Sep 11, 2019

Offshore company Nevis and an offshore brokerage account in Mauritius with remote account opening

Nowadays we see that trading on a stock exchange becomes a very convenient way to increase your income. However, you must always be assured that you will deposit your funds with professionals that have reliable background, license and history.

Our partner offers corporate account opening with several trading platforms for the best trading experience. For your full privacy we offer offshore company set up and account opening with a brokerage services provider in Mauritius. There are 2 simple steps.

1.Company set-up (remotely) in Nevis (other top jurisdictions are available too)

  1. Brokerage account opening (remotely)

A special package “Offshore company in Nevis + Offshore brokerage account in Mauritius remotely” includes:

  • Fast and easy company formation with all registered fees and a set of apostilled corporate documents included

Nevis is one of the most popular classical offshore jurisdictions to set up a business.  Full confidentiality and asset protection are just some of the benefits. Nevis BC was traditionally exempt from all local taxes, but a low or 0% tax or territorial taxation may be introduced in the future.

In order to form a BC in Nevis, you need to have at least one shareholder. Anybody can become the owner of such company. This means that resident of literally any other country can be a shareholder.

Incorporation package includes:

  • Company Formation
  • Government Registration Fee
  • Registered Agent in Nevis
  • Registered Office (legal address) in Nevis
  • One Set of Originals of Corporate Documents *
  • One Apostilled Set of TRUE Copied Docs
  • Worldwide Courier Delivery
  • Offshore brokerage account with a provider in Mauritius – fully authorized and regulated by Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

A provider in Mauritius gives you access to multi-asset trade with a single account and provides highly detailed reports including P/L check, performance history, returns for any account or timeframe, return breakdowns and overview total value and percentage exposure of net holdings. Other benefits:

  • -You can Trade Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Options, Bonds, Futures and Currencies
  • -Access to over 30,000 products
  • -Matching the highest security standards as they are audited by Ernst & Young and continue operating as an execution-only broker
  • Cash Products
  • Derivates
  • FX products
  • Clients assets kept only with the largest and regulated financial institutions in EU, US and Singapore.
  • -multilingual support team available 24/7

Documents required for a corporate brokerage account opening in Mauritius:

Private company

  • Certified copy of the register of Directors and Secretary
  • Identity and address verification documents for each of the directors in line with the requirements detailed (above) for Private Individuals
  • Certified copy of the list of authorised signatories
  • Certified copies of the Certificate of incorporation. Memorandum & Articles of Association and any notification of change of registered office details and/or name change
  • Copy of the share register in order to prove beneficial ownership or, if held in nominee, confirmation on who’s behalf the shares are held
  • Identity and address verification documents for each beneficial owner holding a 25% or greater share of the company, in line with the requirements detailed above for Private Individuals

Documents must be certified by the following persons: judiciary, embassy, consulate, lawyer or notary, accountant, a director, officer, or manager of a regulated financial services business (e.g. bank) which is operating in a well-regulated jurisdiction.

Brokerage account is a good alternative to a regular bank account and can be a real source of additional income that is beyond reach of curious partners and competitors. A reliable broker might be a key factor for the future success of your investments. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested to apply for this package or need a consultation or more information on this package.