Mar 30, 2020

CUP prepaid cards by the Global Bank of Commerce from 599 EUR!

Banks are not always able to meet all the customers’ needs in payment services. Alternative payment methods and other cash transactions are becoming particularly popular against the backdrop of the banking sector strict regulations. Few people want to wait for weeks for to get a normal payment transaction carried out, and live in fear that this or that operation will seem suspicious to the bank and the account will be blocked. That is why one of the most popular products in today’s financial market are prepaid cards. We offer you to use the CUP prepaid card service by the Global Bank of Commerce.

If you have already made up your mind about getting a CUP prepaid card by the Global Bank of Commerce, please apply for a prompt and comprehensive consultation on the matter by emailing to [email protected].

Benefits of the CUP prepaid cards by the Global Bank of Commerce

A special advantage of this card is the high permitted limits for various operations:

Maximum one-time reload USD 10,000 per day
Maximum monthly reload USD 30,000 per month
Maximum cash withdrawal USD 2,500 per day
Maximum cash advance USD 3,000 per day
Maximum purchases via payment terminals USD 10,000 per day

CUP prepaid card by the Global Bank of Commerce gives its owner a lot of other advantages, in particular:

  • convenience of shopping, i.e. you can use this card in many stores, both offline and online;
  • safety and security of your funds, which is provided by a powerful system of world-class security control;
  • international service, i.e. CUP prepaid cards are issued and used all over the world, many countries have a customer service which can be contacted in case of any issues with the card;
  • ability to move your funds abroad simply and easily.

Opening a private bank account in Antigua with the Global Bank of Commerce

China UnionPay (CUP)

China UnionPay abbreviated as CUP is a Chinese finance corporation headquartered in Shanghai. CUP provides servicing of payment cards. The corporation was founded in 2002, it operates with the approval and support of the People’s Bank of China.

The main initiators of establishing a new payment system were the State Council and the People’s Bank of China. CUP shareholders are more than 200 financial institutions, each of them owns no more than 6% of the shares.

Today, CUP is the largest payment card service organization in the world. This data is based on the number of annual transactions and cards issued every year. In terms of scope, CUP is far ahead of Visa and MasterCard.

CUP also provides a possibility of making mobile and online payments.

The rise in popularity of the CUP cards was largely promoted by the increase in the number of tourists from China. Coming to other countries, they preferred to use familiar payment methods.

Chinese banks were continuing to offer their customers Visa, MasterCard and even American Express products, but in order to make the payment process abroad even easier for Chinese customers, many foreign merchants introduced UnionPay as an additional payment method.

Today, UnionPay is:

  • 150 countries that accept these cards;
  • 120 countries where ATMs accept these cards;
  • 101 countries where payment terminals accept these cards;
  • 40 countries that issue these cards;
  • more than 5.4 billion cards issued;
  • total amount of transactions for 2015 was more than USD 8.5 trillion.

In addition, development on the use of blockchain technology in the CUP services is under way.

Corporate account with the Global Bank of Commerce Ltd in Antigua and Barbuda

Rates for the CUP prepaid cards by the Global Bank of Commerce

Card reload 20 USD
Reload return 20 USD
Card replacement 25 USD
Expired card replacement 15 USD
Approved cash withdrawal from ATM 5 USD
Approved online transaction 3 USD
Inactive card reissue 10 USD
ATM transaction canceling 3 USD
Online transaction canceling 1.5 USD
Balance request 1 USD
Monthly service fee 7.50 USD

The Global Bank of Commerce is an excellent bank in sunny Antigua and Barbuda

Procedure of acquiring a CUP prepaid card by the Global Bank of Commerce

The procedure for acquiring a card is as simple as possible and will not take long. You will need to do the following in three consecutive steps to get the card:

  1. As soon as you have decided to get a prepaid CUP card, please contact our experts by email: [email protected].
  2. The next step is to pay for the card processing services. This payment can be made by bank transaction, payment card, via PayPal, WebMoney, Western Union. The cost of services is EUR 599.
  3. The final step is to prepare your papers for the card to be issued. The CUP card is personalized, so you will need:
  • A regular scanned copy of your travel passport or any other identity document;
  • A document confirming your address of residence (it must be issued no earlier than 3 months before filing for the card).

Issuing a card usually takes about a week, after which you will be free to use it.

To start the CUP prepaid card procedure, and for more information, please contact our professional consultants by email: [email protected].