Prepaid Debit Cards

Offshore prepaid credit cards are a great way to access your offshore funds, make business payments and transfer funds worldwide in seconds.

Prepay systems are fast becoming popular worldwide.

A pre-paid credit card combines the best parts of traditional credit cards with the flexibility of debit cards. Even Premium/VIP Credit Cards are available on the pre-paid model.

Pre-paid credit cards from offshore banks are usually indistinguishable from regular credit cards. Only the cardholder and the bank know about the exact settlement mode. Offshore banks do not include words like ‘Prepaid’ or ‘Debit’ on their bank card products.

Types of Offshore Prepaid Credit Cards

The cards issued by our international banking partners can generally be separated into two categories:

ELECTRONIC CARDS:  These may be marked “Electronic Use Only” and are accepted in well over 99% of all merchants in the world, including for internet purchases. No security deposit is required and there is no possibility to overdraw the account, since transactions in excess of your available balance will not be authorised.

TRADITIONAL CREDIT CARDS ON PREPAID MODEL: These cards are actually exactly the same as normal credit cards. Imagine a normal credit card that has a credit limit of $0 (zero). Anything you pay on to the account is immediately available for spending. Sometimes a security deposit may be requested for this type of card, but it will be relatively small.

How to Obtain Your Offshore Prepaid Credit Card from Offshore Pro Group

Exact terms and conditions for acquiring the cards vary depending on the banking partner, and can often be individually negotiated with the card issuing bank. We will help you by introducing you to the appropriate bank and assisting you in the negotiations. Please contact our consultants to discuss your individual requirements and they will offer the best selection of card possible. Normally our standard bank introduction service fees apply.