Mar 20, 2020

Corporate structure analysis for conformity with contemporary requirements – from 900 EUR

We invite you to request an analysis of the corporate structure of your business company from us. We will identify its weaknesses and potential trouble spots and suggest the ways to modify your company structure in such a way that will make it conform to the present-day legislation. Thus, your business structure can bring more benefits and stop causing unnecessary risks.  

When do you need an analysis of the corporate structure and business restructuration?

The international business world has changed drastically over the last seven years. The regulations have become much tougher and the transparency requirements that are in place now were unheard of previously. The schemes and solutions that were effective before are mostly inexistent now or outdated.  

The new rules of the game make business people reconsider their corporate structures and rid of the faults that used to be advantages before but have become the sources of danger for the company and its owner.

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Our consultation will come in especially handy if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

You use aggressive tax schemes

Those who have been in business for more than five years know very well that previously there existed tax reduction and even tax evasion schemes that a number of people used. However, year after year, the screws have been tightened more and more and we have ultimately arrived to the point where the old ‘classical’ schemes are thought to be ‘aggressive’ schemes.

What does the use of such a scheme entail for a businessperson? The risk of fines, civil liability, criminal sanctions, and a prison sentence.

The fight against tax evasion is currently almost as tough as the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing.

In the times long gone, some peculiarities of some local legislations were used to avoid paying taxes or to reduce them considerably. These schemes simply do not work any longer.

If you would like to avoid possible problems, you have to identify the elements of your corporate structure that may be considered tax evasion instruments by the regulating authorities and get rid of these elements. Most likely, this will entail restructuring your company or adding some new elements to it such as acquiring more economic ‘substance’, for example.

Please learn more about this possibility by writing to [email protected].

You do not conform to the contemporary transparency requirements

The idol that the tax authorities of the modern world pray for is the fiscal transparency of the business company. Concealing the financial information from the tax inspection, from the bank, or from the state is certain to cause problems today.

Of course, we know how to protect your personal financial information from third parties, as we are experts in this field. For instance, we can help you establish a company in Marshall Islands or start using a Swiss AG (Ltd/ SA) company.

You must realize, however, that modern instruments are able to protect your personal data from your competitors, your relatives, frauds, and journalists but not from taxmen and other officials. By the rule of law or on a court decision, they have the right to obtain almost any kind of information. And you cannot possibly avoid the obligation to share this information with them.

Besides, if you want to open a corporate bank account, the bank manager will have to know for sure who the ultimate company beneficiaries are. The bank will not open an account for you unless it does.

Unfortunately, many old corporate structures are built in a way that conceals the true owners’ identities. These days, such structures play against the company owners.

Closing the company down is not the best option, which is obvious. You have to understand what measures should be taken in order to optimize the business processes and lose everything that gets in the way while preserving the things that work.

This is the reason to acquire professional assessment: [email protected].

You use classical offshore jurisdictions

A company registered in a classical offshore zone is a challenge for the modern businessperson rather than a valuable asset. It is especially true if you registered the company a long time ago and have not kept the books. Offshore company bank accounts are closed and new ones are impossible to open. Such a company has become an albatross around the owner’s neck rather than an effective business instrument. (Especially if you did not quite understand why you needed an offshore company when you established one.)  

A classical offshore jurisdiction is still able to solve some tasks such as asset protection, for example. But you have to know how to use it.

There are several options to consider that can help you revive your offshore company. For instance, you can open a branch of the company in Serbia. Or transfer it to Gibraltar or Andorra re-domiciling to a reputable jurisdiction. If you want to stay offshore, please at least use Marshall Islands as currently it is the most secure offshore country of all that exist.

What should you do in your personal situation? You can find the answer after the corporate structure of your company has been explored: [email protected].

You use foreign partnerships to conceal personal data

The use of Scottish or English partnership aimed at tax optimization and personal financial data protection was a popular business instrument. However, after some money laundering scandals, such partnerships attract much more attention on the part of the financial authorities.

Old foreign partnerships are also becoming a burden so heavy that it can make your business sink. Opening a bank account for them is another problem if you do not have some insider’s knowledge.

We know where you can establish a foreign partnership that will protect your data and that will let you plan your taxes. What is more, we know how to do it in a perfectly legal way and in conformity with all the strict contemporary rules.

We will gladly share this knowledge with you if you write to us to [email protected].

Your company has a complicated ownership structure

A BVI-registered company owns a company in Cyprus that in its turn owns a Latvian company that owns a pizzeria in France. The director of the Cypriot and the Latvian companies is a nominee who manages a thousand other companies, according to the papers, half of which are registered at the same address. The true owner hides among minority owners of the Cypriot company and he owns the BVI company via a Scottish partnership. In addition to that, he shares the profits with his children that he had by his first wife.  

Even if your own company structure is not so labyrinthine as the one described above, it still may look mysterious and frightening to the modern world financial officers. Most banks will refuse to work with you if they find out that you use nominee services. We have already mentioned offshores and foreign partnerships above.

A complicated company ownership structure does not only cause paranoia attacks in the bankers and regulating agency officers but it also costs quite a lot. The maintenance of even the cheapest offshore companies has grown two to three times more expensive over the last ten years.  

Thus, the corporate structure analysis will not only help to make your business more secure but it will also allow saving some money by cutting off the unnecessary structural elements: [email protected].

The list of documents required for obtaining our consultation

When it comes to corporate structure analysis, the more documents you will provide the more precise the results will be. At the same time, the concrete list of documents will depend upon your personal situation to a very large extent. Therefore, before sending us the documents for analysis, please consult our specialists. They will tell you what documents are needed in your personal case.

How much does corporate structure analysis cost?

The cost of the analysis of your company corporate structure and the recommendations on business restructuring is 900 EUR per hour.

In the framework of a one-hour consultation, our experts will investigate the company structure, identify the weak points, and provide restructuration advice.

The consultation can take more time depending on the complexity of your corporate structure and the amount of information that you will have supplied.

After the analysis and the provision of recommendations, we will offer you concrete solutions of the problems. If you decide to apply for our services within three days since the date of consultation, its cost will be included in the cost of services that you will have requested.

You can cover the cost of the corporate structure analysis by a bank transfer, with a credit card, or via such payment methods and systems as Bitcoin, Western Union, Money Gram, or Web Money.

We will start the analysis as soon as we receive the documents and the payment. After a short time, we will provide a consultation to you.

Please apply for this service via e-mail [email protected].