Nov 9, 2018

Why to incorporate a company or a branch of a company in Serbia?

Serbia now offers a solution for classical offshore companies struggling with a problem of non-resident account opening, frozen accounts or inability to work with international banks. For newly registered companies Serbia offers a package of numerous benefits. You can now optimize your taxes, work through a resident company with no hustle and no special requirements from banks. Serbian solution is simple, straightforward, cost-effective and 100% legal.

Why registering company or branch of your company in Serbia?

  1. Taxation on profits of 15% (with the possibility to legally optimize tax burden to up to 0%)
  2. Your company can have a resident company status, but without being considered as a legal entity
  3. The possibility to obtain Serbian residence without living in the country.
  4. Serbia is politically stable jurisdiction
  5. Serbia is on its way to join EU in 2025
  6. A strong, stable and developed banking system of the country (the legacy of Yugoslavia) – especially in commercial operations
  7. Ability to avoid double taxation
  8. The absence of any sanctions
  9. Bank accounts for companies, incorporated in Serbia can be opened in different banks worldwide: American, Western European, Russian, Chinese, Serbian banks
  10. Serbia has an excellent geopolitical position
  11. Lack of visa regime, freedom of movement
  12. Exceptional diplomatic relationship with both EU and the Russian Federation
  13. Special status in trade – an agreement on duty-free trade with the Russian Federation
  14. Advanced and developed network of correspondent banks
  15. Experience in the banking system with loans, letters of credit …
  16. International Financial Reporting Standards – transfer of profits to other countries – simple tax optimization

More on European and domestic banks in Serbia:

  • Loyal to the beneficiaries of foreign companies (beneficiaries – non-residents of Serbia);
  • Accounts in currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, RUB and other
  • Reasonable banking rates
  • Convenient account opening format:

– remotely or in person

Serbian company Incorporation Procedure, DD, KYC

Company name reservation


  • Provision of our lawyer with Limited Power of Attorney (this can be done in the country of origin or Serbia)
    *In case PoA is issued in another country it has to be Apostilled and translated into Serbian. Preferably the translation should be done in Serbia.
  • Criminal record certificate from the police department a country of residence;
  • A copy of passport (notarization not necessary)
  • Three proposals of the company name;
  • A brief description of future activities of the company;

* Processing time 2 days.

Verification of the Articles of Incorporation

  • Notarization of a standard form of the Articles of Incorporation.

* Processing time: 1 day.

Registration in the Serbian Business Registration Agency

* Processing time: 3-4 days.

Providing an address for the company and a personal residence


  • Renting or purchasing an office/apartment. Rents start from 150 EUR per month.

*Processing time: 3 days

Signing up for temporary residence (White Card)


  • Processing time: one day
  • Expiration date of this card is 90 days