Apr 1, 2020

It is not too late to apply for foreign citizenship by investment!

The coronacrisis is spreading around the world. Do you think it is too late to find a ‘reserve landing site’? Think again! There is still enough time to do that. You can start implementing your ‘plan B’ by obtaining a second passport without having to go out of your house or apartment.

The crisis triggered by the COVID-19 seems to be devouring the planet. The situation develops rapidly and changes every day. The scale and the speed of the weakening of the world economy can surprise even the pessimists. We are witnessing a natural disaster that is hitting one country after another threatening national healthcare systems and ruining national economies. 

The coronavirus crisis is serving to remind everybody including the well-developed countries of the west that Nature is much more powerful than humans are and it can really put in peril the survival of the humankind. At the very least, it is quite capable of changing the lifestyles of all people on the planet.

It is surprising to see that there are still some individuals who do not take the current situation seriously and act as if the coronavirus posed no threat to them at all. These individuals are hiding their heads in the sand and they keep out of sight the terrible things that are going on.

However, the number of people who have this sort of attitude is growing smaller day by day. We know for certain that many readers of our portal have prepared themselves to crises by diversifying risks via investing into cash, precious metals, real estate located abroad, and foreign citizenship.

Prudent people who can anticipate trends in the market also sold their securities before the stock markets crashed, which has been reported by the mass media. However, if you are not yet prepared for the worst, please do not despair: there is still time. There are things you can still do to make life easier.

Citizenship by investment: the choice of the most prudent ones 

While sheep-minded panic-stricken people strip bare the supermarket shelves, the smarter ones buy gold. Experts predict that precious metals are going to grow in value and in demand as the crisis develops.  

The economic consequences of the pandemic are going to be devastating. Central Banks will have to mint trillions of new dollars, euros, pounds, lira, rubles, and so on in order to help all industries out, big and small ones. The increase in the amount of paper moneys will definitely affect gold and silver prices.

However, the most far-sighted people are going to invest in foreign citizenship and enlarge their collection of alternative passports. These people consider the second, third, fourth, etc. foreign passports to be the main elements of their ‘plan B’.

They realize that in terms of risk diversification, their passport collection will let them spread their assets geographically, which is the best instrument of protection when a financial collapse is approaching and national borders are closed.

The COVID-19 epidemic affects people’s mobility severely. Only a couple of months ago nobody could predict that borders would be closed even between the EU countries. But now they are and it is hard to say when they will be opened again.

In such a situation, having a number of options to choose from is a great advantage. Your second, third, etc. passport will improve your mobility and allow you to evacuate to a safer place thus protecting your family and your assets. Citizen-by-investment programs that are implemented by several national states allow acquiring foreign passports promptly and without leaving home.

There is time to build a ‘reserve airfield’ by acquiring citizenship in exchange for investment

Under the conditions of a world economic crisis, it makes good sense to keep part of your assets in the form of gold or silver bullions in a safe and easily accessible bank vault. You can use the same bank vault to keep cash there, which is also a safety measure that you should take in case banks have liquidity problems as the crisis develops.

One of the countries running a citizenship-by-investment program can become such a safe place where you can keep you gold and cash securely. There are over a dozen such countries in the world and five of them are located in the Caribbean basin. Please follow this link to find out the basic information about the conditions that each or the Caribbean countries puts forward to foreigners who want to acquire a second passport.

If you have not acquired foreign citizenship so far, it is not too late to do it. Experts believe that the crisis is only starting. ‘What the fool does at the end, the wise man does at the beginning’ – this is an old saying that is very much applicable to the current situation.

The demand for citizenship by investment may surpass the supply manifold and queues may appear

Before the coronacrisis broke out, people used to acquire foreign citizenship through investment in order to diversify their assets, plan their taxes, and protect themselves from possible calamities. Because there are severe mobility limitations in many parts of the world, the number of applicants to citizenship-by-investment programs has decreased over the last few weeks. However, when the crisis is over, we can certainly expect that the demand for this product will be rocketing to compensate for the current deference.

You can acquire citizenship by investment remotely, without leaving home

Most of the countries that have citizenship-by-investment Government programs make it possible to file the application remotely via a licensed immigration agent. The agent helps the candidates for citizenship prepare the application documents and then files the application document set to the country’s immigration authorities on the applicant’s behalf. When the citizenship is granted, the agent can send the passports with a courier to any address that you wish.

If you would like to obtain a second passport via a citizenship-by-investment program, you will not have to take any test in the history, legislation, or the language of your new home country. You will not have to live a single day on the territory of the country (with the exception of Antigua and Barbuda where you have to spend five days a year during the first five years of holding the passport). You will not even have to visit the country even once (with the exception of Turkey, Cyprus, and Malta that require a personal visit to obtain their citizenship).

You can keep on residing in your home country while your application for citizenship is processed. The application processing time varies from six weeks to twelve months depending on the country. The average waiting time is about three months or so.

It has to be noted, however, that the authorities of the host country and the detective agencies that they hire to check the applicants’ background need to have access to the applicants’ countries of origin. Currently, such access can be limited as many national borders are closed and flights cancelled.

However, when these restrictions are lifted, the number of applications for citizenship by investment is doing to break all-time records. If you start the application process right now, you will not have to wait in line for months and years when the situation in the world is back to normal. 

Coronavirus pandemic is not the only threat to protect yourself from via acquiring foreign citizenship in exchange for investment

It may sound shocking but the human species is threatened by extinction all the time. We will say it once again: Nature is stronger than man is and it can destroy our civilization in an instant. At the very least, it can change our lives drastically overnight.

This does not mean that we should panic and fearfully wait for the next catastrophe to happen though. It means that we have to prepare ourselves for this catastrophe as well as we only can. If we are ready to face it well armed, we can relax and live happily day after day without losing our minds.

Emergencies require backup plans that we can implement. A global financial crisis, a coup, or a pandemic are all examples of situations that may lead to some fundamental changes in our everyday lives.

This makes developing a ‘plan B’ absolutely imperative. You have to protect yourself and your loved ones including the future generations of your family.

There are two types of people: those who act preventively and those who react to the changing environment. When a crisis comes, the proactive people have obvious advantages while the reactive ones have to take urgent measures to save whatever they have left. This makes the latter group often act on an impulse and not under the guidance of good reason.

The COVID-19 crisis was not predictable. But this is true for any kind of crisis: we never know what might happen! At the same time, it is clear that prophylactics is always less costly than restoration of the damages that a crisis may cause. This is why investing in a second passport right now, before the pandemic is in full swing, would be a very rational move. 

A passport collection and citizenship by investment as the foundations of the best ‘plan B’

Taking into consideration the unpredictable character of world catastrophes (natural or anthropogenic), preventive measures are obviously necessary to soften the consequences of the disasters similar to the current coronavirus pandemic. Sad as it is, such disasters are inevitable.

The demand for second, third, etc. citizenship will grow in response to the ongoing crisis and it will continue to grow when the bad times end. People will certainly learn the hard lesson and try to better protect their future. Investing into a second passport is similar to buying an insurance policy against acts of God. And the recipe for success here is thinking long-term.

Would you like to remain successful regardless of what happens in the world around you? Please apply for a free consultation on how to make the best ‘plan B’ in the current dramatic situation. Please send your requests to [email protected] and seek our advice. We can offer you a number of powerful solutions.