is to set up a second international corporate account in a different jurisdiction. Please read why the opening of a second international corporate account is a lot less riskier than just holding on to one account.

  1. You can be assured of our professional help and guidance to open your new non resident corporate account with this Georgian bank. For our expert services you will need to pay us a fee of 500 Euro (EUR) if you plan to travel to Georgia to meet with bank representatives prior to account opening, or 700 Euro (EUR) if you want your account opened remotely and you qualify for this. Bitcoin, credit cards, a bank transfer, Western Union, Web Money or Money Gram are all payment methods that you can choose from.
  1. To open your non resident corporate account with this bank in Georgia you will need to provide specific documents that are either in English or Georgian (or a translation that has been notarized). For each director, shareholder, authorized representative, beneficiary owner:
  • The corporate bank account opening forms that have been completely filled out and signed then printed
  • A notarized copy of a current international passport (the page with photo and signature)

Corporate documents required:

  • Apostille and Notarized Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Apostille and Notarized Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Apostille and Notarized Copy of the Certificate of Good Standing, if the company is older than 1 year
  • Deed of Trust, in case of corporate/nominee shareholder
  • Power of attorney (if this is applicable)
  • An official letter from the serving bank saying that this entity has an account at, with given details of this account from which the first transfer of the funds will occur to the newly opened account at the Georgian bank; also including contact details of one of the representatives of the serving bank
  • Apostille and notarized signature sample of the client’s representative
  • Other relevant documentation

Please send all of the documents to the Offshore Pro Group where we will check them thoroughly to ensure that they are compliant with the bank’s requirements. If you will be travelling to meet an official at the bank in Georgia then please ensure that you take your current travel document and other identification documents. Once all documentation is verified and the meeting has taken place (if required) then this bank in Georgia will take approximately 10 business days to have your international corporate account operational for you.

Get your application going today for your new Georgian international corporate account by contacting us at [email protected]