Apr 13, 2017

Non Resident Corporate Account With Bank In the United States Which Has Account Secrecy And Several Investment Options.

With the expert guidance of the Offshore Pro Group you will be able to open a non resident corporate account in a well established bank in the United States of America. This is not an easy task to perform alone, but with our support your new business account can be opened. There are several reasons why this USA bank is recommended:

  • Very strong jurisdiction
  • Investment guidance and services
  • Account confidentiality for non residents
  • Opening of your account is done remotely – no USA travel required
  • Bank has been established for a long time
  • Corporate payment cards
  • Electronic banking with computer or mobile device

Get you new corporate account established by connecting with us via email [email protected] and we will take all of the necessary steps to guide you expertly to open your new international USA bank corporate account. We have created a questionnaire so that you can provide very important information to us which will assist in the opening of your American corporate account Please Answer These Questions So That The Right International Corporate Account Can be Selected.

The Jurisdiction Of The United States

One of the most famous countries of the world, the United States (or to give it its full title the United States of America) is a country with a very strong economy. In fact it has the world’s largest economy and the 10th highest GDP per capita of approximately $57,220. Political and social stability also exist in the United States.

The United States is the world’s oldest federation and its political system is a representative democracy. The country’s population is large at more than 323 million citizens. The US economy suffered badly after the financial crisis in 2008, but the recovery since has been good. It is the world’s second biggest exporter of goods but manufacturing plays a much smaller role than it used to. The provision of services is now the largest sector of the economy and represents approximately 68% of the nation’s GDP.

The official language of the United States is English but Spanish is spoken widely in certain States. America uses the United States Dollar as its official currency and of all of the official world currencies it is the most heavily traded by a long way. Many other world currencies are pegged to the US Dollar.

American citizens are subjected to very tough laws regarding international bank accounts and the avoidance of tax payments, but non residents are free to open corporate accounts and will not be taxed in the United States and the account will be confidential. Cooperation with the CIS and the European Union has been refused by the USA and they will not provide information to these regions about non resident accounts.

There is nothing illegal about certain American banks providing international corporate accounts provided that they have the licenses in place to do this. Corporate accounts will remain confidential as long as the owners of these accounts are not trying to purposely avoid paying taxes. No international banking laws are being broken by the United States here. To this day the USA has not signed any agreements with the OECD to be in compliance with their disclosure requirements that are very stringent.

Illegal activities such as the funding of terrorists and money laundering will not be entertained by any banks in the United States. The origin of any deposited funds has to be proven by the applicant before a corporate account will be opened. America is not the place if you are looking to conceal your assets and the banks will turn you away if this is your objective.

With a very strong economy that has recovered well and social and political stability, the United States of America is a very smart choice of jurisdiction if you are looking to safeguard your assets and enhance and diversify them.

Your New Non Resident Corporate Account With This Bank In The USA

Founded in 1872, this bank has a rich history and has long been established. The bank has gone from strength to strength over the years has grown year on year. It has a market capitalization of more than 36 billion US Dollars making it one of the largest holding companies in financial services in the United States. Business banking services are provided and you can also obtain investment advice, trade on the markets and take advantage of asset management services.

The bank has developed a culture that it lives by day to day and it has a list of values that support this. Client focus is at the very top, and when your corporate account is up and running you will be allocated a representative from the bank whose job it will be to establish a close relationship with you and fully comprehend your business and financial goals for the short and longer terms.

Being a leader in their field is another one of the bank’s values as well as integrity and honesty, independent thinking, sound judgement, teamwork, success and efficiency. The bank delivers these values through a combination of forming robust associations with other professionals, and the thorough training of their banking staff. The result is that their clients receive the highest levels of service from the bank.

The bank has a vision to create the finest banking institution that is possible and the related objectives are to assist their clients to enjoy financial success and to create the ideal environment for their employees and partners to grow and learn. The creation of long term relationships with clients is a fundamental aim of this USA bank.

Awards are often won by the bank. The online banking service that it provides has been an award winner for three straight years for its customer experience overall. For three successive years the bank has also appeared on the list of the “top 40 wealth managers” which is based on the performance of banks and financial institutions to manage and grow their clients’ assets.

Corporate Account Services That This USA Bank Can Provide To You

A non resident corporate account can be open remotely with this American bank which eliminates the need for you to travel to the country. The Offshore Pro Group will assist you in the remote opening of your corporate account. After your account has been opened, you will be able to use the banking services offered as well as benefit from investment advice and services.

Different types of corporate checking accounts are on offer and these depend on the size of your business and the number of transactions that you intend to make every month. If minimum balances are maintained with these accounts then additional bank charges can be avoided. To be sure of opening the right checking account for your business needs it is important that this is discussed with your expert from the Offshore Pro Group.

To help you with your investment strategies a professional investment counsellor will be allocated to you. These experts can work with you to create an investment strategy or will advise on the best way to realize your current investment strategy. The setting of financial goals is crucial here, and the investment counsellor will be on hand to help with this.

You will also have the freedom to decide on your own investments if that is what you wish. An investment account can be selected and your portfolio executed through the use of the bank’s trading facilities that are available to you over the telephone or online. Your portfolio can include exchange traded funds, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investment instruments.

Term deposit (or certificate deposit) accounts can be opened and the shortest term is a week and the longest is five years. For the top accounts be prepared to make a minimum investment of 1000 to 2500 US Dollars (USD). There are different interest arrangements with these accounts. Tiered interest levels are available with certain accounts, while others have a more simplified interest system or a simple compounding interest on balances each day.

Savings accounts linked to the money markets can be opened but you will need to maintain your account balance at a level of 10,000 US Dollars. This savings account is similar to a normal checking account where you can write checks and make withdrawals, deposits and fund transfers. The interest payable is worked on a tiered system.

Business payment cards can be applied for with a corporate account and this includes a business debit card that can be used to pay expenses which is linked directly to your account. Then there is a business Visa card for your business expenses which has no annual fee and allows you to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. To control the spending of your employees you can apply for a Visa purchasing card. You can also provide your corporate cardholders with a Visa Corporate card from the bank and the spending limits of these cards can be tightly controlled

Managing your corporate account 24 hours a day is possible with the online banking service from this bank. All you need is a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, or a conventional computer and a connection to the Internet. You can securely browse your account and perform balance checks and organize fund transfers. The service is really easy to navigate and you have the added feature of secure messaging so that you can contact staff at the bank to help you with your account.

There are different choices of corporate accounts with this bank so be prepared to make a minimum deposit in the area of 1500 US Dollars (USD) to open your account.

You will be charged for making account transactions and for your corporate account upkeep. Fees can change regularly so ask your professional at the Offshore Pro Group to let you have the most up to date fee information. At the Offshore Pro Group we can also offer our assistance in obtaining the rates that are most advantageous to you.

Please Take Action Against The Following List In Order That Your International Corporate Account Can Be Established

Please follow this list of actions to be taken in the exact order they are presented so that your new foreign corporate account can be set up at this bank in America:

  1. The first action is to contact us using this email address [email protected] and when your email is received we can start to provide you with the expert guidance necessary to open your corporate account. We want to completely help you so please make your second action the completion of the questionnaire that you will find at Making The Right Selection Of International Corporate Account For Your Business.

A single foreign corporate account can mean that you will face a number of risks in today’s world. These risks can be reduced if a second international corporate account is established this is why an additional foreign corporate account will mitigate risk.

  1. You will definitely require our professional assistance to open your international corporate account with this American bank. We will be very pleased to provide these services in return for a single payment of 6000 USD. You can use Money Gram, Bitcoin, Web Money, a credit card, Western Union or use a bank transfer to send the payment to us.
  1. Certified documentation (by a notary) has to be provided by account signatories, authorized individuals and the beneficial owner(s) to open a corporate acount. To be provided in English are:
  • The completed bank opening form that is duly signed
  • Notarized copy of the Passport page which includes photograph for identification and the holder’s signature
  • A copy of a second means of identification with photograph that is also notarized
  • Home address evidence through a bank statement or utility bill no older than 3 months (notarized copy or the original is fine)
  • Proof of the source of the funds to be deposited – tax return or other income document that provides the necessary evidence

You will also need to send the following business documentation:

  • The registration certificate (incorporation certificate)
  • Charter and Memorandum of Association of the company (Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • A document on the appointment of the company manager (appointment of directors, the power of attorney or other document)
  • Welfare certificate (Certificate of Good Standing), if the company has been registered for more than one year ago
  • Copies of income declarations for the last two years

After collecting together all of the required documents please send them to the Offshore Pro Group and we will ensure that they are diligently checked. Once all of the documentation is in order it will be sent over to the USA bank very quickly. Up to 7 working days will be required for the bank in the US to set up your non resident corporate account so that you can start using it.

Make the commitment today to open your foreign corporate account at this USA bank with the help of the Offshore Pro Group. Send an email to us [email protected] to get started with your application.