"No Limits" Premium Cards

Offshore Pro Group, in coordination with our private banking and VIP Banking partners, can help you obtain a range of premium credit and charge cards, such as Gold, Platinum, Black, Titanium, Rewards Cards, No-Limit ATM cards etc.

Apply for Premium Credit Cards Offshore with No Credit Check

These premium cards are designed and marketed to be exclusive to the best clients of international banks. We understand, however, that many of our clients may have no verifiable or documented credit record due to the countries they live in, or the client may be a newly-formed offshore company with no history or audited accounts available. Don’t worry as no credit check is required! Even in these cases we can get premium credit cards approved, either with a security deposit, an agreed substantial minimum average balance, or on a prepaid basis.

Who are these cards aimed at?

These cards are ideal for those who need to spend a larger amount each month in the course of business, for example on staff travel and entertainment expenses, or for online businesses that need to spend large amounts on advertising each month, such as on Google Adwords. They may also be used as purchasing cards to buy stock for business.

If however you are an individual who has achieved a certain status and would simply like to enjoy life knowing that your spending is not limited by annoying monthly credit limits, you also need a premium credit or charge card. That way your spending is dictated only by the money you have earned, not by what somebody else thinks you should be spending!

Rewards Cards – Offshore Airline Miles Cards

It can be hard to obtain Rewards cards such as airline frequent flier credit cards in an offshore environment. We can assist you with this. For example if you spend $50,000 – $100,000 on online advertising every month, with one of these cards you could reckon on taking a free long weekend airline trip every month. Offshore Pro Group can advise you how to obtain these cards.

No Daily Limit ATM Cards

We can arrange issue of single or multiple bank cards that work in worldwide ATM networks and have no daily cash access limit. These cards are ideal for clients who need to make large purchases while travelling from sellers who do not accept credit cards. You can avoid safety concerns and bureaucratic hassle of having to travel with large sums of cash, yet still have access to cash at your destination.

“No Daily Limit” means that no limit is put in place by the card issuing bank. These cards work like a debit card. As long as you have funds available on the account, the card issuing bank will approve transactions. However, be aware that some local ATM networks may impose their own daily limits on withdrawals with foreign or offshore bank cards.

International Currency Cards

These international offshore credit cards are available through various international private banking partners in major world currencies such as USD (US dollars), EUR (Euro currency) GBP (Pounds Sterling), CHF (Swiss francs) and RUB (Russian Rouble). Using an offshore credit card for your purchases can save you a fortune in bank currency conversion fees or foreign purchase fees.

For example if you run an online business from the UK and earn US dollars, your local bank probably only offers GBP based credit cards. However you will have many business expenses in USD that can be paid by credit card. It makes no sense to convert USD to GBP and then back again to USD as your bank will typically take 2-3% in each direction.

Premium Unembossed and Anonymous Cards

Most credit cards must have the cardholder’s name embossed on them for security reasons. However, a few banks allow gold or platinum cards embossed only with a company name. This provides anonymity for the cardholder since the cardholder’s name is then held only on the system at the issuing bank, but does not appear on vouchers signed by the cardholder.

We can also arrange gold and black cards that do not show the issuing bank’s name, but just a generic card design.

Exact Terms for Prestige Offshore Credit Cards

Exact terms and conditions for acquiring the cards vary depending on the banking partner, and can usually be individually negotiated with the card issuing bank. We will help you by introducing you to the appropriate bank and assisting you in the negotiations. Please contact our consultants to discuss your individual requirements and they will offer the best selection of card possible. Normally our standard bank introduction service fees apply.