Apr 18, 2017

Corporate Investment Account With Established Finnish Bank With Asset Management And Investment Advice.

It is not advisable to try and open a new international corporate investment account with this Finnish bank on your own, as they are very choosy about the clients that they will accept. We can help you with our professional team of international banking consultants at the Offshore Pro Group so that your new account will be established. This bank in Finland is high quality and is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Over thirty years of investment banking experience
  • The professionals at the bank will provide you with investment advice
  • Services for the management of your assets
  • Investing in mutual funds possible
  • You will receive a personal service at all times
  • This bank in Europe is very stable and has an excellent track record

Your new international corporate investment account can be established at this Finnish bank quickly with our help so please contact us via email now [email protected] and we will make all of the preparations that are necessary to provide all of the advice and guidance that you need to open a new account. We have created a totally confidential questionnaire where we ask questions about your business and financial situation to further help us to help you. Please respond in full to these questions here Choosing The Best International Corporate Account Is Not Easy So Read This Advice From The International Banking Experts.

Why You Should Consider The Jurisdiction Of Finland For Your Corporate Investment Account

Situated in Northern Europe and bordered by Norway, Russia and Sweden, Finland or the Republic of Finland, has a population of more than 5.5 million residents. The country uses the Euro as its official currency since its membership of the European Union (EU) back in 1995. The language spoken in Finland is Finnish and this democratic nation is governed by a parliamentary system.

The GDP per capita of the country now stands at $41,690 and its economy is very advanced and stable. Services are the top economic sector and provide some 66% of GDP. There are other growing economic areas of the country which include refining and manufacturing. Finland has developed strong trade links the China, Russia, the United States and other EU member states.

The government of Finland changed its financial regulator in 2009 when it introduced the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. The aim of this regulator is to make sure that the financial markets retain their stability and it has regulatory power over financial institutions, insurance companies and banks. It closely monitors these institutions at all times to ensure compliance with Finnish and EU laws.

There is good political and social stability in Finland as well as the developing economy being robust. All banking activities are very closely regulated to be certain of a stable financial country. These factors provide a very good alternative to Switzerland as a European jurisdiction that will take care of your assets and are able to diversify and grow them for you.

Why This International Investment Bank In Finland Is A Good Choice

This investment bank in Finland has been operating for over 30 years and first opened its doors in 1985. The bank has grown year on year and is now one of the largest and most prominent investment and asset management banks in Finland. This bank is totally committed to their clients and they have an entrepreneurial flair and are very innovative.

The main objective of this bank is to provide the highest calibre of service to their clients and to grow their assets. This bank believes strongly in helping the community with whatever they do and has a very strong social conscience. When they are considering new investment products they will always take environmental factors into account.

This investment bank in Finland will not provide general banking services to you so they will not open and operate a current account. They are an investment only bank. If you are looking for asset management services and investment opportunities then they can provide these to you. They have a number of investment professionals that are waiting to advise you on the management of your investments.

This bank has won awards recently. In the Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey of 2015, it was voted as the best private bank in Finland. Also in 2015 it came top as the best institutional asset manager in Finland. In 2014 the Morningstar European Fixed Income Fund Managers voted the bank in its top three assessments of fund managers.

This Finnish International Investment Bank Can Provide A Wide Range Of Asset Management And Investment Services

When you work with the experts at the Offshore Pro Group we can help you set up your international corporate investment account with this bank in Finland. The bank will insist that you visit Finland and meet them prior to your corporate account being opened for you. After this meeting your new non resident corporate investment account will be established and you will then be presented with a wide range of asset management and investment services.

In order to serve you in the most professional way, the investment experts at this bank will need to have a full discussion with you about your business and financial goals and also to understand what you are looking for with your investments and your risk tolerance. After this discussion an investment strategy will be developed that has been based on empirical and academic research. A full analysis of the market will be undertaken on your behalf and profit making opportunities uncovered for you.

More institutions in Finland use this bank for the management of their assets than any other bank in the country. This is because the bank takes a professional and long term stance when it comes to asset management. The professionals at the bank will plan everything meticulously so that you get the best returns from your investments.

If you require assistance with investment planning then the bank will use its years of experience in strategic planning and investing to help you. The bank will work with you to identify what your company is looking to achieve with the assets that you have. Scenario analysis will be conducted so that investment outcomes can be determined in advance.

The bank has been very successful with asset management in the past and they will take care of your assets and ensure that they grow according to your objectives. They have the most extensive professional investment skills and they are very adept at risk management and the management of investment portfolios.

Your company will be allocated a dedicated investment professional from the bank and they will fully understand your requirements. The bank has established modern digital service channels which you can use and you can also take advantage of their market development reviews and comprehensive and high quality reporting services.

The investment experts at the bank will use empirically proven sources of income that will enhance your portfolio’s risk adjusted return. There portfolio management is systematic and always active and quantitative analysis is used throughout the portfolio management cycle. Constant checks are made to ensure that your investment objectives are being fulfilled to an optimum level within the confines of your risk tolerance.

As a business investor you will be offered a wide range of brokerage and analysis services. They have an extensive network of professional partners that can offer tight spreads, liquidity, contacts and views with company management. The bank’s brokers use state of the art trading software to obtain the best execution price for you. The professionals will always be willing to act as a sounding board for your investment ideas and they will provide a global market view for you.

Corporate financial counselling can also be supplied and the bank is able to advise on a range of disposals and acquisitions that are occurring in both the private and public environment. They have a lot of experience in leveraged transactions, buyouts and auction processes. They have established a wide industrial network in order to provide you with the very best corporate advice.

American Express branded credit cards are available from the bank if you want to further control your business expenditure.

Before your non resident corporate investment account can be opened at this Finnish bank you will have to make an initial deposit of a minimum of three hundred thousand (300,000) Euros (EUR). You will also need to keep a minimum balanced maintained in your account of three hundred thousand (300,000) Euros (EUR).

So That You Can Be Certain That Your Non Resident Corporate Investment Account Will Be Opened At This Finnish Bank Please Follow These Instructions

It is very important that you follow these tried and tested instructions so that you can open your new international corporate investment account with this bank in Finland:

  1. The most important first step is to establish contact with us at the Offshore Pro Group by using this email address [email protected] and when we receive your email we will start to make all of the necessary arrangements for you to receive our professional guidance and advice to ensure account opening. The more that you can tell us about your business and your financial aims the more we can help you. Please respond in full to our confidential questionnaire that is at the bottom of this page You Can Make The Best Choice Of International Corporate Account If You Follow This Advice And Guidance From The Experts In International Banking.

It is not advisable to just maintain a single non resident corporate account as there are dangers in doing this. The simple solution is to establish an additional non resident corporate account in another jurisdiction. Please read this to find out more Don’t expose yourself to the risks of a single non resident corporate account – open an additional account to minimize risk.

  1. The international banking experts at the Offshore Pro Group will be delighted to help you with the opening of your new Finnish international corporate investment account. All that you need to do to benefit from our professional services is to send us a one-off payment of 3999 EUR. Western Union, credit cards, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Web Money and Money Gram are all payment methods that we accept.
  1. You will not be able to open an international corporate investment account with this bank in Finland without first supplying a range of documentation that is in English (or a notarized English translation). For the beneficial owner(s) and authorized persons please supply:
  • Corporate investment account opening forms that have been completed in full and signed. These can be scanned and sent for pre approval
  • A copy of the passport page in a valid passport that shows the photograph of the holder and their signature – this must be notarized
  • A bank reference letter from your bank
  • Evidence of the origin of the funds that you will be depositing which could include a taxation return to show business profits

Please provide the following corporate documents

  • Notarized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Good Standing (if company is older than 1 year)
  • Share certificate (if the company has registered shares), Declaration of Trust (if the company has a corporate shareholder(s))
  • A notarized Power of attorney if the company has a Corporate Director
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association or By-Laws or the other legal document establishing the legal entity
  • Specimen of signatures of the owners of the company
  • Letter of undertaking (applicable in the case of bearer shares)
  • Certificate of Shareholders/Subscribers
  • Subscribers appointment of the company’s director(s)

A meeting in Finland with a bank representative will be required so you will need to take all forms of current documentation with you. The rest of the documents must be sent over to us where we will diligently examine them for compliance. Once all the documents are in order they will be rapidly dispatched to the Finnish bank. You will then have to allow the bank in Finland around 5 business days to have your new international corporate investment account opened for you.

The sooner you contact us at the Offshore Pro Group the sooner you can start the process of opening your international corporate investment account with this bank in Finland. Don’t delay and contact us right now using [email protected]