Apr 11, 2017

Corporate Account With Regulated Luxembourg Bank That Has Multi Currency Accounts, EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme And Investment Options.

We can help you to open a new international corporate account with this bank in Luxembourg. Trying to do this alone will be extremely difficult. Our international banking experts will provide all of the advice that you will need to open your account. You should strongly consider this Luxembourg bank because:

  • Located in Europe so the bank has strict regulation
  • You can transfer major world currencies using your account
  • A totally customized investment service
  • The EU Deposit Scheme will provide coverage for your account
  • Chipped Visa credit cards available as well as term deposits
  • Mange your corporate account remotely through secure online banking service

We have a great deal of international banking experience at the Offshore Pro Group so please contact us using this email address [email protected] and we will advise you on the exact steps that you need to take to secure corporate account opening. We want to provide the most professional service to you so please take the time to complete the confidential questionnaire that you will see on this page Please Read This To Understand How To Choose The Right Non Resident Corporate Bank Account That Will Meet Your Needs.

Why You Should Choose The Jurisdiction Of Luxembourg For Your Corporate Account

Situated in Europe and bordered by Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg or its official title the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, has around 580,000 residents. The country is world renowned and was an original founding member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), NATO, the United Nations and the European Union (EU).

At $100,991, Luxembourg has the second highest GDP per capita in the world today. The economy of Luxembourg is experiencing growth and is very well developed and stable. Unemployment is low in Luxembourg and so is the rate of inflation. It has good social and political stability and is ruled by a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

Luxembourg is famous throughout the world as being one of the foremost international monetary centers. The financial institutions have a very professional attitude and there are a number of investing and financial services experts in the country. This is attractive to foreign investors and money pours into the country from all over the globe every day.

Banking secrecy has been around in Luxembourg for a long time but the country has agreed to scrap this in 2017 because of pressure from Germany, the United States and other countries. Compliance with the single global financial standards is an aim of the Luxembourg government. The Luxembourg government has also consented to agree with the provisions of the OECD Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) so that the nation can become more financially transparent.

The banking regulator of Luxembourg was established in 1999 and it is the Commission de Surveillance du Sector Financier (CSSF). Strong regulations have been put in place by the CSSF so that illegal financial practices such as money laundering and the funding of terrorism are never undertaken in Luxembourg financial institutions. The banks in Luxembourg also have to comply with the rules and regulations of the European Central Bank as Luxembourg is an EU member State.

With social and political stability as well as a stable economy that is experiencing growth, Luxembourg is a very smart choice of jurisdiction for asset protection, enhancement and diversification. This is further justified by the strict European Central Bank and CSSF regulation.

Your account in Luxembourg will be protected by the EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme because the country is an EU member. This means that your account will be entitled to coverage if anything goes wrong at the bank. There is a very small chance of a Luxembourg bank defaulting and being unable to make payments. But if the worst happened then the scheme will provide a level of protection to a maximum of 100,000 Euros (EUR). Your Offshore Pro Group consultant will be delighted to provide you with more information about the EU Deposit Scheme.

Why This International Bank In Luxembourg Is A Good Choice For Your Non Resident Corporate Account

A large banking organization founded this Luxembourg bank in 2012. The group wanted to expand their customer base and enhance the loyalty that clients would give them. This bank in Luxembourg has a larger range of investment and fiduciary services than the other banks in the group, and its intention is the attraction of additional international business clients and high net worth individuals to take advantage of their wealth management products.

This Luxembourg bank has a vision to provide an experience in private banking that all of their clients will value highly. Having a unique comprehension of their client’s financial needs is critical to this vision. Their mission is to help their clients safeguard their assets and then grow them by advising on critical investments.

The bank delivers a promise to all clients that they will show the same entrepreneurial spirit and a total passion when it comes to intuitively understanding their business and financial aims and then exceeding their expectations by over delivering on this.

The bank strongly believes in three core values. Collaboration is the first of these, and they deliver this by carefully listening to what clients wish to achieve and respond intelligently to this. The bank will take continuous action until you are totally satisfied.

Being intuitive is the second core value. The bank is well aware of the issues that have the most importance with their clients. They have a good understanding of all the issues that are related to international banking and this includes all aspects of the law. All customers will receive totally tailored solutions from this bank. The third core value is to actually be valued by clients. The bank wants to be truly valued by its clients and working together for the achievement of the client’s success underpins this.

General Account Services For Your International Corporate Account And Asset Management From This Luxembourg Bank

Your new non resident corporate account can be opened successfully with the professional assistance of the experts of the Offshore Pro Group. To open your corporate account you will first need to meet with a representative of the bank in Luxembourg. There are other countries where this meeting can be held such as Kazakhstan, Russia and the Ukraine. A full list of countries can be supplied to you by your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group. You will benefit from the wide range of investment and general banking services of this bank once your corporate account is functional.

You will be assigned a personal investment advisor who will want to fully comprehend your business and financial aims. You will then be advised on the best selection of securities, global asset allocation and investment products. You will need an investment strategy first, and then your advisor will make suggestions of quality investment ideas that will be in line with your strategy. All of the recommendations made will be independent and you will make the final decision.

Investment products of high quality from around the globe will be recommended, and this includes receiving offers from some of the leading international banks and investment companies. The aim of the bank will be for you to receive maximum benefit from their recommendations whether they are the bank’s own products or from elsewhere.

A mixed portfolio will be suggested and this will include a year of capital preservation through investing in high quaity bonds. Then a 2 year defensive component should be implemented consisting of non investment and investment grade bonds, money market products and equities. Next is a balanced component which will last for five years and consist of equities, bonds and other asset classes and the last component is growth which should be for over five years and this needs to take into account your ROI expectations and risk tolerance.

Making your own trades and investments is also possible with this bank and they will allow you access to the global securities markets. You will find that all instructions will be executed professionally and fast with this bank.

You can delegate the daily management of your investment portfolio to the investment experts at this bank. First you will need to have a clear strategy and framework for investments developed, and after this your bank investment professional will competently manage your portfolio. Ideas for your investment portfolio will be found for you through the constant monitoring of the markets.

If you want to be a little more conservative then you can open term deposit accounts with this bank. When you open a term deposit account the rate of interest will be set and continue throughout the term. The bank will adjust the interest rates so that they are in line with the conditions of the market.

You will have a new current account opened and this has multi currency capabilities. Transfers can be made in US Dollars (USD), Russian Roubles (RUB), Swiss Francs (CHF), British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and Euros (EUR) as well as other major currencies. A Visa Business credit card and other Visa cards are available and these have sophisticated chip technology for security and global acceptance in millions of establishments.

This bank will provide you with secure online banking so that you can access your corporate account from anywhere in the world 24/7. Once you are logged in you will be able to manage your account and execute transfers and exchange currencies. You can view recent transactions, obtain full statements and check your account balance.

Before your international corporate account can be opened the bank will demand that you make an initial deposit of a minimum of 300,000 US Dollars (USD) or 300,000 Euros (EUR). It is also your responsibility to ensure that you maintain a balance minimum of 300,000 US Dollars (USD) or 300,000 Euros (EUR).

When you use your corporate account you will have to pay for transactions and other fees and these can change at times. Please be sure to ask your Offshore Pro Group consultant to supply you with the current fee schedule. Your Offshore Pro Group consultant can also assist you in securing the most preferential schedule of charges for your account.

Important Note: This bank will accept offshore companies for corporate accounts.

This Step By Step Action List Must Be Followed So That You Can Open Your International Corporate Account

The list of actions below has been proven to work in the past so please go through the actions in order so you can be certain of your international corporate account with this bank in Luxembourg being opened:

  1. The first action is to establish contact with the Offshore Pro Group using email [email protected] so that our experts can help you with all of the steps you will need to take to get your new corporate account opened. Secondly it will really help us to help you if you can let us know all about your situation. Please fully respond to the confidential questions you will see on this page Choosing The Right International Corporate Account – International Banking Professionals Show You How.

With only one non resident corporate account you may be faced with certain risks. These risks can be significantly lessened if you were to open an additional corporate account elsewhere. For further information please see understanding the risks of a single non resident corporate account and why a second account will help.

  1. We will guide you expertly to opening your new international corporate bank account with this Luxembourg bank. A single payment for our professional services is required and this is for 2999 Euros (EUR). Payments can be sent to us in a variety of ways which include credit cards, Web Money, Bitcoin, Money Gram, bank transfer and Western Union.
  1. To open a non resident corporate account please supply the documents listed below:
  • The registration certificate (license) or a Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Incorporation or other document confirming the fact of state registration of enterprises. This must be certified by an Apostille
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • The protocol on the appointment of the directors
  • Power of attorney which is Apostille certified which confirms authority of the person to open an account and manage it on behalf of the company
  • Certificate of good condition of the company which has been certified by an Apostille (this is necessary if the company is older than a year)
  • Passport or ID card of the person or persons which have control of the account
  • The reason for opening the corporate account
  • The intended activities of the business
  • Annual turnover and volume of transactions etc
  • Beneficiaries of the account

All of these documents need to be sent over to us and then we will thoroughly check them for compliance with the bank’s requirements. The documents will then be quickly sent over to the bank in Luxembourg. Please arrange to attend a meeting with the bank’s representatives in Luxembourg or another official location. After the meeting and the verification of the documents the bank will take around 15 working days to have your international corporate account ready to go.

Your new international corporate bank account will be ready for you once you start to take action. Send us an email today to [email protected] so that we can start working on opening your new account.