Aug 21, 2019

How can you offshore your company?

How to set up an offshore company?

  1. Choose your preferred company of incorporation

This means that the client is obligated to provide details regarding his future business activities, explain where his clients will be located, if he will not have any, explain what the company would be formed for. Also, the client would need to provide information such as his tax expectations, which banks he would prefer to use in order to have his business going in the right direction. This depends on the jurisdiction that fits his needs and that he would use. There are many factors in choosing a jurisdiction, because different jurisdictions offer different opportunities. There are several forms of companies, for example: Limited Liability Company, International Business Corporation with very different features of each company. An LLC provides its managers and members with limited liability and can be used as an offshore company if there is only one owner who earns income outside of America.  As for IBC, it denotes the type of offshore company established in an offshore state.

  1. Choose on a name for your new company

The client needs to choose the name of his future company, and then Offshore Pro Group would have to check the registry to see of the name is already occupied or has been used. It is also important to check the validity of the name because some jurisdiction require certain suffixes on the end of the name of the company. This means that the suffix would be the last word in the company’s name.

  1. Collect and provide Due Diligence documents 

Once the first two steps are finished, the client needs to provide certain due diligence documents that are mainly related to his previous business experience and his identity. The basic due diligence documents are a passport copy, national ID card, bank statements, CV and some sort of a reference from a lawyer or a bank, but additional documentation might be requested by some jurisdictions. Once these documents are collected, the client will need to fill out one form from us so we would be able to actually place the order and start with the formation of the future company.

  1. Submit an order form 

This is the last step in opening of an offshore company and this means that the client needs to fill out the form with his information, submit relevant information about the future company. It is necessary for the form to be signed and this is something that the registry agent in a certain jurisdiction would use to get things done.

  1. Make a payment

Making a payment actually comes in the beginning of the process, but only if due diligence confirms that there is a process to begin with and everything is in order with submitted documents. There is a lot of work that our staff needs to do for the client in the process of due diligence so the payment needs to be in placed prior to company formation.  Each jurisdiction has its own price list, and Offshore Pro Group will be more than happy to find you the one that suits your needs and send you the price list.

Who can benefit from opening of an offshore company?

Offshore companies typically help clients legally reduce taxes, so in some way help you save money which you would not be able to save in your home country. Also, one of the biggest advantages is that most offshore companies are protected, and owners/shareholder are not visible to the public.

How can you apply?

The whole process of setting up/creating an offshore company can be done remotely, this means no trips out of the country you live in, visiting banks and offices. We are here to help you in every step of the way, guide you through the process of gathering files and documents and make this as quick and as easy as it can possibly be.

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