Hong Kong


Our partner office in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region works with a number of commercial banks in the territory. Hong Kong accounts are ideal for commercial transactions involving China. Hong Kong banks do not generally accept simple savings or personal holding accounts from non-residents. Clients should communicate with the bank in English or Chinese, but our Hong Kong office staff also speak Russian so can assist Russian speakers through the Hong Kong bank account opening process.

Hong Kong banks open almost no non-resident accounts, but the Hong Kong-based fintech Neat Commerce has filled the gap in the last few years, also offering virtual accounts in DBS Bank, and in the UK and Europe with IBAN numers, and in USA as a local account for payment settlements.

Banks in Hong Kong are really focused on commercial transactional banking, and their offering of investment advice or private banking is limited. The account opening process can be long drawn out and difficult, with many Hong Kong banks using back offices in India for document processing, which makes the process extremely slow so we no longer recommend this bank for typical clients. It is only really suitable for clients doing business with China, or e-commerce clients.

If you are buying and selling goods from China on a arge scale, Hong Kong is a good banking hub for you. In that case, contact our advisers here via Live Chat, WhatsApp or email and we can advise on the best tailored HOng Kong banking solution for you.

Target clients:

Worldwide corporate clients.



English, Chinese.  


Specific features:

  • Good for international trade operations.
  • Relatively low prices for clearing quantities of cheques, money orders etc
  • Multiple currencies including CNY

Plastic cards:                                                                                                                    MC and Visa full range in HKD and USD. China UnionPay.


Documents and Account Opening Process:

  • Standard set of documents, plus proof of address.
  • Proof of source of funds, preferably with website of the business. Personal investment companies with no visible presence in Hong Kong or China will likely be rejected.
  • Bank and professional references.
  • Certificate of Incumbency with special wording – the exact wording required varies depending on the bank so contact us to discuss.
  • No apostille is required if the documents are notarized by an English-speaking or Commonwealth notary or lawyer.
  • Contact us case-by-case regarding certification of documents as requirements are strict, vary depending on country of issue and change frequently without notice. We may need to charge an extra fee for document certification.

  Deposit requirements:                                                                                                     No minimum.


For further information on procedures and fees for opening your Hong Kong offshore bank account, contact Offshore Pro Group today!