Apr 18, 2017

Corporate Account In A Bank In Latvia That Is Strictly Regulated Has Asset Management Services, Multiple Currency Accounts and Term Deposits.

This international bank in Latvia is very particular about the clients it accepts, so to avoid disappointment we can help you at the Offshore Pro Group with our team of experienced international banking experts to get your corporate account set up. We recommend this bank in Latvia for its quality and benefits which include:

  • Strong regulation for this European bank
  • Three major currencies can be held in your account
  • Asset management services from professionals
  • Trading options through brokerage service
  • Various term deposit accounts
  • Internet banking provides full account access remotely
  • EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme protection for your corporate account

Our experience in international banking is second to none at the Offshore Pro Group and we will ensure that your new corporate account in Latvia is opened. Please send us an email to [email protected] so that we can begin to assist you immediately. So that we can provide the most professional service to you please respond to the questionnaire on this page and tell us all that you can about your business and financial goals Reading This Advice From The Professionals Will Assist You In Opening The Very Best International Corporate Bank Account.

The Reasons That The International Private Banking Jurisdiction Of Latvia Is A Good Choice

Latvia has borders with Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Estonia and is one of the three States in the Baltic’s. The country is democratic and its government system is parliamentary. The latest figures suggest that the population of Latvia is greater than 2 million residents. In 2004 Latvia became a member of the European Union (EU).

Latvia has good social and political stability, and its economy has been growing over the last few years and it is also stable. The GDP per capita has been growing each year and now it is up at $25,740. It has one of the fastest growing economies of the member states of the EU. Latvia is defined as a high income nation according to the World Bank and features on their world list.

The financial transparency of Latvia has changed over the last few years thanks to the efforts of the government. Recently the country entered into an agreement with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to abide by the terms of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) agreement.

The government of Latvia has wanted the country to be respected as an international financial center for several years now. It has reformed a number of existing laws to improve perception and also empowered the financial regulator to strictly enforce the financial laws. The official regulator of the banks and financial institutions is the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC), and they provide very strict regulation of the banks to be sure that the financial laws are being complied with.

The FCMC has also been very successful in the eradication of illegal monetary practices such as funding of terrorism and money laundering. If banks violate these laws then severe penalties are in place. The penalties have increased from 10% net income to 10% total bank turnover. The maximum penalty fine has also been raised from 140,000 Euros to 5 million Euros.

The Latvian government and the FCMC have improved the perception of Latvia as an international financial center through their recent actions. A number of businesses are now attracted to Latvia because illegal financial activities no longer exist. You may not be able to hide money in Latvia any more but it is certainly a quality jurisdiction for the safeguarding, enhancement and diversification of your assets.

Your new corporate account will be protected by the EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme as Latvia is a full member of the EU. With all of the strict regulation on the banks in Latvia it is very unlikely that any of them would go into default. But if this did happen then the EU scheme will cover your corporate account to a maximum of 100,000 Euros (EUR). If you would like more information about the EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme please ask your Offshore Pro Group consultant.

Why You Should Open Your New International Corporate Account With This Latvian Bank

In 1992 this international Latvian bank opened its doors. The bank’s target clients are entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. Along with general banking services, this bank has brokerage services for trading and asset management services.

The bank is owned by a large group and they own an investment management company, a large private bank in Russia, a factoring company, a luxury chain of supermarkets, a leasing company and an insurance company.

The provision of the very best financial services and being a very reliable partner are central to this bank’s philosophy. Forming a partnership with you is very important to this bank and they will want to provide you with a service that is highly personalized, be your financial consultant and your overall financial partner. Private banking is their sole purpose and finding the most optimum financial solutions for their clients is a primary objective.

The bank has a number of principles that it adheres to and the top of the list is the provision of a completely personalized service. The bank will want to know your business and financial goals and they will focus on your achievement of these. The investment services that the bank offers will be entirely customized to your requirements and the developing of a long term relationship is very important. This bank will always want to avoid conflicts of interest and they have a totally transparent approach which is underpinned with integrity, to ensure that honest relationships are formed with all clients.

Innovative and flexible solutions are offered by this bank. To meet all of your financial requirements they will provide a combination of traditional and innovative financial services. The bank’s investment professionals have a comprehensive understanding of the money markets as well as vast experience in investment portfolio management and investment fund management.

This International Latvian Bank Can Provide A Comprehensive Range Of Services To You

The international banking experts at the Offshore Pro Group will work closely with you to make certain that you will be able to open your new international corporate account with this bank in Latvia. Unfortunately you will not be able to open your corporate account remotely, so you will need to travel to Latvia (or one of the alternative official locations) and attend a meeting with a representative of the bank prior to your account being established. Your Offshore Pro Group consultant can supply you with a list of alternative locations.

An asset management subsidiary is owned by this bank and through this they can offer you quality asset management services. You will be advised on your investment strategy and a range of investment products can be acquired. The investment strategies that can be supported by this bank are balanced, aggressive and conservative.

Professional portfolio managers and investment analysts at this bank are renowned for their expertise and they have more than ten years of experience working in the Russian, Baltic and world money markets. You will be able to obtain asset allocation from these professionals including fixed income instruments as well as the global financial markets. The investment professionals at this bank have vast experience of managing investment portfolios and totals have been in excess of one billion US Dollars (USD).

You might want to make your own investments rather than delegate this to the bank. The bank has a professional brokerage service so that you can make your own trades on the financial markets. If you need any assistance with your trades the investment professionals will be willing to help you.

If you are interested in term deposits then this bank has a range to offer you. You can generate a stable income from these deposits and with their standard deposit service you have the choice of terms to suit you, have your interest paid monthly or at maturity, have your account opened in the currency of your choice and receive attractive rates of interest. The available terms are three, six, nine and twelve months or two or three years. You will need to invest a minimum of 100,000 US Dollars (USD), 100,000 British Pounds Sterling (GBP) or 100,000 Euros (EUR).

To benefit from the advantages of a term deposit and a savings account you can choose the elastic term deposit account. You can choose from two short terms of 12 or 18 months, you can make as many deposits as you want in the first 12 weeks, your account can be terminated with 10 days notice and you will be paid the interest accrued to date, the deposit can be opened in 4 major currencies, if you go for additional terms then you will receive higher interest rates and all interest is paid at maturity. You can also open a fiduciary or subordinated term deposit accounts.

A current account will be opened with your corporate account for general transactions such as incoming and outgoing transfers. Your current account will be in multiple currencies and will support US Dollars (USD), British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and Euros (EUR). A “Supreme” package of services is available to corporate clients. With this package you can have a privileged payment card as well as other benefits. For more information on the Supreme package please ask your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group.

To gain full access to your corporate account remotely you can use the convenient and secure online banking service. From any location and 24/7 you will have access to your account balance and all of your recent transactions. You can look at full account statements and make payments from your account.

An initial minimum deposit must be made before your international corporate account can be opened and this must be at least 100,000 Euros (EUR). Also your account balance must be maintained at a minimum level of 100,000 Euros (EUR).

There will be commissions payable to the bank for your corporate account upkeep and the transactions that you make, and sometimes these commissions will change. The very latest commissions charged by this bank in Latvia can be provided to you by your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group. We can help you negotiate favourable terms for bank charges for your new corporate account, so if this is of interest to you please request our help from your consultant.

Important Note: There are some restrictions on classic offshore companies from jurisdictions such as the Seychelles, Belize and Panama (and others). Please check with your professional at the Offshore Pro Group to verify if your offshore company is restricted or not.

Your International Corporate Account Will Be Opened Successfully If You Follow This Step By Step Action List

Please be sure to follow this step by step list of actions to ensure that your new non resident corporate account can be set up successfully:

  1. The first thing that you are required to do is to contact us using this email address [email protected] and as soon as we receive your email we will start to work with you and guide you through each step so that your corporate account can be opened successfully. Please be sure to provide all of your business and financial information by fully answering the questions that you can see on this page Use The Information On This Page Provided By International Banking Experts To Ensure That You Choose The Right International Corporate Bank Account.

You may not know that holding just a single non resident corporate account can be risky for you and your business. You can alleviate these risks by having an additional non resident corporate account opened in an alternative jurisdiction. Please read this for more information you can alleviate risk with a second non resident corporate account in an alternative jurisdiction (https://www.offshore-pro.com/why-you-need-more-than-one-offshore-bank-account ).

  1. Our professionals at the Offshore Pro Group will work closely with you so that your new Latvian bank international corporate account can be opened successfully. We will be delighted to assist you with our professional services and for this there will be a fee of 599 Euro (EUR) to pay. Money Gram, Web Money, credit cards, Western Union, Bitcoin or a bank transfer can all be used to send us the payment.
  1. There are a range of ducuments that you must provide in order to open your international corporate account with this bank in Latvia:
  • The relevant bank account opening forms that have been properly filled out, printed and signed
  • Copy of a valid passport document (the original must be shown at the identification meeting with the bank)
  • Detailed information confirming evidence of the client funds (a bank statement, a tax return or an extract from the depositary etc)
  • Companies need to provide a package of corporate documents, as a rule – incorporation certificate, statutes and a protocol of appointment of directors (all of these documents must be in English and certified by an Apostille)
  • You must also submit documents confirming company ownership – share certificates and / or the declaration of deed and trust. If the control is carried out on the basis of power of attorney, you must submit the power of attorney document and have it certified by an Apostille

An identification meeting with officials at the bank must be held in Latvia or another official location and you will need to take your original identification documents with you. All of the other documentation needs to be sent over to us where we will diligently check it for compliance. The documents will be quickly passed on to the Latvian bank. Once the meeting has been held and the documents checked, please wait for approximately 7 working days for your international corporate account to be operational.

Act now and don’t delay your application for a new international corporate account with this bank in Latvia. Send us an email to [email protected]