Apr 20, 2017

Corporate Account In An Offshore Bank In Saint Vincent Opened Remotely That Has Attractive Term Deposits And Multiple Currency Current Accounts And A Minimum Deposit Is Not Required.

Don’t attempt to open a new international corporate account with this offshore bank in Saint Vincent on your own as you will find it tough going. Use our services at the Offshore Pro Group and our experts in international banking will guide you to open your account successfully. This offshore bank in Saint Vincent is very worthy of consideration for your corporate account because:

  • Flexible and good interest rate term deposits on offer
  • You will not have to go to Saint Vincent to open your corporate account as remote opening is possible
  • To open your account the bank will not demand that you make a minimum deposit
  • Your current account will be in multi currency which has many benefits
  • There is a simplified Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for account opening
  • Get full access to your corporate account through the Internet banking service

To avoid any delay in your application for a new non resident corporate account please send us an email now [email protected] and when we receive it we can get started immediately by providing the guidance you will need to open your account. We want to provide the most professional service to you so please tell us all about your current business and financial circumstances by answering the questions on this page Experts In International Banking Show You The Right Way To Choose An International Corporate account That Will Meet Your Business Needs .

There Are Several Reasons Why You Should Consider The Jurisdiction Of Saint Vincent For Your Corporate Account

About 100 miles from Barbados in the Caribbean Sea lay the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, or just Saint Vincent. This is a democratic country which has a parliamentary system of government and has a legal system based on common law. Recent census figures indicate that more than 105,000 are resident in the country. Saint Vincent is a member of the Organisation of East Caribbean States (OECS), the United Nations and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Saint Vincent is a well developed nation and its economy has been steadily growing over the years. Tourism is the most important economic area and agriculture plays an important role in the economy as well. In line with the growth of the economy the GDP per capita of the nation has also increased to approximately $12,000. Political and social stability exist and their currency is also stable. The East Caribbean Dollar (XCD), which is pegged to the United States Dollar (USD), is the official currency of Saint Vincent.

The country being recognized internationally as a center of international banking has been a long term objective of the government of Saint Vincent. The government has made many reforms to its financial laws in order to achieve this as well as introducing a regulator of offshore banking. The regulator is the International Financial Services Authority (IFSA) and it has made a significant impact by ensuring that illegal financial practices such as money laundering have been completely stopped in the country. The IFSA is now very closely monitoring the activities of financial institutions and banks to be certain that there is full compliance with the reformed financial laws.

You will never have to be concerned with banking secrecy as the laws in Saint Vincent are very strong. If you opened your corporate account in another jurisdiction you could find that they will share your account details with foreign authorities without question. This will never happen in Saint Vincent as the authorities would need to obtain a court order before any details are revealed.

There are many important reasons why Saint Vincent should be considered as a safe jurisdiction for your assets and for their diversification and growth. The country has a growing economy that is stable as well as political, social and currency stability. There is also the strong regulation from the IFSA and the government’s desire for the country to be a leading international banking center.

This Offshore Bank In Saint Vincent Should Be Considered For Your International Corporate Account

This international bank in Saint Vincent is privately owned and has been granted a license by the IFSA to conduct international banking business. The bank has a number of corporate clients and it has a good reputation for its financial solutions which are always trustworthy and professional. A timely and flexible service that is tailored to suit your business will be provided and you will experience a very personalized service.

The banking professionals that are employed by this bank have the responsibility to focus completely on meeting the needs of the bank’s customers and your financial privacy is assured. The building of long lasting client relationships is fundamental to the bank’s business model and their services are provided based upon trust, expertise and integrity.

Operating in a responsible and ethical manner is very important to this bank and you can always be confident that your assets will be safe with them. The highest standards of corporate governance exists at the bank and they have a total commitment to getting to know each client very well and establishing their trust. This bank is fully committed to comply with all of the financial laws that exist in the country.

The bank has a firm value set and the most important value is that clients will always have the focus. The bank fully believes that their customers are the reason for everything that they do and establishing relationships for the long term is vital. The employees will want to discuss and fully comprehend your business and financial goals and then they will recommend the best package of financial services that will really add value.

Service excellence is the next important value and the bank wants to deliver a service that will exceed the expectations of their customers. In order to serve customers better the bank has introduced a process of continuous improvement. Honest and clear communication is of paramount importance and if promises are made to clients they must be delivered on. A heavy investment in technology has been made by this bank so they can provide an improved client experience.

Honesty and integrity is another strong value. In all dealings with customers and other bank stakeholders, honesty and integrity will always be applied. The bank knows that the success of its clients is fundamental to their success so only the very best employees are hired. They also believe in growing and developing their employees as the best way to provide the customers with excellent service.

You Will Find That This Offshore Saint Vincent Bank Can Offer A Wide Range Of Services

Remote opening of your offshore corporate account will be possible with the professional guidance from the experts in international banking at the Offshore Pro Group. This is a very important benefit as it means that there will be no requirement placed upon you to travel to Saint Vincent prior to your account being opened to have a meeting with bank representatives.

This Saint Vincent bank will provide you with a very high quality corporate banking service. It is fully understood at this bank that the needs of business owners will all be very different, and that financial needs will vary from client to client. To this end the service that you will receive will be very personalized, delivered in a totally professional manner and completely customized to your needs.

A personal banker will be allocated to you as soon as your international corporate account has been established. The responsibility of your personal banker will be to understand the needs of your business and ensure that all of your financial requirements are met. They will provide a service to you that is of the highest quality as well as being fast and efficient.

If you need payment card processing services for your business then the bank can provide you with its merchant services. It does not matter what size your company is there is a customizable payment card processing solution that will meet your needs. You will be able to integrate your merchant services into your websites easily.

The bank’s term deposit accounts are an ideal way for meeting the varying financial demands of clients. You have worked hard to build up your assets so you need to ensure that you preserve them and enhance them. There are very attractive rates of interest offered with these guaranteed and flexible term deposits.

Multi currency capability is provided with term deposit accounts and this means that funds can be transferred in varying currencies and there is no need to have additional accounts opened. When you open your term deposit accounts the rates of interest will be fixed until the term reaches maturity. There are tiered interest rates applied if the deposits are larger and in certain currencies.

Businesses need flexibility and this bank can provide a multi currency current account to you. With this type of account you will be able to make payments and receive them in different currencies securely and conveniently. Transferring across different currencies is achievable without having to resort to opening separate accounts for this.

Payments from a single account in multiple currencies can be achieved through your current account. When these transactions are made the bank will apply rates of currency exchange that are special. With your current account you can transfer funds into term deposit accounts very easily.

A secure communication channel is used to provide Internet banking to you. Your corporate account can be accessed from anywhere that has an Internet connection and 24 hours every day. You will be able to see the latest balance of your account and the transactions that you have made recently. By entering dates you can examine full account statements for any periods.

With the Internet banking service you will be able to carry out live transactions. If you want to apply for additional products and services you can do this and a secure messaging system will allow you to send and receive messages to the bank.

This bank in Saint Vincent will not demand that you make an initial deposit for your international corporate account to be established. No minimum deposit is a real advantage as most of the other international banks would insist that a hefty minimum deposit be made for a new corporate account. The bank in Saint Vincent will not insist on a minimum account balance either; however we would always recommend to you that some money be kept in your corporate account to cover any bank charges.

Whenever transactions are made the bank will charge commissions and there will also be account upkeep charges to pay. There will be times when these fees are increased. Be sure to avail yourself with the latest charges made by this bank by requesting a schedule from your Offshore Pro Group consultant. When you are completing your international bank selection form please advise if you want us to assist you in achieving preferential bank charges for your corporate account.

To Be Certain Of Your New International Corporate Account Being Opened At This Bank In Saint Vincent Please Be Sure To Take These Actions

This list of actions needs to followed step by step so that your new international corporate account in Saint Vincent can be set up:

  1. Step number one is to establish contact with the Offshore Pro Group by sending an email to this address [email protected] and we will then start to help you with all aspects of corporate account opening. Step number two is to tell us all about your business by responding to the questions that you will see on this page To Ensure That You Choose The Best International Corporate Bank Account Please Read This Advice From International Banking Professionals.

You could face some serious risks if you only stick with one non resident corporate account. The solution to this is simple and that is to open a second non resident corporate account in another jurisdiction. Find out more here the full explanation on why having more than one non resident account will reduce risks significantly.

  1. The international banking professionals at the Offshore Pro Group will assist you throughout the entire process of corporate account opening. Please send us a one-time payment of 2999 EUR so that we can start to provide you with our expert services. A direct bank transfer, Web Money, Bitcoin, Money Gram, Western Union and a credit card are all payment methods open to you.
  1. It will be required that you provide the correct documentation in English (a notarized translation is acceptable) so that your international corporate account can be opened. All beneficial owner(s), directors and authorized persons must provide:
  • The required forms to open a corporate account that have been filled out completely and then printed and signed
  • Notarized copy of a passport that is valid or other identification document, which must have page with photograph and signature
  • Evidence of home address – must include copies of bills for utilities or statements from a bank (credit cards) that confirms your residential address. These documents must be no older than 90 days at the time of submission of documents for registration

Please also supply the following corporate documents:

  • Notarized copy of the share certificate (if the company has registered shares), Declaration of Trust if the company has corporate shareholder(s)
  • A notarized copy of a Power of attorney, if the company has a corporate director(s)
  • A notarized copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association or By-Laws
  • Samples of company owner`s signature(s)
  • Notarized copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Good Standing (if the company is older than 12 months)
  • Letter of undertaking (in case of bearer shares)
  • Certificate of Shareholders/subscribers
  • Subscribers’ appointment of the company’s directors
  • Resolution on the opening of the account, which will indicate who will be a signatory on the account

Send all of the required documents to us and they will be scrutinized to ensure that they meet the requirements of the bank. They will then be forwarded to the Saint Vincent bank rapidly. The bank will require around 15 working days to have your international corporate account ready.

Make a start now by sending an email to the Offshore Pro Group at [email protected] and we will get working on your application for a non resident corporate account with this bank in Saint Vincent.