Oct 4, 2019

Cryptocurrency rechargeable anonymous plastic cards – 495 EUR

We invite you to consider acquiring an anonymous plastic card that will provide for your information confidentiality and asset protection. A Panamanian Payment Service Provider issues this card. Funds can be deposited into the card accounts in cash, by a bank transfer, or with a cryptocurrency.

What is an anonymous card and why should you have it?

We live in the times of blatant and all-embracing espionage:

  • The Internet is spying on us constantly. It knows what kind of webpages we visit, what films we watch, what items we look for, and so on;
  • Mobile phones keep track of our movements around the city and they know who we talk to and how long our conversations last;
  • Banks and stores know how much money we spend and considerately urge us to spend more.

At the same time, the banks will be very suspicious of the payments that fall outside the scope of your usual expenditures. Imagine, for example, that you decide to take a vacation abroad after several years of hard non-stop labor. You may well find your bankcard blocked if you buy a bottle of tequila or a grizzly statuette at a place that your bank deems ‘unusual’. This blockage can certainly spoil the vacation.  

Apart from this, you may have payments that you do not want to publicize. We are not talking about any illegal purchases but there will always be something that you want to buy ‘for the heart’ and not for the marketing research department information.

Various agencies are spying on you and your money flows. If this makes you unhappy, you need to find a way around this situation.

Probably the simplest, the fastest, and the most accessible way of doing it is acquiring an anonymous pay card.

What is an anonymous card? It is a normal debit card but it does not carry your personal information. Neither the ATM you withdraw cash from nor the store where you buy tequila will know your name.  

All they will have is your identification number that will tell them nothing about your personality.

Please do not suppose that you will remain totally anonymous. The card provider – the Panamanian payment system in our case – has to keep your personal information in their private database. However, unlike banks, the Payment Service Providers (PSP) are not obliged to disclose this information to third parties.

Payment systems do not have to follow the CRS (Common Reporting Standards) requirements and thus they do not practice automatic exchange of information. Your personal information will be disclosed if and only if you break the law. If you stick with legal activities only, this information will remain confidential.  

When will an anonymous card come in handy?

  • When you do not want the ATM’s and the stores to have your personal information;
  • When you travel abroad and want to have a back-up payment opportunity in case your normal bankcard is blocked;
  • When you want to use a cryptocurrency to recharge your card;
  • When you want to withdraw cash at any place in the world. 

Anonymous plastic card from the Panamanian PSP

Advantages that come with the anonymous plastic card from the Panamanian payment system:

  • First and foremost, absence of your personal information on the card;
  • No automatic exchange of your financial information as PSP’s do not have to play by the CRS rules at the moment;
  • The possibility to refill the card with cash, by a bank transfer, or by a transfer via Western Union;
  • The possibility to refill the card with CRYPTOCURRENCIES *;
  • The possibility to use the card for any kind of business company including an offshore one;
  • The possibility to order several cards at a time – up to twenty per person or per company;
  • The possibility to make both offline and online purchases;
  • The possibility to withdraw cash from ATM’s.

* When the card is refilled with a cryptocurrency, it is automatically converted into a fiat currency. This can be Euros or US dollars depending on the card.

If you order more than one card, the cost of the second, third, etc. cards is going to be considerably lower.

The documents required for obtaining an anonymous card from the Panamanian PSP

You will have to submit the following documents:

  • Your passport (the domestic and the foreign one, if you have two passports);
  • Proof of address (such as a utility bill, for example) in any national language;
  • The address where the card should be delivered.

All the documents have to be submitted in the digital format. The scans have to be of high quality. If this is the case, a remote cardholder identification is possible.

To obtain an anonymous pay card you have to do the following:

  1. Apply for our services, cover their cost, and supply the required documents.
  2. We will register your profile with the payment system and order the anonymous card(s) for you.
  3. Then the card(s) will be delivered to the address that you will have indicated. The cost of the postage is included in the service cost.

Anonymous card limits and conditions of use

You have to realize that the use of an anonymous pay card involves certain commissions and limitations.

  • The maximum single payment shall not exceed US$ 2,000 or EUR.
  • The maximum amount of payments made within one month shall not exceed US$ 35,000 or EUR.
  • The maximum recharge amount is US$ 50,000 or EUR per month.

Card recharge, cash withdrawal, and use in POS terminals will entail commissions that start at US$ 1.5. The amount of the commission will depend on the transaction type.

The basic service package limits cryptocurrency refills to 150 dollars or euros per day. This limit can be raised via negotiations with the support team.

You can withdraw cash from the ATM in the currency you want. The current exchange rate will be applied and the commission will be charged.

In addition to the card, you will also acquire an electronic wallet that you can use for personal or corporate purposes. There are three types of e-wallets available with the Panamanian PSP: one with transaction limits and two more without any such limits. The e-wallets can be used to transfer money to a bank account, to the card account, or to another e-wallet.

There are some specifics related to the e-wallet recharge and we will advise you on the most efficient and most secure ways of transferring money to your electronic wallet.

The procedure of acquiring the anonymous pay cards from the Panamanian PSP:

  1. Contact us via e-mail info@offshore-pro.info and place a request for this service. You can order one or several anonymous pay cards at a time.
  2. Cover the cost of the service that is 459 EUR for one card. The price includes setting up an e-wallet, card issuance, and its delivery worldwide. If you order more than one card, the price for additional cards will be lower.
  3. Supply the necessary documents.
  4. We will set up an account for you with the Panamanian PSP and order the card(s) from them.
  5. As soon as the card is issued, it will arrive to your address, which will let you fill it and start using it.

Confidentiality of personal and financial information is becoming unattainable nowadays. However, some legal ways to protect it are still available and it would be wise to use them. Acquiring an anonymous pay card can be the first step in improving the level of your information confidentiality.

Please write to us to info@offshore-pro.info and we will gladly assist you in this matter.