Offshore Asset Protection for Crypto Investors

Offshore Pro Group has generated a wealth of experience working with crypto investors, traders etc to provide asset protection and offshore banking solutions.

A typical client’s situation:

  • Individual who has been successful investing in crypto tokens
  • Has never set up a trust but realizes it is time to think about a proper asset protection strategy
  • Needs access to good banking in crypto-literate and secure offshore banks
  • Finding that crypto is now becoming more regulated so a better legal structure will be worthwhile in future.


  • Maximize tax efficiency while staying 100% compliant with home country rules
  • Roll up future earnings in a secure offshore environment protected against fiscal and political risk.
  • Wishes to put a part of portfolio into fiat currencies, precious metals and traditional low-risk investments and even physical cash, for diversification reasons.
  • Buy real estate
  • Enjoy life and look forward to retirement
  • Leave something valuable for future generations

Our Offshore Asset Protection Solutions for Crypto Investors:

  • Offshore Asset Protection Trust (for example Nevis or Cook Islands)
  • Underlying offshore LLC with accounts on major exchanges (Binance, Kraken, Paxos etc)
  • Crypto friendly bank and brokerage accounts (Caribbean or Europe) for in and out transactions
  • International credit or debit card for access to assets while travelling
  • Gradually transition parts of the portfolio into real estate, gold etc.
  • Transition longer term savings into secure, traditional private banks.
  • Talk through the client’s circumstances to find out if changing residence and/or citizenship would be worthwhile.
  • Work with client’s local advisers in home jurisdictions if appropriate to ensure compliance and reporting requirements are adhered to. Alternatively, refer to a suitably qualified and licensed professional who is familiar with home country requirements.

Typically we suggest offshore asset protection trusts with an underlying offshore LLC, but all circumstances are different. Contact us to set up a call with our Offshore Asset Protection Professionals today!