Apr 15, 2020

Issue your own anonymous cards – from 1,999 EUR

You can issue physical or virtual payment cards (offshore credit or debit cards) that will not carry the holder’s name on them. You can use these cards to pay salaries to your employees, to transfer money to your partners, or you can sell the cards to your clients. They are also ideal for buying advertising space on major portals that restrict daily spends.

We invite you to join a card issuance program that will allow you to issue your own anonymous plastic cards and put money on a large number of them. This card issuance system can be used for various purposes including the following ones:

  • Your company can issue the cards to your employees so that their salaries are paid to the card accounts;
  • You can offer the cards to your work contractors including private individuals and corporate entities thus simplifying the process of transferring the payments for the goods and services that they supply to you;
  • You can also become a card issuer (card provider) and offer the cards to third parties. This product will be in high demand as an anonymous card protects against the ever-present threat of identity theft.

What is an anonymous card?

An anonymous card (also referred to as a no-name card) is a payment card that does not show the holder’s personal data. It does not carry the holder’s name but only the card number, the expiry date, and the security code.  

Thus, the information about the cardholder is unavailable to third parties, which provides for a certain level of anonymity.

Please bear in mind, however, that ‘anonymous card’ does not mean that nobody knows the cardholder’s data. The provider of this service is a regulated company that has to collect the information about you, your company, and your clients (that is, about every prospective cardholder) in accordance with the laws.

Having an anonymous plastic card does not amount to breaking the law. This is simply an instrument that will keep shops, ATM’s, and pickpockets from learning the cardholder’s name.


What are the benefits of the anonymous offshore card issuance program?

When joining this program, you can take money flows under your control, acquire an additional source of income, and involve more clients into your infrastructure.

Besides, you can protect your own personal data as well as those of your personnel, your partners, and clients. Protection of personal data is a task of paramount importance in the world that is relocating to the digital environment at a rapid pace.

Here are the main advantages that an anonymous plastic card offers:

  • The name of the cardholder is not indicated on the card;
  • Every card can optionally have its own IBAN;
  • No credit check is required;
  • Cards are accepted in more than 200 countries and territories and in millions of POS terminals and ATM’s;
  • Managing the card account is simple and convenient.  
  • It i s possible to load the card by finding them with BTC (bitcoin) under certain conditions

Anonymous Offshore Card limits

Please take into account the following limits that the anonymous payment card will have  (these can be varied on request – contact us to discuss your needs in detail):  

Loading limits

Identification level SDD (restricted to Member State) KYC (Verified users)
Loading limits
Max Load Per Day 150 5,000
Max load tries per day 20 20
Max Individual Load Limit 150 5,000
Min Individual Load Limit 20 20
Max Balance on Card 150 10,000
Monthly Load Limit 150 10,000
Yearly Load Limit 1,800 120,000
Spending Limits
Max Daily ATM 50 2,000
Max Monthly ATM 50 5,000
Max Daily ATM Withdrawals 10 10
Max Single ATM per Withdrawal Limit 50 750
Max Daily POS 150 5,000
Max Monthly POS 150 10,000
Max Daily POS Transactions 20 20
Max Single POS per transaction limit 150 5,000

Documents required for obtaining an anonymous payment card

The following documents have to be submitted in order to acquire a personal anonymous plastic card:  

  • Passport copy;
  • A utility bill or similar proof of address document;
  • Personal telephone number and e-mail address.

It is important to note that cards can be issued to citizens of various countries on the condition that they are residents of a specific country. The residency has to be proved with a document suych as a utility bill or government-issued residence permit.

Documents required for launching your own card issuance program

You have to supply the following documents if you would like to launch your own card issuance program:

  • Company corporate documents;
  • Company owners’, directors’, and other beneficiaries’ personal documents (passport copies and proofs of residential addresses); 
  • A document indicating the sources of the company source of wealth;
  • Documents confirming the geographical location of the company personnel, partners, and clients who are going to use the anonymous payment cards;
  • The precise number of cards that you would like to order.

After joining the card issuance program, you can order as many cards as you wish on an ongoing basis.

The cost of joining the program starts at 1,999 EUR. It makes better sense to order multiple cards in one go.

The cost of a single card issuance starts at 15 EUR.

If yours is a small business and you would like to join the program, we have a special offer for you. Please contact us via e-mail [email protected].

The procedure of joining the anonymous Offshore Card issuance program

  1. Please write to us to [email protected] and inform us about your desire to obtain an anonymous pay card or launch your own card issuance program.
  2. Answer the questions that our consultant will ask you in order to clarify how you are going to use the card(s).
  3. Cover the cost of the service that starts at 1,999 EUR.
  4. Supply the required personal and corporate documents and tell us how many cards you need to begin with.
  5. Distribute the cards to the users.

If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected] and we will promptly reply. Please remember that business is done via various online applications more and more often these days. You can be among those who are taking the lead in this process and involve your employees, your partners, and your clients into it. Be ahead of the game!

FAQ About Anonymous Offshore Payment Card Program

Can I have an anonymous bank account?

The one-word answer is ‘no’. Numbered bank accounts in the old sense do not exist any longer. Whatever bank you would like to set up an account with, you have to provide personal data and bring an ID.

Can I acquire an anonymous credit card?

Please read again the explanation above. Acquiring a bankcard that does not carry your name is quite possible but it the card issuer needs to know your identity and source of funds.

Do I need an ID to acquire an anonymous debit card?

Yes, you do. If it is a prepaid offshore anonymous card, you have to load it. Loading the card means putting some money into your account that has been opened in your name. Thus, you cannot conceal your identity when acquiring an anonymous offshore bankcard. Please refer to our standard KYC requirements.