Apr 12, 2017

Corporate Investment Account Opened Remotely In Long Established Bank In Luxembourg With Wealth Management And Investment Opportunities.

If you attempt to open a new international corporate investment account with this Luxembourg bank it is likely you will be turned down. At the Offshore Pro Group we have years of international banking experience and we will work with you to open your account. We strongly recommend this bank in Luxembourg for the following reasons:

  • This is a European bank that is closely regulated
  • This bank has been operating since 1920
  • The wealth management services are first class
  • Investment opportunities and professional advice
  • The EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme will provide protection for your account
  • There are a range of payment cards branded by Visa
  • Account can be accessed using secure online banking or mobile app

We will help you to set up your non resident corporate account with this bank in Luxembourg as we have the experience that is required, so contact us no through email [email protected] so that we can start working together with you. It is very important that you tell us all about your business and your financial circumstances so please go to this page and answer the questions that you see in full This Information Is Important To You When Making A Choice Of International Corporate Bank Accounts – Straight From The International Banking Experts.

Why The International Banking Jurisdiction Of Luxembourg Is A Smart Choice

Situated in Western Europe and bordered by France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg has a population of some 580,000 people. The full title of the country is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a very well known country for international finance and was a founding member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), NATO, the United Nations and the European Union (EU).

Luxembourg has a GDP per capita that is the world’s second highest and it stands currently at $100,991. The country’s economy is strong and developing and it is very advanced. Luxembourg also has very good social and political stability. The country has a monarchy and the government is a unitary parliamentary system. Inflation is low in the country and so is unemployment.

Luxembourg’s reputation as being a leader in international finance is very good and it is respected across the globe. The country has a high number of financial professionals and the financial institutions are very well respected there. This has attracted a large number of foreign investors and they have total trust and confidence in the Luxembourg international financial system.

In the past Luxembourg was very well known and appreciated for its banking secrecy but things are going to change. The country has come under a lot of pressure from the EU and the United States and agreed to radically change banking secrecy from 2017. The government of Luxembourg is determined that the country will be fully compliant with the single global financial standards. Another positive step is an agreement with the OECD to comply with the terms of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) to demonstrate the country’s commitment to financial transparency.

In 1999 the Commission de Surveillance du Sector Financier (CSSF) became the regulator of banks and financial institutions. One of the first actions that they took was to stamp out illegal financial activities such as money laundering and terrorism funding. Since Luxembourg became an EU member they also have to be in compliance with the directives issued by the European Central Bank.

If you are looking for a fine jurisdiction to safeguard your capital and have the opportunity to grow it and diversify it then Luxembourg is the right choice. The country’s economy is advanced and very strong and they have social and political stability. In addition the banks are very closely monitored by the CSSF and they are mandated to abide by European Central Bank regulations too.

The EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme will be there to protect your corporate account as Luxembourg is an EU member. To be honest, the chances of a bank in Luxembourg defaulting are extremely low but if the worst was to happen then you account would be covered up to 100,000 Euros (EUR). Please ask your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group if you want to know more about the EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Key Information About This Investment Bank In Luxembourg

This very well established international bank in Luxembourg was founded in 1920. It was actually born as a result of two existing banks merging together. Right from the start this bank has been under prudent management and has experienced year on year growth. At the end of December 2015, the total cash and securities of this bank were 68.5 billion Euros and it has again exceeded the requirements of the regulator by having a 19% tier one solvency ratio.

The focus of this bank is entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals and their families. This well respected bank is an innovator and will assist you in the structuring, management and handling of your assets. The professionals at the bank know that all clients have different circumstances and requirements and they work with you to protect your assets.

The bank has five core competences and these are corporate services, asset management, private banking, credit services and professional banking. They have a lot of experience in all of these areas which they use to meet the requirements of their clients. A traditional banking approach forms the foundation of everything that they do. If you need help with any of these five areas you will not have to hunt around different departments of the bank as they have an integrated approach.

You will be provided with a totally customized solution to your needs by this bank. With their vast experience they fully understand that the needs of business clients will be very different in each case. The bank will carefully consider your history and future business and financial goals.

You will receive quality advice that is objective from this bank as they know that asset management and successful investing are complex areas. The financial solutions that the bank will recommend will be for the long term and built to last. This bank will never offer you limited transparency solutions or fads. They will always want you to make investments with total confidence.

This International Luxembourg Bank Has A Wide Range Of Investment Services

You will be able to remotely open your new non resident corporate investment account with this bank in Luxembourg with the professional help of the Offshore Pro Group. Travelling to Luxembourg to meet with representatives of this bank is not required and this is a significant advantage. The comprehensive range of investment and other services that this bank provides will be accessible to you once your corporate account is up and running.

To cover investment expectations, requirements and different profiles this bank can provide a wide range of investment funds. A fund selection and research team is established at the bank, and their job is to choose the right funds from more than forty asset classes. You will be able to include these specialist funds in your investment portfolio.

The bank will provide you with financial analysis and their stock picks as part of the expert advice that they will supply to you in regard to your investment portfolio. It will be recommended by the investment experts that you diversify your assets to match your financial goals and risk profile. The bank constantly monitors a range of financial instruments such as equities, internal and external investment funds, themed investments, bonds and money market products.

Portfolio mandates are provided by this bank. Should you not want to be involved in day to day investment decisions then you can confidently leave this in the bank’s capable hands. The investment professionals will enhance your assets in the longer term and provide you with customized wealth management advice. Three portfolio mandates are offered and these are direct investments, the bank’s internal funds or external funds.

There are alternative investments available to further diversify your portfolio and these are not traditional solutions. The investment experts will seek alternative funds that are not correlated with financial market trends.

There are savings account available as well as other money market products. There is no fixed maturity term with savings accounts and you will accrue interest on sums deposited. You can take advantage of term deposits that are offered in 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, 180 day and 365 day terms. There are also money market deposits available with fixed maturities.

For many years this bank has been advising and assisting business owners in the development, management and passing on of their businesses. A holistic approach is used by the bank for each business client and takes into consideration business plans and the client’s personal plans and projects for their families.

This is an investment bank and it does not provide conventional current accounts. There are a range of payment cards on offer that have the Visa branding. There are credit cards, debit cards and an online payment card available, so it is recommended that you discuss your payment card requirements with the bank’s experts to ensure that you have the right cards for the needs of your business.

You will be able to access your international corporate investment account 24/7 from anywhere with the bank’s secure online banking service. If you have a smart phone or tablet device then you can use the bank’s mobile app to access your account. Your card balances can be viewed and you can monitor your investment profile. Trading on the international money markets is possible and any account transfers within the EU are free.

You will be required by this Luxembourg bank to make an initial deposit into your international corporate investment account of at least five hundred thousand (500,000) Euros (EUR). This bank in Luxembourg will not require you to maintain a minimum account balance.

If You Follow These Step By Step Instructions Precisely Then Your International Corporate Account Will Be Opened Successfully

Please follow this list of instructions exactly so that you can be sure of opening your non resident corporate investment account:

  1. Please ensure that your first action is to establish contact with the Offshore Pro Group using this email address [email protected] so that we can begin to supply you with the professional advice that will be necessary to open your corporate account. Once you have sent an email to us please go to this page and provide full responses to the confidential questionnaire, so that we can fully understand your business and financial situation This Information From The International Banking Experts Will Help You To Decide On The Right International Corporate Account For Your Business Needs.

In today’s climate having just a single international corporate account can mean that you will be subjected to risk. This risk can be alleviated if you were to open an additional international corporate account. It is all explained in detail here alleviate your risks by having a second international corporate account opened.

  1. Our international banking experts will support you fully to ensure your new non resident corporate investment account can be set up at this Luxembourg bank. Our professional services are available to you for a one-off fee of 3999 Euros (EUR). The payment methods available are credit cards, Western Union, Money Gram, a bank transfer, Bitcoin and Web Money.
  1. A number of documents will need to be provided so that your international corporate investment account can be set up. For the beneficial owner, authorized persons and directors please supply the following documents in English (or a notarzed English translation):
  • The fully completed corporate account opening forms. You will need to send scanned forms for pre approval that have been signed
  • A passport or other identification document copy that has been notarized, the page with signature and photograph
  • A copy of a utility bill that proves your residential address. These bills must not be older than 90 days and must be translated into English and certified by a notary
  • The bank may request additional documentation

You will also need to provide these corporate documents:

  • Notarized copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing (if the company is older than one year)
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association or other legal document establishing the legal entity
  • A notarized Power of attorney for opening and managing an account, if the person’s rights to open / close an account are not clear from the constituent documents of the company
  • Minutes of the meeting of the appointment of the first directors and persons authorized to manage the company
  • Registers of Directors/Shareholders

All of these documents need to be sent to us where our experts will diligently examine them to ensure that they meet the bank’s requirements. Then these documents will be rapidly sent over to this bank in Luxembourg. The bank will verify your documents and then take up to 10 business days to have your new international corporate investment account ready for your use.

Get your application in for a new international corporate investment account with this bank in Luxembourg right now by sending us an email to [email protected]